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Philip Greever, Sr. MP (1745 - 1830)

Daughters of American Revolution GREEVER, PHILIP Ancestor #: A047603 Service: VIRGINIA Rank: CIVIL SERVICE Birth: 11-2-1745 HOLLAND Death: 3-26-1830 WASHINGTON CO VIRGINIA Service Source: ANN...

? Greever MP (1796 - 1800)

Abraham C Greever MP (1776 - 1857)

Adam Greever MP (c.1768 - d.)

Adriana Johanna Greever MP (1819 - d.)

Aggie Greever MP (1894 - d.)

Agnes Maria Fox (Greever) MP (1847 - 1896)

Al Greever MP (1908 - 1994)

Albert Sidney Greever MP (1868 - 1950)

Alexander Harrison Greever MP (deceased)

Alexander Harrison Greever MP (1838 - 1882)

Alma Mae Meredith (Greever) MP (1885 - 1970)

Greever or Griever? Alma Mae Meredith (born Griever) MyHeritage Family Trees Meredith Web Site, managed by Paul Meredith: Birth: Sep 2 1885 - Wolf Summit, WV Death: Nov 25 1970 - Decatur, Georgia P...

Almedia Greever (Chapell) MP (1856 - 1948)

Alverta Shelby Greever MP (aft.1889 - d.)

Daughters of American Revolution Member: Alverta Shelby Greever Nat'l #: 198965 Chapter: 2046VA Ancestor: GREEVER, PHILIP (A047603)

Amanda Greever MP (1834 - 1910)

Amanda Rachel Catherine Greever (Burgess) MP (1813 - d.)

Amanda R Graham MP (1855 - 1936)

Anna Margaret Greever MP (deceased)

Anna Katherine DeLauney (Greever) MP (deceased)

Arthur Greever MP (deceased)

Barbara Bates Hayter Greever (Bates) MP (deceased)

Bertha Letitia Greever MP (1891 - 1975)

Bertha Graham Greever MP (deceased)

Bessie Fox (Greever) MP (1892 - d.)

Bill Blair Greever MP (1922 - d.)

Blair Burwell Greever MP (1840 - 1917)

Blanche Greever (Snavely) MP (1888 - d.)

Carolina Greever MP (deceased)

Carrie Fox (Greever) MP (1890 - d.)

Catherine Greever (Peery) MP (1829 - 1903)

Catherine Greever (Griever) MP (1779 - 1842)

Charles William Greever, III MP (1923 - 1986)

Charles Edwin Greever MP (1866 - 1952)

Charles Edwin Greever suffered a gradual loss of sight, and became blind while still a boy. In 1900, he was listed in the census as a farmer.

Charles Riley Greever MP (1813 - 1889)

Charles Riley Greever was the youngest son of Valentine Greever, Sr., and was small in stature. He was born in 1813, presumably on the farm of his father and in the house which he himself owned later. ...

Charles Greever MP (deceased)

charles melvin greever MP (deceased)

Charles Henderson Greever MP (1806 - 1888)

Charles Greever MP (deceased)

Charles Granville Greever MP (deceased)

Charles Phillip Greever MP (1848 - 1916)

Charles William Greever, II MP (1898 - 1967)

I believe (from looking at the Greever book) Charles William, II was named after His Great Grandfather's (Valentine)--> Brother's (Abraham) --> Grandson...

Charlie Greever MP (deceased)

Clara Greever MP (1860 - 1947)

Cosby Spencer Greever MP (deceased)

Cresia Greever MP (deceased)

David Bosang Greever MP (1808 - bef.1900)

David A. Greever MP (1865 - 1896)

Dicey Greever MP (deceased)

Dora Malvina Greever (Swiger) MP (1864 - aft.1915)

Married Henry Greever (also spelled Greaver) Another tree lists these children: Mary Meredith (born Greaver), Carrie Fox (born Greaver), Orpha Greever, "Aggie" Greever, Maggie Greaver, Freeman Greave...

dorothy greever MP (1922 - 2000)

Drucilia Greever (Fuller) MP (deceased)

Drucilla Jane Garfield (Greever) MP (1930 - d.)

Edgar Philip Greever MP (1919 - d.)

