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Abiah Wolcott (Goffe) MP (1646 - 1718)

Windsor, CT V.R. (Barbour): Wolcott Henery, Jr., m. Abia Goff, Oct. 12, 1664 by Mr. Wolcot

Alice Goffe (Belfeill) MP (c.1546 - 1611)

Deborah Goffe (West) MP (1583 - 1626)

Col. Edmund Goffe MP (1670 - 1740)

GOFFE, EDMUND, soldier and politician; b. c. 1670 at Cambridge, Mass., son of Samuel and Hannah (Bernard) Goffe; married Hannah Lynde, daughter of Samuel Lynde, in May 1696; was married, a second time,...

Capt. Edward Goffe MP (c.1594 - 1658)

Edward embarked on the Good Hope with Shepard 1634 for new England. Narrowly escaped a ship wreck. The next year he arrived safely with his wife and 2 or 3 children. He was a prominent citizen, a sel...

Edward Goffe MP (c.1594 - 1658)

Elizabeth Sands (Goffe) MP (1576 - 1647)

Henry Sands  [Parents] was born on 20 Sep 1572 in Woolwich, Kent, England. He was christened on 30 Sep 1572 in Furnesse Fells, Lancashire, England. He died in 1626 in England. He was buried...

Frances Goffe (Whalley) MP (c.1610 - d.)

Her first name is not known according to historians - in letters from her husband who was in exile in New England he addressed her as "Mor" which was probably short for "mother" which is a common term ...

Hannah Goffe (Barnard) MP (1635 - 1679)

Hannah Goffe (Griggs) MP (1702 - 1798)

Col. John-3 GOFFE, (John-2, John-1), b. 25 March 1701, probably in Boston MA; baptized in Second or North Church (Increase Mather's) 25 March 1701 ; died 20 October 1781; married 16 Oct 1722 in Roxbury...

Hannah Moore (Goffe) MP (1644 - 1697)

First of the Goffes to be born in America.

Hannah Goffe (Chamberlain) MP (c.1645 - c.1723)

Hannah Bradford (Goffe) MP (1723 - 1819)

DAR MATRON OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Hannah Goffe Chandler born on - - 1723 at ___ died at ___ on 4 - Dec - 1819 married Andrew Bradford on - - 1756 -tcd Children of Col John & Hannah (Griggs) Gof...

Jacob Goffe MP (1695 - c.1750)

According to paper historical records obtained in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - a document titled "Genealogy of the Goff Family": Jacob Goffe was the 7th child of Richard Goffe and his wife, ...

Joanna Longley (& Crisp) (Goffe) MP (1614 - 1698)

Joanna Goffe Longley Crisp Birth: 1619 Death: Apr. 18, 1698 She was born about 1618 or 1619 as she was aged 78 at her death. She was possibly the sister of Deputy Governor Thomas Goffe of Massachus...

Col. John Goffe, Indian fighter MP (1701 - 1786)

Daughters of American Revolution Ancestor #: A046045 Service: NEW HAMPSHIRE Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth: 3-15-1701 NEW HAMPSHIRE Death: 10-20-1781 BEDFORD HILLSBOROUGH CO NEW HAMPSHIRE Servic...

John Alce Gough (changed his name to Goffe) (Gough) MP (c.1545 - 1630)

Joyce Goffe (Frost) MP (1608 - 1638)

Joyce Frost Birth: Circa 1608 - Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, England Husband: Edward Goffe Death: Nov 1638 - Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts Notes: Recent research (Roger Thom...

Lydia Sprague (Goffe) MP (1628 - 1715)

Lydia was the eldest of three children born to Edward and Lydia (Joyce) Goffe. She married John the eldest of seven children born to Ralph and Johane (Warren) Sprague. John and Lydia had ten children...

Margaret Arnold (Goffe) MP (1680 - 1719)

Margaret GOFF, "MARY", b.1688, d.1775 Virginia Married: 5 MAY 1707 St. Mary's Parish, Richmond, Virginia Kids of Margaret Goff d: 1757 + Isaac Arnold: 3 Isaac Arnold 3 Diana Arnold + Samuel Wha...

Martha Abigail Kendall (Goffe/Gough) MP (1648 - 1708)

: Sources: Type: Book Author: Kendall, Hazel M. Title: Kendall Type: Web Site Author: April Jestings-Brown on RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project--unsubstantiated Type: Web Site Author: Sharon M Campbell...

Mary M Jarboe Goffe (Tattershall) MP (1630 - 1677)

Thomas Jones, Stephen Goff & Mary his wife executrix of the agt last Will & Testament of John Jarbo deceased. Stephen Goff & uxr was attached to answer unto Thomas Jones in Exr Jno Jarbo a plea of tres...

Mary Goffe (Fade) MP (1700 - 1743)

Mary Goffe (Legg) MP (1677 - 1740)

Mary Legg , daughter of Col. John Legg, Jr. and Elizabeth Peach was born January 06, 1676/77 in Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts and died after 1740. She married 1) 23 March 1692-3 to Edward Brattl...

Richard Goffe, 2nd MP (1645 - 1723)

According to paper historical records obtained in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on a page titled "Genealogy of the Goff Family" Richard Goffe was the eldest child of William Goff. He married Ha...

