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Catherine Guérard MP (1649 - 1727)

Margaret Louisa Fuller (Guerard) MP (1794 - 1848)

? ? MP (deceased)

? MESANGE MP (deceased)

Adele Guerard (Robillard) MP (1835 - 1884)

Adolphe Guerard MP (deceased)

Adélard GUÉRARD MP (1899 - 1988)

Adélard GUÉRARD MP (deceased)

Agathe Henry (Guerard) MP (1761 - 1842)

Albert Guérard MP (1844 - d.)

Albina Guerard MP (deceased)

Aldea Guerard MP (deceased)

Alfred Guerard MP (deceased)

Alice Mary Guerard (Ducat) MP (deceased)

Alice GUERARD MP (deceased)

Alice VINCENT MP (deceased)

Alice Allen (Screven Guerard) MP (1826 - d.)

Alice Allen (Guerard) MP (deceased)

Alice Guerard (Screven) MP (deceased)

Aline Guérard MP (1920 - d.)

Allan Guerard MP (deceased)

Amelia Barnard (Guerard) MP (deceased)

Andrée Guérard MP (deceased)

Angelique AURE dit GUERARD (COULOMBE) MP (deceased)

Ann Guerard (Bee) MP (deceased)

Anne Guérard MP (deceased)

Anne Guerard (Mathewes) MP (1752 - 1793)

Anne Guerard (Doyotte) MP (deceased)

Anne Marie Guepratte (Guerard) MP (c.1700 - c.1772)

Annette Guerard MP (deceased)

Antoin AURE dit GUERARD MP (deceased)

Antoine Auré dit Guérard MP (deceased)

Appoline Bellaire (Guerard) MP (deceased)

Arthur Guerard MP (1889 - d.)

Arthur Gordon Rose Guerard MP (1879 - 1926)

Artur Guerard MP (deceased)

Audrey Clara Jane Guerard MP (1917 - 1929)

Auguste Victor Guérard MP (deceased)

Barbe Guerard (Arnould) MP (1743 - 1815)

Barnard Elliott Guerard MP (1817 - d.)

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Barnard Elliott Guerard, Jr. MP (1878 - 1878)

Basil Henry Guerard MP (1918 - 1988)

Basile Guerard MP (1829 - 1920)

Beatrice Guerard MP (deceased)

Bellarmin Guérard MP (1832 - 1873)

Bernadette Guerard Des Lauriers (de Meeûs d'Argenteuil) MP (deceased)

bernard von guerard MP (deceased)

Betty Bigras (Guerard) MP (deceased)

Callie Elizabeth Guerard (Hamilton) MP (1881 - 1946)

Callie Hamilton Guerard was the daughter of Robert Franklin Hamilton and Amanda McCrarey, the second of their six children. Her father was a farmer. She worked in a knitting mill in or near Hendersonvi...

Catharine Blake Guerard MP (deceased)

Catherine Doddridge (Guérard) MP (deceased)

Catherine Guerard (Blondel) MP (1690 - 1779)

Catherine Guérard MP (deceased)

Catherine Guerard MP (b. - 1818)

Cathérine Guérard MP (deceased)

Cecil Joesph Guerard MP (deceased)

Celine Guerard MP (deceased)

Charles des CHAMPS, Seigneur deBEUZEVILLE-le-GUERARD, BOISHEBERT et d'ESCURES MP (b. - 1621)

Il est aussi connu sous le nom de Charles des Deschamps de Bois Hébert. Il est le fils de Antoine des Champs de Bois Hébert et Marie Le Grand. Il épouse Jeanne Asselin. Le contrat de mariage de...

Charles Guerard dit Legras / Legrapt MP (1669 - 1743)

More About Charles Le Grapt-Guerard and Marie Madeleine Chretien: Marriage: February 04, 1696/97, St. Famille, Ile d'Orleans, Quebec

Charles Guerard MP (1701 - 1777)

Charles LeGrapt-dit-Guerard MP (1669 - 1743)

Charles Guérard, Legrapt MP (deceased)

charles edouard guerard MP (deceased)

Charlotte Sophia Prioleau (Guerard) MP (1841 - 1920)

Christiane GUERARD MP (deceased)

Christopher Francis Guerard MP (1932 - 1987)

Clara Guerard (Johnson) MP (1877 - 1950)

Clarisse Joséphine Guérard MP (deceased)

Claude GUERARD MP (1711 - d.)

Claude Guerard (Collignon) MP (b. - 1714)

Claude Guerard MP (deceased)

Collot Brewer (Guerard) MP (deceased)

Constance R. Remillard (Guerard) MP (deceased)

Doug Guerard MP (deceased)

Edmond Guerard MP (1895 - d.)

Edward Parker Guerard MP (1827 - 1867)

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Elaine Guérard MP (deceased)

Elisabeth GUERARD MP (1749 - 1812)

Élisabeth Guerard (Guérard) MP (1767 - d.)

Elizabeth Guerard (Condon) MP (1905 - 1970)

Elizabeth Guerard MP (c.1825 - d.)

Elizabeth Guerard MP (deceased)

Emerance Girard or Guerard Aure LaFeERIERE (COTE) MP (deceased)

'Unable to find this marriage under HOURE or LAFERRIERE orGUERARD in Tanguay Dictionnaire or Compliments.

Emerance Aure Ducharme (Guerard) MP (1835 - 1913)

Updated from Ancestry Genealogy via son Pierre Ducharme by SmartCopy : Aug 30 2015, 14:31:42 UTC in 1861 & 1871 censuses - Hay twp, Huron county, Ontario Canada ... her name [as wife of head of househo...

Emile GUERARD MP (deceased)

Emma Eliza Rose (Guerard) MP (1830 - 1911)

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Esther Guerard (Levaugin) MP (deceased)

Etienne GUERARD MP (deceased)

eugene guérard MP (deceased)

Eugenie Elizabeth Davis (Guerard) MP (1905 - 1986)

Felicie Guerard (Regis) MP (deceased)

Fernand GUERARD MP (deceased)

Fernande Guerard MP (1917 - 1995)

Fernande Guerard MP (deceased)

Flora Guérard (Parent) MP (c.1825 - d.)

Fortunat Guerard MP (deceased)

François Guérard dit Legras MP (c.1708 - 1758)

Francois Honorine Guerard MP (deceased)

Frank Guerard MP (1887 - d.)

Frank Hamilton Guerard MP (1914 - 1926)