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Agnes Plumpton (Gascoigne) MP (c.1457 - 1504)

'Agnes Gascoigne1 'F, d. 1504 Father Sir William Gascoigne1 b. c 1426, d. bt 15 Jul 1461 - 13 Jan 1464 Mother Jane Neville1 b. c 1434 ' Agnes Gascoigne married Robert Plumpton, son of Sir Willi...

Alice Gascoigne MP (1415 - 1482)

Alice GASCOIGNE U.S. President's 8-Great Grandmother. HRH Charles's 15-Great Grandmother. PM Churchill's 15-Great Grandmother. Lady Diana's 14-Great Grandmother. Husband/Partner: John (Sir; of Thor...

Alice Newcomen (Gascoigne) MP (c.1521 - 1559)

Alice died 1559. She was not the mother of the Newcomb males born 50 years later.

Anne Gascoigne (Vavasour) MP (1490 - 1587)

Anne Fairfax (Gascoigne) MP (c.1474 - 1504)


Bamber Gascoigne MP

sometime presenter of the quiz show University Challege; drama critic of the Spectator, &c.

Barbara West (Gascoigne) MP (c.1517 - 1570)

Barbara Gascoigne65 was born 1517 in Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England65, and died 1570 in England65. She married Leonard West, son of Thomas West and Eleanor Copley. Children of Barbara Gascoigne and Leon...

Beatrice Gascoigne (Tempest) MP (c.1522 - d.)

Dorothy Markenfield (Gascoigne) MP (1476 - c.1525)

'Dorothy Gascoigne1,2,3 F, b. circa 1470, d. before 18 May 1526 'Father Sir William Gascoigne, Justice of the Peace for the West Riding, Yorkshire2,3 b. c 1452, d. 12 Mar 1487 Mother Margaret Per...

Dorothy Constable (Gascoigne) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Redman (Gascoigne) MP (1445 - 1490)

Elizabeth Gascoigne1 F, #62511, b. circa 1390, d. 1434 Father Sir William Gascoigne, Chief Justice of the King's Bench1 b. c 1350, d. 17 Dec 1419 Mother Elizabeth Mowbray1 Elizabeth Gascoigne w...

Elizabeth Gascoigne (Pennington) MP (c.1466 - 1546)

Elizabeth Pennington Gender: Female Birth: circa 1466 Muncaster, Cumberland, England Death: October 12, 1546 (76-84) Workington, Cumerland, England Daughter of Sir John Pennington, Sheriff of...

Elizabeth Gascoigne MP (c.1510 - d.)

Lady Elizabeth Tailboys (Gascoigne) MP (c.1471 - c.1559)

Elizabeth Gascoigne1,2,3 F, d. 1559 Father Sir William Gascoigne, Justice of the Peace for the West Riding, Yorkshire2,3 b. c 1452, d. 12 Mar 1487 Mother Margaret Percy2,3 b. c 1453 Elizabeth G...

Elizabeth Gascoigne (Mowbray) MP (c.1340 - 1396)

'Elizabeth (de) MOWBRAY Born: abt. 1340 Died: abt. 1392 U.S. President's 10-Great Grandmother. HRH Charles's 17-Great Grandmother. PM Churchill's 17-Great Grandmother. Lady Diana's 16-Great G...

George Gascoigne MP (1531 - 1620)

Grace Wentworth (Gascoigne) MP (1532 - 1574)


Isabel Pigot (Gascoigne) MP (c.1460 - 1513)

Joan Gascoigne, of Gawthorpe MP (c.1428 - 1462)

'Jane (Joan) Gascoigne1 F Father Sir William Gascoigne, Sheriff of York d. c 1462 Mother Margaret Clarell d. a 1467 ' Jane (Joan) Gascoigne married Sir Henry Vavasour, son of Henry Vavasour and...

Joan Gascoigne (Wyman) MP (c.1389 - c.1432)

Jane (Joan) WYMAN Born: poss. abt. 1375 Died: by 1426 U.S. President's 9-Great Grandmother. HRH Charles's 16-Great Grandmother. PM Churchill's 16-Great Grandmother. Lady Diana's 15-Great Grandm...

Joan Goldborough (Gascoigne) MP (1390 - 1462)

Sir John Gascoigne MP (c.1490 - 1557)

GASCOIGNE, John I (by 1501-57), of Lasingcroft, Barnbow and Parlington, Yorks. Family and Education b. by 1501, s. of William Gascoigne of Lasingcroft by Margaret, da. of Richard Kighley of Newhall...

Margaret Gascoigne MP (c.1490 - d.)

Margaret Hansard (Gascoigne) MP (1355 - d.)

Notes from .....copy of the Visitation of Lincolnshire (1562-4)...... Sir Gilbert Hansard, Kt. Lord of Walworth married ... da...of sir Raphe Lo. Nevill (est 1320) his son Sir robert Hansard of Walwo...