Samuel Goffe MP (1630 - 1706)

From An Historic Guide to Cambridge : Edward Goffe, who arrived in Cambridge in 1635, was an ancestor of Francis Dana, through the latter's mother, Lydia Trowbridge, whose mother was Mary Goffe. Paig...

Sarah Gammon Goffe (Edmonds) MP (1839 - 1903)

Stephan Gough (Goffe) MP (c.1644 - 1700)

In a Cause depending Between John Allen as Admr to the goods Chattles & Creditts of Nicholas Solby plaintiffe, & Stephen GoughDefendant, Mr Gough being not present himselfe, it ordered tht the action b...

Rev. Stephen "Jubb" Goffe MP (1571 - 1626)

Stephen Goffe MP (c.1605 - 1681)

Stephen Goffe (Gough) (b. 1605; d. at Paris, Christmas Day, 1681) was a Royalist agent of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and later an Oratorian priest. Life He was educated at Merton College...

Thomas Goffe MP (1589 - 1629)

"The Merchant Adventurers Silver King James shillings, dated 1603. This is the type of money the investors in the Plymouth joint-stock company were hoping to earn! A single share of Plymouth company st...

Maj-Gen. William Goffe, MP and Regicide MP (c.1605 - c.1679)

William Goffe , d.c 1680, was a Radical army officer, regicide and Major-General who escaped to New England at the Restoration and became part of colonial folklore as the "Angel of Hadley." From Wiki...

9AG Robert Goffe MP (deceased)

9AH Joane Goffe (Chilfester) MP (deceased)

Abraham Goffe MP (1892 - 1960)

Abraham Goff /Goffe MP (1787 - 1870)

Addison Woodley GOFFE MP (1871 - 1886)

Addison Herbert Goffe MP (1859 - 1860)

Alfred Constantine Goffe MP (deceased)

Alice Goffe (Wilkinson) MP (1575 - c.1638)

Alice Goffe (Strawe) MP (c.1575 - c.1630)

Ambrose Goffe MP (deceased)

America Goffe (Hanna) MP (deceased)

Ann Goffe MP (1817 - d.)

Ann Goffe MP (1849 - d.)

Ann Pyrke (Goffe) MP (c.1795 - d.)


Anna Goffe MP (1751 - 1821)

Anna Karolina Goffe MP (1857 - d.)

Anna Stina Goffe MP (1778 - 1790)

Anne E Goffe MP (1859 - d.)

Anne Goffe MP (1622 - d.)

Annie Chettle (Goffe) MP (1862 - 1942)

anntita goffe MP (deceased)

Anthony Goffe, Jr MP (1656 - 1727)

Arch Goffe MP (deceased)

Arley Vivienne Goffe MP (1886 - d.)

Armynell Ware (Goffe) MP (1565 - d.)

Armynell Goffe (Wadlound) MP (1545 - d.)

Arna Meryl Goffe (Bloch) MP (1938 - 1993)

Arthur Goffe MP (1754 - 1819)

Audry Goffe MP (c.1530 - 1604)

August Fredrik Goffe MP (1864 - d.)

August Vilhelm Goffe MP (1842 - 1842)

Beatrice Alethia Roche (Goffe) MP (deceased)

Benjamin Goffe MP (deceased)

Bessie E. Mandigo (Goffe) MP (1867 - 1894)

Bobby Goffe MP (deceased)

Carl Goffe MP (1819 - d.)

Carl Daniel Goffe MP (1784 - 1785)

Catharina Goffe MP (1819 - d.)

Catherine Willis (Goffe) MP (1790 - 1865)

Catherine Goffe (Minear) MP (1810 - c.1860)

Catherine T Kelly (Goffe) MP (c.1863 - 1955)


Celia Goffe (Turgel) MP (1895 - 1981)

Charles Goffe MP (1824 - d.)

Charlotte Goffe MP (deceased)

Charlotte Goffe MP (1829 - 1907)

Chester A. Goffe MP (b. - 1977)

Christopher Goffe MP (1713 - d.)

Cicily Goffe (Parrocke) MP (deceased)

Cornelia Tracy Patterson (Goffe) MP (1865 - d.)

Coy V Goff /Goffe MP (1915 - 2002)

Cynthia Hill (Goffe) MP

Daniel Andersson Goffe MP (deceased)

Daniel Goffe MP (1742 - d.)

David Richard Goffe MP (1928 - d.)

Deborah Goffe MP (1639 - 1660)

Deborah Goffe (West) MP (deceased)

DONNA MAE GOFFE (GRAY) MP (1940 - 2002)

Dorothy Lane (Goffe) MP (deceased)

Ebenezer GOFFE MP (c.1692 - d.)

Ebenezer Goffe MP (1732 - d.)

Edward Goffe MP (deceased)

Edward Goffe MP (1658 - 1691)

Edward Goffe MP (c.1600 - d.)

Edward Goffe MP (c.1550 - d.)

notes NOT Thomas Goffe, Deputy governor comments From However, another Sands descendant has pointed out that there was a Henry Sandes, who attended Cambridge in 1569, before the Archbishop's so...

Edward Goffe MP (deceased)

Effie Conley (Goffe) MP (1875 - 1936)