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Aaron Golbreich (1921 - 2004)

Rebbecca Meerzon's cousin from Riga. Not sure whether on her mother's or father's side.

Hanna Golbreich (Freidman?) (deceased)

Fairly certain that Sholom-Mendel's sister Hanna is Aron's mother Hanna (the alternative is that either she or her husband are Roza Freidman's sibling, but the first name match makes that scenario more...

Leiba Golbreich (deceased)

Solomon Golbreich (deceased)

Solomon is either Roza Freidman's brother, or Sholom-Mendel Freidman's brother-in-law.In the latter case, his wife Hanna would be Sholom-Mendel's sister which makes sense since he did have a sister by ...

Zalman (Solomon) Golbreich (1897 - 1969)