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Abraham Eberle Gronem (Geronim) (deceased)

Jacobi vol. 3, p. 499 18.2

Duschene Gronem (b. - 1624)

73 Duschene eshet Gershon Gronem z”l 1624/25

Ester Lichtenstadt (Gronem) (b. - 1664)

Ester bt Zelman Eberles [Gronem] e’ Liberman Lichtenstadt 1664 73 Ester bt Zelman Eberls [Gronem] eshet Liberman L”X (Lichtenstadt) 1654 (sic) [Gronem Notes and Lasch Notes both give year as 1664]

Ester Gronem (b. - 1639)

73 Ester bt Gershon Gronem z”l 1639

Esterl Günzburg (Gronem) (b. - 1626)

73 Esterl bt Eberl Gronem z”l eshet Kalman Gunzburg 1626/27

Gerson Geronim Gronem (deceased)

Hassya Lubman (deceased)

Hendl Gronem (b. - 1615)

David Notes Hendl bt David e’ Shemai’ Eberl (Gronem) 1615/16

Hirschel Naftali Joschua Heschel Gronem Gronem (1489 - 1569)

Jacobi, vol. III, p. 500 17.1 73 Hirsch age 70 bn Heschel Gronem/Geronim z”l 1568

Israel Shlomo Zelman Gronem (b. - 1590)

73 Israel Shlemo hnkro Zelman Gronem bn Jehosua z”l 1590 (Gal-Ed #170)

Jehosua Gronem (b. - 1634)

73 (symbol of fishes) Jehosua bn Jehosua Heschel Gronem ?br Chaba Kra (Karo?)? 1634

Jehosua Eberl Gronem (b. - 1659)

Eberl ben Schlomo [26.01.1659] Seitenanfang Diplomatische Transkription und Übersetzung Vorderseite ‎‏הר״ר יהושע עבריל חזן ב״ר שלמה‏‎ Der Herr, Herr Jehoscha Ewril (Eberl), Kantor, Sohn des Herrn Sch...

Jehosua Heschel Gronem (b. - 1607)

אלף מרגליות(סעיף 874) 73 Jehosua bn Abraham nkro Eberl Gronems 1606/07----73 Jehosua bn Abraham nkro Eberl Gronems 1606/07

Jentel Gronem (Hahn) (b. - 1653)

73 Jentel bt Elia’ Hahn eshet Zelman Eberles [Gronem] z”l 1653 (buried with Zelman)

Joschua Heschel Gronem (deceased)

Jacobi, vol. III, p. 499 18.1: "R. Joschua Heshel I (b) Gronem (Nothing is known on him except as father of 17.1..." Jacobi, vol. III, p. 499 19.1: "R. (b) Y Gronem (Nothing is known on him except as...

Male Lewin (Gronem) (deceased)

Mosche Gronem Bunzel (b. - 1632)

Notes Mosche Gronem z”l mk”k Bumsla 1632/33

Pessel Teplitz (Gronem) (b. - 1644)

Notes Pessel bt Zelman Eberl Gronem j”Ts e’ Moshe Teplitz [Gal-Ed #161 which shows death in Adar II 1660, but year is more likely 1644]

Pessel Gronem (b. - 1602)

Pessel bt Shemai’ Gronem 1602 [Gal-Ed #161 – buried with Shemai’ and her probable cousin Pessel]

Placeholder Gronem (deceased)

Resel Turnau (Gronem) (b. - 1713)

Salomon Zelman Eberles Gronem (b. - 1652)

73 Zelman bn Eberl Gronem z”l 1652

Schoendel Gronem (deceased)

73 Schoendel bt Jehosua z”l ?1599/1600? [Jehosua Notes: e’ Gabriel; date shows as taf shin mem, which is not a date] Kaufmann has written “saviv l’shnt” to show that 1599/1600 is an estimate]

Shemaiah Gronem (b. - 1616)

Notes Shemai’ bn Eberl Gronem 1616 [Gal-Ed 161 – buried with his daughter Pessel and his (niece?) Pessel]

Simcha Rofe (Gronem) (b. - 1720)

73 [hajashish] Simcha Rofe bn Eberl Gronem z”l X”Ts (chasan, mesorer) dk”k Warmaisa bn hakatsin Zelman Eberl Gronem z”l 1720 [father is in Epidat (wrm-1226) as Jehosua Eberl dying (probably not at an o...

Simon Gronem Bunzel (b. - 1686)

Bumsla Notes hajashish Simon Bumsla bn Moshe Gronem z”l 1686/87

Sámuel Schanzer Gronem (deceased)