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Aaron I ben Nisi, Khagan of Khazaria MP (c.900 - d.)

Aaron l Wikipedia=Aaron I= Aaron ben Nisi was a Turkic Jewish ruler of the Khazars mentioned in the Khazar Correspondence. He reigned around the year 900 CE. Little is known about his reign. As with ot...

Aaron II ben Benjamin, of Khazaria MP (deceased)

Aaron ll Wikipedia=Aaron II=A Khazar ruler during the early 10th century CE, Aaron ben Benjamin was the son of the Khazar king Benjamin. Whether Aaron, like the rest of the Bulanids, was a Khagan or a ...

Abiathar ben Elijah haKohen, Final Gaon of Palestine Yeshiva of Tyre MP (c.1041 - c.1112)

Abiathar ben Elijah ha-Kohen, who was born around 1041, probably in Jerusalem, was the last important gaon of the Palestinian yeshiva. He was the eldest of the four sons of Elijah ha-Kohen Gaon, and in...

Abraham Baruch Kahana Rapaport (Rappaport), ABD Livonia, Minsk, Vilna, Furth, & Grodno MP (c.1668 - 1746)

"Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien"Band II- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein-pg. 319 Since 1710, served as Rabbi in Fuerth.

Abu Zakariya Yehuda ben Moshe haKohen Alfaquin, haRoffe MP (c.1240 - d.)

Judah ben Moses ha-Kohen, called in Christian sources Don Yhuda Mosca, Yhuda Mosca el Menor, Yhuda fi de Mose fi de Mosca, and Yhuda el Cohen (or Coheneso) Alfaquin, was one of the foremost translators...

Abu Zakri Yaḥyā (Yehudah) ben Shlomo HaKohen al-fasi MP (c.993 - d.)

Yahya's father, Solomon, in his first public act as gaon was to write a letter of lavish praise for the Karaite nasi Hezekiah ben David in which he repeatedly expresses the hope of returning from Egypt...

Abū ʾl-ʿAlā Israel ben Shmuel haKohen, Gaon of Sura MP (c.940 - d.)

Son of Shmuel Ben Hofni HaGaon, brother-in-law of Hai Gaon Israel ben Samuel Gaon ha-KohenAbū ʾl-ʿAlā Israel ben Samuel Gaon ha-Kohen was the son of Samuel ben Hophni. During his father’s tenure as gao...

Rabbi Akiva Hakohen Katz, ABD Saloniki (Alter of Salonika) MP (b. - c.1520)

Speculative Evidence: R’ Akiva HaCohen Katz of Salonika As it turns out there is a tantalizing factoid in the literature which the current yDNA findings may eventually corroborate. R’ Akiva HaCohen ...

al-Kabira bat Allan al-faraj HaKohen MP (b. - c.1070)

Alfred Ritter Rappaport von Arbengau (Rappaport) MP (1868 - 1946)

Source: Rappaport Ritter von ArbengauAlfred Rappaport was born in Vienna on the 16th of June 1868. After attending the Orientalische Akademie at Vienna he was ideally educated for service with the Mini...

Aryeh Leib Hakohen Katz MP (1610 - d.)

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Asmouna bat Shmuel ben Hofni HaKohen Gaon of Sura MP (deceased)

Don Avraham HaKohen, haRoffe Al-Hakim of Toledo MP (c.1225 - c.1294)

Don Abraham of Toledo (Abraham el Alfaquin = al-Ḥakīm) was physician to King Alfonso X (el Sabio - the Learned) of Castile, and to his son Sancho IV. He was active between 1260 and 1277 and translated ...

Bennett "Ben" Rappaport MP

Bennett Eli "Ben" Rappaport (Arlington, 23 marzo 1986) è un attore statunitense. Ha interpretato il ruolo di Todd Dempsy nella sitcom NBC Outsourced, in onda durante la stagione televisiva 2010-2011...

Blime Adler KaZ MP (b. - 1799)

Bunlin Hakohen MP (b. - c.1619)

Celia aka Sara Green (Rappaport), {Russia|} MP (c.1860 - 1940)

R' Dov-Berish Zeev Rappaport, A.B.D. Szczekociny and then A.B.D. Pinczow MP (b. - 1815)

THE CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF THE RAPAPORT FAMILY The Rapoport-Bick dynasty was the most important of all the non-chasidic rabbinic dynasties of Medzhybizh, in Ukraine. The Rapoport dynasty traces its ro...

