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Anna Barbara From(b) (From) MP (1632 - 1673)

Deborah the Prophetess from the Tribe of Ephraim MP (deceased)

Deborah (Hebrew: דְּבוֹרָה, Modern Dvora Tiberian Dəḇôrā ; "Bee", Arabic: دیبا Dib...

Della Runs Away From HIm MP (1903 - d.)

George Runs Away From Him MP (1914 - d.)

Gladys Runs Away From HIm MP (1910 - d.)

Hillel from the Tribe of Ephraim MP (deceased)

Hillel, father of Abdon Judge of Israel, from the tribe of Ephraim

Mary Ann Runs Away From Him MP (1899 - d.)

Matheus de Castro (Baptised to Roman Catholic from the name Mahalo) (Mahale), (Dom.) (Bispo.) MP (1607 - 1679)

Dom Mateus de Castro was a native of Divar, Goa. he was born a Gentile with the surname Mahale, on converting to Roman Catholicism he took the surname de Castro. He was the first Goan Bishop of the Cat...

Melda Runs Away From HIm MP (1901 - d.)

N/a (? Concubine) from Tátony gens, Af Bulgarien MP (c.993 - c.1037)

éla I of Hungary=Béla was the second[1] son of Duke Vazul, a cousin of Stephen I, the first King of Hungary. His mother was probably the concubine (a daughter of a member of the Hungarian...

Pūhaorangi Descended from the Heavens MP (deceased)

ūhaorangi From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search According to Māori mythology, Pūhaorangi is a celestial being who descended from the heavens to sleep...

Shimon of Mancha ben Eleazer HaGado from Lucca MP (920 - 1020)

R’ Shimon b. Eliezer (HaGadol) Another Gadol who founded a rabbinic dynasty (which intermarried with that of R’ Kalonymos) was R’ Shimon HaGadol (died c. 1020), whose ancestors liv...

Töregene Khatun regne 1241-1246 (from Naiman tribe) MP (c.1190 - 1265)

Töregene Khatun (also Turakina) (1244–1246) was the Great Khatun and regent of the Mongol Empire from the death of her husband Ögedei Khan in 1241 until the election of her eldest ...

Reinsberg / ? (deceased)

Unknown from Ireland (deceased)

Rogers (From Uk ) (deceased)

Unknown from Ireland (deceased)

Gibney from Ireland (deceased)

unknown, never came back from the war (deceased)

from Achen (deceased)

Gibney from Ireland (deceased)

from Lucca (deceased)

Rapoports from Pleshchenitsy (c.1820 - d.)

'Nagar Seth' earlier from Jahanabad moved to Sitapur 1857 (deceased)

(+) From (1936 - 1936)

(TBA) Paxinos "Kalantzis" Not from "Liris" clan. (deceased)

(Unknown) (from England) (deceased)

(Unknown) (from England) (deceased)

. Ovadia Family from Bulgaria (Sefardi) (deceased)

.... (From Krishna Reddy Palli) (deceased)

1 first son of Y.M. Hacohen Catz from Nemirov (deceased)

1 narasimham amanchi (dathu from subbaiah annapurna) (deceased)

1.Bahiravrao Mukund(sons-4) at Baroda from 1860 A.D. (deceased)

~15~16 generations Kende from KÖLCSE genus (deceased)

1st wife From Attari (deceased)

1st wife unkown (from Malacca) (deceased)

2 second son of Y.M. Hacohen Catz from Nemirov (deceased)

2nd Wife From Jhumba (deceased)

3rd daughter of Don Simon de Silva Abayasakera de Lanerolle from Hapugala, Galle (deceased)

3rs from Smith (3rd from flagpole soliders field linwood cemetary) (deceased)

? Kuhn (From Germany) (deceased)

Andrew v Tiesenhausen (USA) (deceased)

? Baender (? from Switzerland) (deceased)

? (from knanaya jacobite family in veliyanad) (deceased)

? Al-Zughby (from Yaffa) (deceased)

? (from Neendoor) (deceased)

? Elenjickal from kara (deceased)

? ? (Taken By the British At the age of 4 from India) (deceased)

? Man from Anegada, USVI (deceased)

? From (deceased)

? From (c.1884 - d.)

? Perez from Santo Domingo 1804 (deceased)

? from Moscow, Russia (deceased)

? Galatopoulos (from Paphos) (deceased)

? Gotlieb (Hatemoni-from Rachky) (deceased)

? FROM (deceased)

? Henry (from South Carolina) (deceased)

? Perez from Santo Domingo 1804 (deceased)

? ? (Taken By British at the Age of 4 from India) (deceased)

? Perez from Santo Domingo 1804 (deceased)

? (from Neendoor) (deceased)

? La Bianca (from Spain) (deceased)

? from France (deceased)

? Petraskevich (from Poland) (deceased)

Hirsch from Jungbunzlau / Mladà Boleslav (deceased)

? from KY (deceased)

? Gotlieb (Hatemoni-from Rachky) (deceased)

? Kinstler (from Germany 1840) (deceased)

? No children from remarriage (deceased)

? Whiteneck (Changed from German original) (deceased)

Löwidt / Lewit / Löwit from Spálené Poříčí / Brennporitschen (deceased)

? Naithi from Eravimangalam (deceased)

? name from Prakkanam (deceased)

? Partner from Vienna (deceased)

?? From Harigarh (Near Barnala) (deceased)

?? From Tamkot (deceased)

?? Bennett(from England) (deceased)

??? Kipp (from Bohemia) (1855 - d.)

??? Kwawu (Mama Morbu from FIAXO) (deceased)

??? from england (deceased)

???? Presumably from Üksküll family (deceased)

Üksküll died very young, as you know. Thus, Johann von Arnold, probably married again, and his daughter Annette was from another mother, since between the dates of birth of Peter and Anet...

???? Dooley from Mountshannon (deceased)

????? (From Arhipoli) (deceased)

[11] Cik Halima from Jambu Rias (deceased)

[15] Cik Fatima Selat from Singapore (deceased)

[3] Nik Embong a lady from Palembang (deceased)

[4] a lady from Sungkei (deceased)

[4] Encik Seni / Suney from Serandu (deceased)

[5] a lady from Sungai Siput (deceased)

[5] Encik Gandira lady from Indragiri (deceased)

[7] Encik Upay lady from Riau (deceased)

[8] Encik Uning lady from Indragiri (deceased)

[8] Lady from Rembau (deceased)

[9] Encik Mariam lady from Riau (deceased)

[Ukjent] Hansdatter From (c.1600 - d.)

Hansdatter From * Født: Ca. 1600 * Ægteskab: Jep Thomasen før 1630

[Unknown] [from Kg Perak] (deceased)

[Unkonwn] [suspected from Arab] (deceased)

a daughter of Ti Ong Hoa a Chinese gentleman from Malacca (deceased)

A MALAY LADY LOCAL from Trengganu (deceased)

Aage From Hansen (deceased)