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Stan Mikita (Guoth) MP (1940 - 2018)

Stanley "Stan" Mikita Obituary Born, Stanislav Guoth in Sokolce, Czechoslovakia on May 20, 1940 to Jurag and Emilia and then adopted by his own blood, Stan passed away on August 7, 2018 at the age of 7...

A Guóthfalvi Guóth (Boda) (deceased)

Adam Guoth (1607 - d.)

Adus Guoth (deceased)

Ágnes guotfalvi Guoth (deceased)

Agnes Guoth (deceased)

Andrej Guoth (deceased)

Guoth András (deceased)

Anna Guoth de Guothfalva (deceased)

DR Béla Guóth (deceased)

Béla Guóth (deceased)

Belka Guoth (1848 - 1904)

Blahorod Bohumil Guoth z Gôtovian (deceased)

Borbála Guóth (deceased)

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Darina Guoth (1938 - d.)

Eleonora Guoth de Guothfalva (1825 - 1903)

Emil Guoth (deceased)

Guoth Emil (1913 - 1977)

Emil Juraj Ábel Guoth z Gôtovian (deceased)

Erzsébet Guoth de Guothfalva (1818 - 1900)

Erzsébet Guóth (deceased)

Eszter Guoth (1829 - d.)

Éva Guoth (deceased)

Éva Guóth (deceased)

Ferenc Guoth (deceased)

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Ferencz góthfalvi Guóth (1853 - 1902)

Gaspar Guoth (deceased)

Georgius Guoth (deceased)

Gyula góthfalvi Guóth (deceased)

Gábor Guoth (deceased)

Ignác Guoth de Guothfalva (1818 - 1902)

Ildi Guoth (deceased)

Ilona Guoth (1868 - d.)

Guoth Imre (deceased)

JuDr.Ivan Guoth (1932 - d.)

Johana Guoth (deceased)

Johann Guoth (1611 - d.)

Johann Jakob GUOTH (1795 - d.)

Guoth Johanna Mária (1825 - 1887)

Jonas Guoth (deceased)

Jonáš Rudolf Bohumil Guoth z Gôtovian (1856 - 1917)

MuDr.Jonas Bohumil Guoth (1811 - 1888)

Josef Guoth (1796 - d.)

Jozef Guoth (deceased)

Jozef Guoth z Gôtovian (deceased)

Judit Guoth (deceased)

Jurag Guoth (deceased)

Juraj Guoth (deceased)

Juraj Guoth (1919 - d.)

Juraj Guoth (deceased)

Juraj Guoth (deceased)

Jurko Guoth (deceased)

Gouth János (deceased)

János Guóth (deceased)

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János Guóthfalvi Guóth (deceased)

Kálmán Guoth de Guothfalva (1854 - 1913)

Karol Guoth (deceased)

Károly Guóthfalvi Guóth (1798 - d.)

Ladislav Guoth (deceased)

Lajos góthfalvi Guóth (deceased)

ludovit guoth (deceased)

maria guoth (deceased)

Mária Guoth de Guothfalva (1830 - 1915)

Maria Molnar (deceased)

Marienka Guoth (deceased)

Mariska góthfalvi Guóth (deceased)

Marta Guoth (deceased)

Mathias Guoth (deceased)

Michael Guoth (1616 - d.)

Miklós Guóth (deceased)

Mikulas Guoth (1858 - 1945)

Mikulas Guoth (1891 - d.)

Mikuláš Ladislav Guoth z Gôtovian (deceased)

guothfalvi Guoth Mária (deceased)

Guoth Mária (deceased)

Mária Guoth (Fiačanová) (deceased)

Mária Guoth de Guothfalva (1881 - d.)

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Márton Guóth (deceased)

nemesi előneve: guóthfalvi

Ondrej Guoth (deceased)

Palo Guoth (1899 - d.)

Pavol Guoth (deceased)

Rozália Guoth (deceased)

Ruzenka Guoth (deceased)

Samuel Guoth (deceased)

Sándor Guoth (1850 - 1912)

nemesi előneve: guóthfalvi

Sándor Guoth (1759 - 1809)

Sándor Guóth (1760 - d.)

nemesi előneve: guóthfalvi, ügyvéd

Tamás Guóth (deceased)

nemesi előneve: guóthfalvi

Zsigmond Guóth (deceased)

nemesi előneve: guóthfalvi

Zsófia Guóth (deceased)

nemesi előneve: guóthfalvi

Guoth Zsuzsanna (1833 - d.)

Guoth Zsófia (1829 - 1864)

Ádám Guoth (deceased)

Ľudovít Guoth (deceased)