Edel Ginzberg (Hakohen) MP (b. - 1630)

Eliyahu Hakohen MP

Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv District, Israel

מר אליהו הכהן - יליד נווה צדק בתל-אביב ונחשב "הכהן הגדול" של חקר תולדות הזמר העברי. הוא הקדיש למעלה מיובל שנים מחייו לפעילות זאת. ערך והגיש עשרות תכנית רדיו וטלוויזיה, המגוללות את סיפורו של היישוב היהו...

Elyakim (Eljakim)-Gotschalk Gets Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - c.1579)

Emde HaKohen-KaZ (Worms) MP (b. - c.1509)

Ephraim HaKohen-KaZ MP (deceased)

Ester Hakohen (Segal) MP (bef.1679 - 1692)

Ester Hakohen (Bingen) MP (b. - c.1586)

Felicia Behrendt (Rappaport) MP (1873 - 1944)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Behrendt, Felicia geb. Rappaport geboren am 16. März 1873 in Kattowitz (poln. Katowice)/Schlesien wohnhaft in Berlin (Kreuzberg) und in Berlin (...

Fogel Hakohen (Bonn) MP (bef.1603 - 1640)

Fogel Stiebel (Hakohen) MP (b. - 1729)

Frumet Fulda (Hakohen) MP (b. - 1731)

Hagaon Gershon HaKohen Rappa, Ish Porto MP (1538 - 1584)

הערה: לציין שבספר "קול שמחה" כתוב שר' משה הכהן רפא היה אביו,אבל במקורות רבים אחרים כתוב שהיה בנו של ר' אברהם כ"ץ. האם יתכן שמשה היה בנו של אברהם והושמט במקורות מסוימים? אולי בעתיד נדע

Gertrud Daniel (Rappaport) MP (1872 - 1944)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Daniel, Gertrud geb. Rappaport geboren am 02. Januar 1872 in Kattowitz (poln. Katowice)/Schlesien wohnhaft in Berlin (Charlottenburg) und in Ber...

Gutchen (Gothen) Ammerschweiler (Hakohen-KaZ) MP (b. - 1601)

Gutle HaKohen-KaZ (Worms) MP (b. - 1552)

Gutle Maas (Hakohen) MP (b. - 1673)

Gutlin Hakohen (aus Bingen) MP (b. - c.1580)

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Gutlin zum schwarzen Schild (Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n)) MP (b. - 1598)

Henle HaKohen-Kaz Adler (Reuse) MP (b. - 1763)

Hezekiah ben Obadiah HaKohen al-Khazari MP (deceased)

Hinde Zunz (Hakohen) MP (b. - 1516)

Michael needs to have married before 1482 in order to have a married daughter by 1496, but I think it is safe to assume this was his marriage to Hindle. Unfortunately, Hindle’s father is not Josselman ...

Hirz Salomon Hakohen, zum roten Löwen MP (b. - 1690)

Hitsle Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n) MP (b. - c.1537)

Ida Rappaport (Luria) MP (c.1820 - d.)

Jachin HaKohen יכין הכהן MP (deceased)

A Levite ancestor the lineage of Yo-arib, and the Hasmoneans Dynastyof Mattathias:The father of Judah and the other Maccabee leaders, Mattathias was from a rural priestly family from Modi'in. Like all ...

Jacob HaKohen-KaZ MP (b. - 1658)

Dr. Jakob Rappaport MP (1775 - 1855)

Josef Artz Josselman Hakohen, Katz MP (b. - 1515)

Josselman k"Ts Zynonge (Rofe)Josselman's Ele Toldot sheet states that he lived in the weissen Rose from about 1480 to 1505. However, he and his father apparently did not settle in Frankfurt until 1485,...

Josef Feibusch Hakohen, zur Stege MP (b. - c.1596)

Joseph ben Yakob haKohen Bar Saṭya, ABD, Gaon of Sura MP (c.902 - c.969)

Wikipedia: Joseph ben Jacob. * Jewish Encyclopedia: Joseph ben Jacob. Bar Saṭya, Joseph ben JacobIn the Epistle of Sherira Gaon (Heb. Iggeret Rav Sherira Ga’on), Joseph ben Jacob is described as “a son...

Jutchen Hakohen (Speyer) MP (b. - 1603)

- (in German)

Kalman Herz Hakohen, zum roten Löwen MP (bef.1620 - 1689)

Rabbi Kalman Hakohen, zur grünen Tür MP (b. - 1583)

Benjamin ben Menahem, of Khazaria MP (deceased)

Chart of the Kingdom of Khazaria =JEWISH KINGDOM OF KHAZARIAKhazaria accepted Judaism c.740CE[KHAJ341] King Nisi of Khazaria m. ?*. [KHAJ351] King Aaron I of Khazaria m. ?**. . [KHAJ361] King Menahem o...

