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Leon Guinto Sr. MP (1896 - 1962)

Leon Gawaran Guinto, Sr. a legislator, representing Tayabas, Quezon and the war-time Mayor of the City of Manila. More here: .

"Angel" Velasquez Guinto (deceased)

"Pio" Velasquez Guinto (deceased)

Adela Guinto (Evangelista) (deceased)

Adela Guinto (deceased)

Adriano Guinto (deceased)

Agnes Guinto (deceased)

Agustin V. Guinto (deceased)

Agustin Ramos Guinto Jr. (deceased)

Agustina Viceno Guinto (deceased)

Alejo Barbin Guinto (deceased)

Amanda R. Guinto (deceased)

Amelia Velasquez Guinto (deceased)

Amelia R. Guinto (deceased)

Anacleto Balce Guinto, Jr. (1925 - 2003)

Anacleto Guinto, Sr. (deceased)

Anacleto Guinto (deceased)

Anita Guinto (deceased)

Anselma Rareza Guinto (deceased)

Arcadio Guinto (b. - 1974)

Arturo Guinto (deceased)

Baldomera Guinto Tio (Guinto) (deceased)

Baring Guinto (deceased)

Basilides Guinto (deceased)

belen tolentino (guinto) (deceased)

Carlos Guinto (deceased)

Cecilia V. Guinto (deceased)

Clemen Balane Guinto (Balane) (deceased)

Clementina Balane Guinto (1958 - d.)

cornelio guinto (deceased)

Damaso Balce Guinto (1932 - 2009)

Delia Espiritu Guinto (Espiritu) (deceased)

Diego Guinto (deceased)

Dolong Guinto (deceased)

Dolores Guinto (deceased)

Dominador Guinto (deceased)

Dorothy Ethel Guinto (Duggan) (1912 - 1978)

Dr. Pio Guinto (deceased)

Efifania Yambao (Guinto) (deceased)

Emilia Guinto Mercado (c.1890 - c.1975)

Emiterio Rareza Guinto (deceased)

Engracia 'Asyang' Guinto (Yumang) (deceased)

Esteban "Eba" Guinto (deceased)

Estellita Yambao (Guinto) (deceased)

Ester Aquino (Guinto) (deceased)

Eulalia Baluyut Guinto (deceased)

Eutiquiano Guinto (deceased)

Father Guinto (deceased)

Feliciano Guinto (deceased)

Felix Zenarosa Guinto (deceased)

Felix Balce Guinto (deceased)

Felizardo Canonoy Guinto, Jr. (deceased)

Felizardo Guinto (deceased)

Florencia Rareza Guinto (deceased)

Francisco Guinto (deceased)

Francisco Guinto (deceased)

Garacio Guinto (deceased)

Gaudencio Guinto (deceased)

George "Olsi" Guinto (deceased)

Gregorio Guinto (deceased)

Gregorio Guinto (deceased)

Gregorio Guinto Guinto (deceased)

Guillermo Guinto (deceased)

Honorable Guinto (deceased)

Ines Abad (Ines R. Guinto) (1894 - 1967)

Inez Rareza Guinto (deceased)

Inocencia Acueza (1913 - 2005)

Ireneo Viceno Guinto (deceased)

Isaac Guinto (deceased)

Jerry Evangelista Guinto (deceased)

Jesus Isip Guinto (1923 - 1996)

Jesus Guinto (deceased)

Jesus Guinto (deceased)

Jose Guinto (deceased)

Josefa Viceno Guinto (deceased)

Josefa Vallarta (Guinto) (deceased)

Jovito Guinto (deceased)

Juan P. Guinto (deceased)

Juana "Anang" Guinto (Mendoza) (deceased)

Juanito Guinto (deceased)

Julia Racelis Guinto (deceased)

Julio Guinto (deceased)

Laureano Bautista Guinto (1918 - 1989)

Lauro Guinto (deceased)

Leon Guinto, Sr. (deceased)

Leon Guinto (deceased)

Lily de Marcaids Guinto (de Marcaida) (deceased)

Lina Guinto (Viray) (deceased)

Linda Vinzons Guinto (1936 - 2004)

Lino Guinto (deceased)

Lorenzo Guinto (1943 - 2010)

Luisa Torres (Luisa Guinto) (deceased)

Magdalina Guinto (deceased)

mamerto guinto (deceased)

Manuel Guinto (deceased)

Maria Rareza Guinto (deceased)

Maria Guinto (Carrillo) (deceased)

Maria Mendoza Guinto (1913 - 1969)

Biography by Anne M. Salgado (daughter): Maria Guinto, born on March 17, 1913 celebrated her birthday on April 2nd, which was what was known to her, resulting from records that burned with the Town H...

Maria Belen Garcia (Guinto) (deceased)

Marianita Guinto (deceased)