Margaret Wentworth (Gascoigne) MP (c.1538 - d.)

The visitation of Yorkshire in the years 1563 and 1564 (1881) CHART - GASKON.

Margaret Gascoigne (de Percy) MP (c.1450 - 1486)

Margaret Percy The Lady Margaret Gascoigne (née Percy) (born c. 1447) was an English noblewoman , the daughter of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland and Eleanor Poynings. She married Sir Willi...

Margaret Scargill (Gascoigne) MP (c.1430 - c.1514)

William III's daughter Margaret married William Scargill III and became ancestress of Martin Frobisher *( )

Margaret Scargill (Gascoigne) MP (c.1473 - c.1515)

Margaret Gascoigne1,2 F, d. after 6 July 1515 Father Sir William Gascoigne, Justice of the Peace for the West Riding, Yorkshire3 b. c 1452, d. 12 Mar 1487 Mother Margaret Percy3 b. c 1453 Marga...

Margaret Gascoigne (Neville) MP (1494 - 1532)

Margaret Neville1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 F, #52592, b. 9 March 1495 Father Sir Richard Neville, 2nd Lord Latimer2,11,4,5,12,7,8,9,13 b. c 1468, d. 12 Dec 1530 Mother Anne Stafford14,2,11,4,12,7,8,13 ...

Margaret Warde (Gascoigne) MP (1451 - 1521)

William V's sister Margaret was ancestress of Mary Ward (nun).*( )) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Olivia Rose (Gascoigne) Lucas [Convict "Lady Penrhyn" 1788 MP (1763 - 1830)

Birth  circa 1763  Worcestershire / England   Gender  Female  Transportation  1788  Botany Bay / Colony of New South Wales   Olivia Gascoigne convicted of robbery under arms and sentenced to hang a...

Timothy Gascoigne MP (1844 - 1844)

William Gascoigne, V MP (1151 - 1185)

U.S. President's 15-Great Grandfather. HRH Charles's 22-Great Grandfather. PM Churchill's 22-Great Grandfather. Lady Diana's 21-Great Grandfather. Poss. Gen. Pierpont Hamilton's 19-Great Grandfather. P...

Sir William Gascoigne, Lord Chief Justice MP (c.1350 - 1419)

William Gascoigne Sir William Gascoigne (c. 1350 – 17 December 1419) was Chief Justice of England during the reign of King Henry IV. Gascoigne's (alternately spelled Gascoyne[1]) reputation is that...

William Gascoigne, XII MP (c.1398 - c.1466)

Gascoigne is pronounced "Gas coin" Sir William Gascoigne, Sheriff of Yorkshire1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 M, #16688, b. circa 1405, d. between February 1449 and March 1454 Father Sir William Gas...

William Gascoigne, III MP (1089 - 1123)

U.S. President's 17-Great Grandfather. HRH Charles's 24-Great Grandfather. PM Churchill's 24-Great Grandfather. Lady Diana's 23-Great Grandfather. Poss. Osawatomie' Brown's 20-Great Grandfather.

William de Gascoigne, I MP (1030 - 1087)

William Gascoigne, IV MP (1120 - 1150)

William Gascoigne, Justice of the Peace MP (c.1445 - 1487)

Sir William Gascoigne, Justice of the Peace for the West Riding, Yorkshire1,2 M, b. circa 1452, d. 12 March 1487 Father Sir William Gascoigne2 b. c 1426, d. bt 15 Jul 1461 - 13 Jan 1464 Mother Ja...

Sir William Gascoigne, of Gawthorpe, Knt. valet of the Crown MP (c.1366 - 1422)

Family and Education s. and h. of Sir William Gascoigne (d. 6 Dec. 1419), c.j.KB, of Gawthorpe by his 1st w. Elizabeth, da. of Alexander Mowbray of Stokton-on-the-Moor. m. by c.1405, Joan, da. of Sir H...

Sir William Gascoigne MP (c.1495 - 1529)

Sir William Gascoigne1 M, d. 1556 Father Sir William Gascoigne b. 1478, d. 1545 Mother Alice Frognall b. c 1468 Sir William Gascoigne married Margaret FitzWilliam, daughter of Sir Thomas FitzWi...

William Gascoigne MP (c.1520 - 1571)

Sir William Gascoigne, of Gawthorpe MP (c.1467 - 1551)

Sir William Gascoigne1 M, b. 1478, d. 1545 Father Sir William Gascoigne, Justice of the Peace for the West Riding, Yorkshire b. c 1452, d. 12 Mar 1487 Mother Margaret Percy b. c 1453 Sir Willia...

William de Gascoigne, II MP (1060 - d.)

