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Gao Xingjian 高行健, Nobel Prize in Literature 2000 MP

Paris, Île-de-France, France

Gao Xingjian, 高行健 (born January 4, 1940) is a Chinese-born novelist, playwright, critic, and painter. An émigré to France since 1987, Gao was granted French citizenship in 1997. He is a noted translato...

Gao MP (deceased)

.. GAO MP (deceased)

椒房 Consort née 高 Gao MP (deceased)

? Gao MP (deceased)

amador alfonso martinez gao MP (deceased)

antonio jose gao sainz MP (deceased)

avelina gao alonso MP (deceased)

Bernardo baza gao MP (deceased)

Bing-Rong Gao MP (deceased)

Changgen Gao MP (deceased)

Chaodong Gao MP (deceased)

Chengbo Gao MP (deceased)

Chin Pin Gao MP (deceased)

Chu Hua Liung (Gao) MP (deceased)

Constanza Gao Salaverry MP (deceased)

David Gao MP (deceased)

Dengfeng Gao MP (deceased)

Dé Gāo MP (deceased)

Father Gao 高 MP (deceased)

Feng Qi Gao MP (deceased)

Feng-Xi Chang (Gao) MP (1901 - 1986)

高凤兰 MP (deceased)

Kinsumi Shigenoi (Takakura) MP (1671 - 1756)

Grandmother Gao MP (deceased)

Gui Zhen Gao MP (deceased)

Guiying Son (Gao) MP (deceased)

GuoHe Gao MP (deceased)

Guozhang Gao MP (deceased)

Han Ying Gao (Zhou) MP (deceased)

Yoshihito Takamatsunomiya MP (1603 - 1638)

Helen Liu (Gao) MP (1906 - 1994)

Huasong Gao MP (deceased)

Jeanette Gao MP (deceased)

Ji Chuan Gao MP (1882 - 1963)

Ji Yuan Gao MP (1941 - 2008)

Jijun Gao MP (deceased)

Jing zhi Gao MP (1913 - 1966)

Jingxian Gao MP (deceased)

Jose Ramon Gao MP (1874 - 1919)

Jí Sān Gāo MP (deceased)

Dr CHEE Koh Chiang 徐高章, 20,17,8世 MP (b. - 1955)

賴朝躂 高 MP (deceased)

Li Bin Gao MP (deceased)

Li Hen Gao MP (1890 - 1982)

立前 高 MP (deceased)

Lian-Fung Gao MP (1922 - 1989)

Liang Ying Gao MP (deceased)

Lingwei Gao MP (1870 - 1940)

Liu Gao MP (1915 - 2006)

Manuela Gao y Valverde MP (1822 - d.)

Maria Manzano (Gao-ay) MP (deceased)

Mary Wong (Gao) MP (b. - 2014)

Maximino Gao-ay MP (deceased)

Mingfu Gao MP (deceased)

MinZhi Gao MP (b. - 1894)

Miyasaburou 宮三郎 Kouketsu 交告 MP (deceased)

Mr. Gao MP (deceased)

Nodoka 温 Tkakagi 高木 (Imai 今井) MP (deceased)

Pappa Gao MP (deceased)

Pauline Gao MP (1899 - 1985)

Pedro Ignacio Guimet y Gao MP (1849 - 1911)

Qi Xian Gao MP (deceased)

Qingyi Gao MP (deceased)

Qingyuan Gao MP (deceased)

Rafael Gao MP (deceased)

Ruiyong Gao MP (deceased)

Ruperto Gao MP (deceased)

Say Loke Gao MP (deceased)

高絃(Gao, Shen) MP (1914 - 2005)

Shuxian Gao (高) MP (deceased)

Si Gao MP (deceased)

高颂华 MP (1874 - 1942)

Surname Gāo 陳門 (高氏) MP (deceased)

Teófila Guimet y Gao MP (1856 - d.)

Tianyi Gao MP (deceased)

Tokiko Miyake 三宅 (Takasaki 高崎) MP (deceased)

Wei Chen Gao MP (b. - 201203)

Wenting Gao MP (deceased)

高文媛 MP (deceased)

Gao 高 MP (deceased)

Wife 1: Gāo 高 MP (deceased)

Norihito Takamadonomiya MP (1954 - 2002)

高祥卿 MP (1920 - 2015)

高秀琴 Gao Xiu-Qin MP (deceased)

Xiufang Gao MP (deceased)

XiuZhen Gao MP (deceased)

高煦范 MP (c.1915 - c.1981)

Mdm Gao You Xian MP (deceased)

XXXXX Gao MP (deceased)

Yang Gao MP (deceased)

Yingwen Gao MP (deceased)

Yong Yuan Gao MP (1914 - d.)

Yuan Gao MP (deceased)

Zhang Shi Gao MP (deceased)

Zhong Gao MP (1920 - 1995)

Zhong-Zhen Gao MP (deceased)

Zi Yuan Gao MP (deceased)

侯果Houguo 高Gao MP (1918 - 1970)