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(Unknown) Gale MP (deceased)

Aaron Nathaniel Gale MP (deceased)

Abigail Morse (Gale) MP (1700 - 1769)

Abigail Phillips (Gale) MP (1714 - d.)

Abigail Gale MP (1730 - d.)

Abigail Gale (Rice) MP (1746 - d.)

Maj. Abijah Gale MP (1728 - 1806)

Served in the French Indian War. Served under General Anbercrombie at Ticondaroga, under Col. Bradstreet in the campaign to Oswego. He also assisted in the capture of Fort Fontenac, now Kingston, Canada.

Abraham Gale MP (1674 - aft.1749)

Many online trees have Abraham's death as Sept 15, 1718, but I believe this is false. It seems extremely odd that Abraham would die on the same day as his father (who died of illness). He was described...

Abraham Gale MP (1745 - d.)

Served in the Revolutionary War. He was in Capt. Boaz Moore's Company in the Lexington Alarm to Concord and Cambridge. Abraham was a member of Shay's Rebellion as a Captain of a company of 60 armed Reg...

Abraham Gale, Sr. MP (1643 - 1718)

Abraham Gale died 5 September 1718 in Watertown, two days after he wrote his will, "very sick and weak in body, But of perfect mind & memory." He named as executors his wife, Sarah, and his two younges...

Ann Jenkins (Gale) MP (c.1615 - 1678)

Constance Gale (Ireland) MP (c.1610 - d.)

Edmond Gale (son of John Gale and Margery Wadam) was born 1602 or 1617 in Bedford St. Peter, Bedfordshire, England, and died July 29, 1642 in Cambridge, MA He married Constance Ireland on November 03...

Daniel Gale MP (1721 - 1799)

Married Sarah Lamson Sept. 8, 1743. Served with his Uncle Isaac in the French and Indian War.

Daniel Gale MP (1717 - d.)

Edmund II Gale MP (c.1640 - 1716)

Connections to the Salem Witch Trials compiled for descendants of the West surname... Edmund Gale, Jr., Juror Emund Gale, Jr. served as a juror on eleven cases during the trials. Edmund’s brother, Am...

Edmund Gale, of Cambridge MP (1602 - 1642)

EARLY HISTORY OF THE GALES from DAVID GALE OF SUTTON, MASS. by Linn A. E. Gale, 1909 "The Gale family in America dates back to the migration of four brothers from England in the seventeenth century. Th...

Elizabeth Close (Gale) MP (1793 - 1868)

Elizabeth Gale MP (1699 - 1699)

Elizabeth Root (Gale) MP (1618 - 1692)

This is an Elizabeth Gale who married a Thomas Root but the dates do not match the profile above of the Elizabeth b 1618 or the Thomas Root born 1605. Elizabeth GALE Torrey's New England Marriages to...

Elizabeth Gale (Spring) MP (1659 - 1687)

Elizabeth Gale MP (1682 - d.)

Elizabeth King (Gale) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Nourse (Gale) MP (1678 - 1726)

Ephraim Gale MP (1760 - 1824)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VERMONT with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor #: A043219

Eunice Allen (Gale) MP (1711 - 1793)

George Washington Gale MP (1789 - 1861)

George Washington Gale (1789 - September 13, 1861) was born in Stanford, New York and became a Presbyterian minister in western New York state. A graduate of Union College in 1814, and Princeton Th...

Harry Gale MP (1875 - 1912)

Mr Harry Gale Born: 1875 Age: 37 years Last Residence: in Harrowbarrow Cornwall England Occupation: Miner 2nd Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912 Ti...

Henry Gale MP (deceased)

Capt. Isaac Gale MP (1708 - 1793)

Isaac was a Lieutenant in the French and Indian War in the Military Company of Sutton.. On March 1, 1763 he was appointed by the Gov. of Mass. as Captain of the Militia of the same company. In those da...

John Gale MP (1687 - 1735)

John H. Gale MP (1647 - 1687)

John Gale MP (1732 - 1758)

John Gale MP (c.1571 - 1650)

1571-1621 Oakley, Bedfordshire, England Scruton, Yorkshire, England

John Gale MP (1704 - d.)

John Gale was descended from Ambrose Gale, one of Marblehead's earliest settlers. John married Susannah Dennis, a descendant through her mother of another of Marblehead's earliest settlers, John Devere...

John Gale MP (1678 - 1750)

Military service : In Capt. Peter Schuyler's compnay in 1692** Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 19 2017, 4:18:59 UTC

John Gale MP (1679 - 1724)

Jonas Gale MP (1697 - 1718)

Joseph Gale MP (1712 - 1763)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 19 2017, 4:18:59 UTC

Joseph Gale MP (deceased)

Josiah Gale MP (1742 - 1798)

Josiah was a man of muscular frame and remarkable strength according to his son George W. Served in the army during the French and Indian War in northern New York, participating in the battles of Ticon...

Josiah Gale MP (c.1725 - d.)

Judith Gale (Sawyer) MP (1701 - 1748)

Judith Gale (Sawin) MP (1707 - d.)

Lucy Aldrich (Gale) MP (1764 - d.)

Lydia Gale (Knight) MP (1692 - 1733)

Lydia Fitch (Gale) MP (1699 - 1753)

Lydia Wilks (Gale) MP (1867 - 1951)

Marah Pratt (Gale) MP (1689 - d.)

