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----- Burstein (Galinski) MP (deceased)

. Galiński MP (deceased)

<Privatu> 1 Galiński MP (deceased)

<Privatu> 2 Galiński MP (deceased)

<Privatu> 3 Galiński MP (deceased)

Abe Galinski MP (deceased)

Abraham Lewis Gilinsky (Galinski) MP (1871 - 1938)

Abram Galinski MP (1829 - 1922)

Adam Galiński MP (1925 - 1980)

Adek Galinski MP (b. - 1944)

Adek Galinski was a Polish Jew who escaped from Auschwitz together with a friend by name of Mala Zimetbaum. They were both caught and sent back to Auschwitz for execution. Both committed suicide ...

Adolf Murre ← Galinski MP (1879 - 1945)

Saaga EAA.5338.1.28:38

Adolf Galiński MP (b. - 1942)

Agnes Domanski Domanjnska (Domanska) MP (c.1811 - d.)

Aleksander Galiński MP (1847 - d.)

Aleksander Galiński MP (1900 - 1943)

Alfons Galiński MP (deceased)

Aniela Galiński MP (deceased)

Anthony Galinski MP (deceased)

Antoni Galiński MP (deceased)

Antoni Galiński MP (deceased)

Antonina Galiński (Teodorowicz) MP (b. - c.1935)

Antonina Galiński (Feliszek) MP (1927 - 1990)

Antonina Galiński (Chorażewska) MP (deceased)

Antônio Galinski? MP (deceased)

Arie Galinski MP (deceased)

Augustyn Galiński MP (1839 - d.)

Banjamin Galinski MP (b. - 1874)

Barnett Enoch Galinsky (Galinski) MP (1860 - 1945)

Bea Galinski (Liuzzo) MP (deceased)

Beila Galinski (Oppenheim) MP (deceased)

Benedykt Paweł Galiński MP (1849 - 1855)

Benjamin Galinski MP (deceased)

Benjamin Galinski Galinski MP (deceased)

Bess Galinski (Doyle) MP (deceased)

Betsy Rossen (Galinski) MP (1855 - 1941)

Betty Metzgar MP (deceased)

Blossom Galinski (Hurwitz) MP (b. - 1993)

Bracha Galin-galinski MP (deceased)

Bronisław Galiński MP (deceased)

Carmel Galinski (Cohen) MP (deceased)

Cassie Galinski (Zalesky) MP (1900 - 1985)

Catherine Novac Galinski MP (deceased)

Celia Galinski MP (deceased)

Chaia Dobba Galinski MP (deceased)

Charles Harry Galin (Galinski) MP (deceased)

Chasia Zukerman (Galinski) MP (deceased)

Chava Sorah Galinski (Grosmyc) MP (deceased)

Chaya Yehudit Lurie (Galinski) MP (deceased)

Cherna Gitla Galinski (Edelson) MP (deceased)

Cheryl McLean (Galinski) MP (deceased)

Daniel Galinski MP (1905 - d.)

David Galinski MP (deceased)

David Aaron Galinski MP (1874 - 1967)

David Aaron Galinski MP (1874 - 1967)

Dominik Galiński MP (deceased)

Dorothy Galinski (Wolinsky) MP (deceased)

Dvora Galinski (Blecher) MP (deceased)

Edek Galinski MP (deceased)

Edgar Galiński MP (deceased)

Edmund Galinski MP (1932 - d.)


Edward S. Galinski MP (1914 - 1995)

Edward "Edek" Galiński MP (1923 - 1944)

From Find A Grave Memorial# 16796215 Edward, who was known as Edek, was born in Wieckowice, Poland. Those who knew him said he was very handsome, brave, and manly, a person who was willing to take ri...

Efraim Galinski MP (1970 - d.)

Elizabeth Galinski (Mazuchowski) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Galinski (Mozuchoski) MP (deceased)

Elsie Galinski MP (deceased)

Enoch Galinski MP (deceased)

Erik Galinski MP (1926 - 2010)

В 1985 г. награжден Орденом Отечественной войны II степени. Источник: (andmed suurmakuupäeva ja hauaplatsi kohta)

Erna Adelheide Ferch (Galinski) MP (1919 - 1985)

Eugenie Galinski MP (deceased)

eve gale galinski MP (1909 - c.1980)

Evelyn Galinski (Tellier) MP (1918 - 2001)

Fanny Weitzman (Galinski) MP (deceased)

Feliks Galiński MP (deceased)

Franciszek Galiński MP (1889 - d.)

Franciszek Galiński MP (b. - 1944)

Franciszka Galiński (Woźna) MP (deceased)

Frieda Schimmelburg (Galinski) MP (1860 - 1929)

Girsh Galinski MP (deceased)

Gregorio Galinski ((Simkin ?)) MP (deceased)

Grzegorz Galiński MP (deceased)

Heinz Galinski MP (1912 - 1992)

einz Galinski (28 November 1912 – 19 July 1992) was president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany (Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland) from 1988 until his death in 1992. Contents [hide] 1 Ea...

Henry Galinski MP (deceased)

Henryk Galiński MP (1895 - 1980)

Henryk Galiński MP (deceased)

Henryk Galiński MP (deceased)

Hetke Chmielewski (Galinski) MP (deceased)

Hubert Galiński MP (deceased)

Idzko Berko (Barnett) Galinsky (Galinski) MP (deceased)

Ignacy Galiński MP (1817 - d.)

Ignacy Galiński MP (1817 - 1899)

Isaac Galinski MP (deceased)

(Israel) Joseph Galinski MP (deceased)

Jacek Galiński MP (1854 - 1865)

Jacob Galin-galinski MP (deceased)

Jacob Amos Galinski MP (deceased)

Jacob Galinski MP (deceased)

Jacob Philip Galinski MP (1839 - 1916)

Jakub Galiński MP (deceased)