William Gascoigne, XIII, IVth Lord of Gawthorpe MP (c.1420 - c.1482)

Sir William Gascoigne1,2 M, b. circa 1426, d. between 15 July 1461 and 13 January 1464 Father Sir William Gascoigne, Sheriff of York2 d. c 1462 Mother Margaret Clarell2 d. a 1467 Sir William Ga...

William Gascoigne, VIII MP (1250 - 1330)

D: I041759 Name: William Gaskin VI Sex: M ALIA: William /Gascoigne/ VI Birth: ABT 1218 in , Harewood, Yorkshire, England Death: 1270 in , Harewood, Yorkshire, England Father: William Gask...

Sir William Gascoigne, IX MP (c.1300 - c.1383)

ID: I072469 Name: William Gaskin , IX ;[SIR KNIGHT] Sex: M ALIA: William /Gascoigne/, IX ;[SIR KNIGHT] Birth: 1293 in Of, Gawthorpe, Yorkshire, England Death: 1383 Father: William Gaskin ...

William Gascoigne, VI MP (1182 - 1222)

William Gascoigne, VII MP (1218 - 1270)

William Gascoigne, of Lasingcroft, England, United Kingdom MP (c.1490 - 1521)

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Gascoigne MP (1859 - 1959)

Gascoigne MP (deceased)

? Dickins (Gascoigne) MP (deceased)

Ada Wainwright (Gascoigne) MP (1909 - d.)

Adeline Elizabeth Gascoigne MP (1886 - 1969)

Agnes Wentworth Constable (Gascoigne) MP (c.1389 - 1466)

Agnes Gascoigne MP (1441 - d.)

Agnes GASCOIGNE MP (c.1555 - d.)

Agnes Gascoigne MP (1274 - d.)

Agnes (Wentworth) Gascoigne MP (c.1389 - 1466)

Agnes de Gascoigne (Bourgogne) MP (deceased)

agnes gascoigne MP (deceased)

Agnes Gascoigne MP (deceased)

Agnes Anne Gascoigne MP (1474 - 1504)

Agnes de Gascoigne (de Bourgogne) MP (deceased)

Agnes ( Anne ) Gascoigne MP (c.1519 - 1568)

Albert Gascoigne MP (deceased)

Albert Gascoigne MP (deceased)

Albert Gascoigne MP (deceased)

Alethea Gascoigne MP (c.1443 - d.)

Alexander? Gascoigne MP (deceased)

Alfred Gascoigne MP (1846 - d.)

Alice Helen Gascoigne MP (1911 - 1998)

Alice Gascoigne MP (b. - c.1952)

Alice de Neville (Gascoigne) MP (c.1390 - 1481)

Alice Gascoigne Alice Gascoigne was born circa 1390 at of Hunslet, Yorkshire, England. She married Thomas de Nevill, son of Sir John de Neville, Sheriff of Yorkshire and Alice Sherwood, circa 1410 ...

Alice Gascoigne MP (1494 - d.)

Alice Gascoigne MP (c.1494 - d.)

Alice Haselwood (Gascoigne) MP (1510 - 1573)

Note: this source lists the mother as Margaret Wright and the husband as John HASELWOOD , of Maidwell, Esq Jim Weber's comment: RD500 has John's wife as Alice Gascoigne, while MCA (Richardson) & ...

Alice Mary Gascoigne (Cherry) MP (1882 - d.)

Alice Powell (Gascoigne) MP (c.1870 - d.)

Alice Ware (Gascoigne) MP (deceased)

Alice Pulleyn (Gascoigne) MP (1447 - 1470)

Alice Taylor (Gascoigne) MP (1630 - 1702)

Alice Haselwood (Gascoigne) MP (1510 - 1573)

Allan Maxwell Gascoigne MP (deceased)

Alma Ruth Gascoigne (Schafer) MP (1896 - 1987)

Alverey Gascoigne MP (c.1555 - 1585)

Alverey Gascoigne MP (c.1423 - 1510)

Amelia Jane Wardman (Gascoigne) MP (1866 - d.)

Amphelice Archer ( Gascoigne) MP (1138 - 1187)

Amy Gascoigne MP (c.1434 - d.)

Ann Moss (Gascoigne) MP (c.1822 - d.)

Ann Gascoigne (Symonds) MP (1508 - d.)

Ann Gascoigne MP (1870 - d.)

Ann Gascoigne MP (c.1824 - c.1891)

Ann Gascoigne MP (c.1844 - d.)

Ann Gascoigne MP (1744 - 1744)

Ann Gascoyne (Gascoigne) MP (1802 - d.)

Ann Sarah Gascoigne (Marcham) MP (1820 - 1894)

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Ann Corbett (Gascoigne) MP (1820 - 1888)

Daughter of William Gascoigne and Charlotte GraceMarried Daniel Dewey Corbett, 8 Nov 1861, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Nov 5 2016, 17:20:02 UTC