Mary Pratt (Gale) MP (1680 - d.)

Mary Gale (Gregory) MP (deceased)

Mary Gale (Bacon) MP (1640 - 1701)

Mary Gale (Castle) MP (1614 - 1681)

Mary Gale MP (1683 - d.)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Apr 19 2017, 4:18:59 UTC

Mary West (Gale) MP (1690 - 1730)

Miriam Gale (Stacey) MP (1682 - d.)

Molly Gale (Rice) MP (1761 - 1848)

Noah Gale MP (1757 - d.)

Penelope Little (Gale) MP (1694 - aft.1734)

Phebe Gale (Mead) MP (c.1768 - d.)

Rachael Bigelow (Gale) MP (1702 - 1800)

Rachael Gale (Parkhurst) MP (1678 - 1767)

Reference: FamilySearch Genealogy - SmartCopy : May 15 2016, 15:13:46 UTC

Rachel Gale (Mead) MP (1752 - 1797)

Rachel Gale (Mead) MP (c.1728 - d.)

Rebecca Gale (Clason) MP (1710 - 1775)

Rebecca Gale (Swett), II MP (1669 - 1760)

Daughter of Stephen Swett and Rebecca Smith 1669 February 27: Rebecca Swett was born in Newbury daughter of Stephen Swett and Rebecca Smith. [Newbury VR] She married Daniel Gale in Newbury 9 December...

Rhoda Goddard (Gale) MP (1798 - d.)

Richard Gale MP (1677 - d.)

Richard Gale MP (1618 - 1678)

Richard Adolphus Gale MP (deceased)

Rose Ann Bent (Gale) MP (deceased)

Ruth Greenwood (Gale) MP (1767 - 1856)

Ruth Vassall (Gale) MP (1685 - 1734)

Sally Gale Bishop (Gale) MP (1776 - 1853)

Sally Gale married Nathan Bishop 1792. Together they had 9 children. Nathan died in 1820. Sally remarried John Brakeman in 1822. They had a son Edward, b. 1823.* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial via ...

Sarah Gale MP (1674 - d.)

Sarah Pratt (Gale) MP (1694 - d.)

Sarah Pierce (Gale) MP (1726 - d.)

Sarah Pratt (Gale) MP (1681 - 1760)

Married Jonathan Pratt about 1700

Sarah Reed (Gale) MP (1706 - 1733)

Sarah Edwards Deatherage (Gale) MP (1735 - 1799)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : May 15 2016, 16:05:32 UTC * Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : May 5 2017, 15:13:42 UTC

Sarah Gale (Fiske) MP (1653 - 1728)

When she was 20 she married her neighbor, Abraham Gale (Gael), on September 3, 1673 in Watertown. He was born in 1643 and was the son of Richard Gale and Mary Castle.

Sarah Gale (Knight) MP (1685 - d.)

Sarah Gale (Laker) MP (c.1668 - 1730)

1. Sarah Laker. She was the daughter of 2. Benjamin Laker and 3. Jane. She married Deputy Governor **Thomas Harvey Sr., son of **John Harvey and Mary. He was born in Heath, Snitterfield Parish, Warwick...

Sarah Gale (Rice) MP (1759 - d.)

Sarah Gale (Dixey) MP (bef.1643 - aft.1685)

Sarah Dixey was baptized on 2 July 1643.1,3 She was the daughter of Captain William Dixey and Ann or Hannah (—?—) (Dixey).1,2 She married Edmund Gale of Marblehead. Additional Data Sarah Gale was m...

Sarah Gale (Waterbury) MP (1734 - d.)

Sarah Grant (Gale) MP (deceased)

Sarah Olmsted (Gale) MP (1750 - 1812)

Shadrach Gale MP (1878 - 1912)

Name: Mr Shadrach Gale Born: Wednesday 17th July 1878 Age: 33 years Last Residence: in Harrowbarrow Cornwall England Occupation: Miner 2nd Class passenger First Embarked: Southampton on Wed...

Susannah Helvey (Gale) MP (c.1746 - bef.1794)

Susanna (Gale) Helvey (c1746-1794). Her parentage is uncertain. She was a sister, sister-in-law, or other relative of William Nathaniel Gale [William Nathaniel Gale], of Carter County, Tennessee. That ...

Susannah Gale (Dennis) MP (1710 - d.)

William Nathaniel Gale MP (c.1740 - bef.1820)

William Nathaniel Gale (c1740-before 1820). He was an innkeeper in Carter and Sullivan Counties, Tennessee. He was living at Watauga, Carter County, Tennessee in 1805. From 1809 he kept a "house of ent...

Gale MP (deceased)

Gale MP (deceased)

#Deborah GALE MP (1794 - 1854)

(Female) Eames (Gale) MP (deceased)

(K) Catherine Gertrude Gale (Ryan) MP (deceased)

. Gale MP (deceased)

... Gale MP (c.1715 - d.)

Unknown father of William Nathanial Gale (c1740-before 1820). Susannah Gale (c1746-1794), wife of Henry Helvey.. He might have been a son of Thomas Gale the Quaker , who was grandfather of Al...

<private> Amick (Gale) MP (deceased)

<private> Coleman (Gale) MP (deceased)