Edgar Lee Greever MP (deceased)

Edith Greever (Johnson) MP (1872 - 1942)

Edna Van Tuyl (Greever) MP (aft.1888 - d.)

Daughters of American Revolution Member: Edna Greever Van Tuyl Nat'l #: 276693 Chapter: 6008KS Join Date: Apr 1932 Ancestor: GREEVER, PHILIP (A047603)

Eleanor Greever MP (1915 - d.)

Eliza Harrison Frazier (Greever) MP (aft.1872 - d.)

Daughters of American Revolution Member: Eliza Harrison Greever Frazier Nat'l #: 339109 Chapter: 2046VA Ancestor: GREEVER, PHILIP (A047603)

Eliza Jane Greever (Harrison) MP (1819 - 1881)

Eliza Jane St. Claire Pyott (Greever) MP (deceased)

Eliza Margaret Greever MP (1876 - 1954)

Elizabeth Greever MP (1906 - 1906)

Elizabeth Ann Heninger (Greever) MP (1778 - 1860)

Elizabeth Greever MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Mitchell (Greever) MP (c.1842 - d.)

Elizabeth Harrison Frazier (Greever) MP (deceased)

Ella Greever MP (deceased)

Elma Fink (Greever) MP (deceased)

Emma Forsyth (Greever) MP (deceased)

Evlyn Carpenter (Greever) MP (aft.1908 - d.)

Daughters of American Revolution Member: Evlyn Greever Carpenter Nat'l #: 285686 Chapter: 3045TN Ancestor: GREEVER, PHILIP (A047603)

Florena Graham Colvin (Greever) MP (aft.1917 - d.)

Daughters of American Revolution Member: Florena Graham Greever Colvin Nat'l #: 305176 Chapter: 4043WV Join Date: Dec 1937 Ancestor: ALDERSON, JOHN (A001064) Ancestor: BOWEN, LILLY (A012714...

Florena Blanche Greever (Alderson) MP (1888 - 1982)

Florence Virginia Ellis (Greever) MP (1840 - 1910)

Frances Greever MP (deceased)

Frances Greever (Ryan) MP (1882 - 2004)

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Frank Greever MP (deceased)

Frank Greever MP (deceased)

Freeman Greever MP (1888 - d.)

Gene Greever MP (1837 - 1895)

Gertrude Hall (Greever) MP (deceased)

Gladys V. Rhodes (Greever Milligan) MP (1895 - 1977)

Hattie Moss (Greever) MP (aft.1865 - d.)

Daughters of American Revolution Member: Hattie Greever Moss Nat'l #: 204910 Chapter: 2046VA Ancestor: GREEVER, PHILIP (A047603)

Helen Harris (Greever) MP (aft.1879 - d.)

Daughters of American Revolution Member: Helen Greever Harris Nat'l #: 330040 Chapter:5028NE Ancestor: GREEVER, PHILIP (A047603)

Helen C Greever (Jones) MP (deceased)

Helen Catherine Baldwin (Greever) MP (deceased)

Henry Greever MP (1861 - 1915)

Spelled Greever, Greaver, Griever Henry Greever, Circa 1861 - 1915 Henry Greever was born circa 1861 Virginia, to JAMES GREAVER and SARAH GREAVER. Henry married Dora M. Swiger in 1883, at age 22 Do...

Hiram A Greever MP (1806 - 1882)

Ida Roxie Greever MP (aft.1865 - d.)

Daughters of American Revolution Member: Ida Roxie Greever Nat'l #: 198966 Chapter: 2046VA Ancestor: GREEVER, PHILIP (A047603)

Ida Gay Greever (Maupin) MP (1868 - 1911)

Irene Greever MP (deceased)

Iva Lee Greever (Shoun) MP (1871 - 1944)

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Jack Greever MP (1932 - d.)

James Greever MP (deceased)

James Alexander Greever MP (1867 - d.)

James Edwin Greever MP (1882 - d.)

James Tate Greever MP (deceased)

James T. Greever MP (1888 - d.)

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James Greever MP (1801 - d.)

James Greever MP (deceased)

James Henry Greever, I MP (1852 - 1928)

James Henry Greever, I, was a farmer, and inherited over half his father's farm, due to care provided his parents in their declining years. He was foreman at the Tate Farm (a very large farm near Chilh...