Khalaf Aaron ben Yosef haKohen ibn Sarjado, Gaon of Pumbeditha MP (c.915 - c.942)

Ibn Sarjado, Aaron (Khalaf) ben Joseph ha-KohenAaron (Ar. Khalaf) ben Joseph ha-Kohen ibn Sarjado was gaon of Pumbedita from around 942 to 960. Ibn Sarjado was not from a family of scholars, but marrie...

Koppel Salomon Cahn,zum roten Löwen (Hakohen) MP (bef.1695 - 1723)

Krejnle Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n) MP (b. - c.1555)

Maṣliaḥ ben Shlomo haKohen, Gaon al-Damasq, Raʾīs al-Yahūd al-Fustat MP (c.1075 - d.)

Maṣliaḥ ben Solomon ha-Kohen was a scion of a family of priestly geonim that controlled the yeshiva of Palestine over the course of several turbulent generations. His grandfather Elijah ben Solomon ha-...

Meir Hakohen, zur Pforte MP (b. - c.1557)

né vers 1504 à Francfort sur le Main selon certainsecp * Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Mar 13 2018, 6:36:58 UTC

Meir (Majer) Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - c.1537)

Rabbi Meir Hakohen Katz Ashkenazi MP (bef.1585 - c.1642)

Sources:* Meir Ashkenazi in Hebrew Books * Hebrew Books ספר ״גבורות אנשים״ ב Pupil of Jesue Falk (Sema) and of Maharam Lublin. Instructed his famous son in his early Talmudic learning (iv 5).R' Meir Ha...

Menachem I, Khagan of Khazaria MP (deceased)

(Khazar)== Menahem ben Aaron was a Khazar ruler of the late 800s CE. He was the son of Aaron I and the father of Benjamin.

Merle Schuh (HaKohen-KaZ) MP (b. - 1710)

Dr. Moriz Rappaport MP (1808 - 1880)

Moritz Rappaport: Austrian poet and physician; born at Lemberg Jan. 19, 1808; died at Vienna May, 28, 1880; cousin of Solomon Judah Löb Rapoport. He received his early education at home; his father bel...

Moses (Mosche) Uri Hakohen, zur Pforte, zur Stege MP (b. - 1571)

Moses Hakohen, zum grünen Schild MP (b. - 1677)

Rabbi Moshe ben Meir HaKohen MP (c.870 - 915)

Gaon in Eretz Yisrael from about 900 until his death in 915

Moshe Hakohen Katz, ABD Brisk, Slutzk & Lewitzk MP (1570 - d.)

Known as Moshe Ha-Cohen Katz of Brest Litovsk 1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg. 391913--1990- The Eger Family Association-אילן יח-הג"מ משה הכהן אבד״ק בריסק לוצק Reference: MyHeritage Family ...

Rabbi Moshe HaKohen Katz, ABD Podhajce, Podolia] Shach s.#1 MP (aft.1638 - 1686)

ור״מ דק"ק מינסק Rabbi in Poodeiz. Outstanding Talmudic scholar. Advanced two of his grandfathers' works to print. (Nekudot Hakesef and Tokfe Kohen). (With silver dots on the work of Kohen) (iv 26)

Moshe HaKohen Horenstein MP (1869 - 1941)

GEDCOM Note ===See the note for his son, Menachem Mendel HaKohen Horenstein.

Moshe Yekusiel Koffman Hakohen, A.B.D. Kutno MP (c.1661 - 1722)

R. Moses Jekuthiel b. Avigdor Kaufmann Kohen (c.1661-1722), was an erudite halakhic scholar and the author of several important works. He was born at Krotoschin about the middle of the seventeenth cent...

R' Nachman Hacohen Lifshitz Rappaport, of Belz, Kremnitz, Dubno MP (1610 - 1674)

Named: R' Nachman Lipshus, AB"D Levov and Belz (in Ukraine), Kremnitz (in Slovakia), Poznan (in Poland) and of Dubna (Russia).

Naftali Hertz Hakohen, zum grünen Schild MP (b. - 1620)

Naftali-Hirz Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - 1596)

Natan Hakohen, z. Einhorn MP (b. - 1618)

Rabbi Nathan Adler , "Ha-Chasid" MP (1741 - 1800)

states in the book written for youth, "The Light from the West" by Selig Schachnowitz b 5634/1874 (the English translated version published by Feldheim Publishers 5729/1969), which is a biography of ר-...

Natronai Yosef "Mari" haKohen, Gaon of Sura & Jaen al-Andalus MP (c.853 - c.958)

Natronai Yosef, not to be confused with Natronai bar Hilay HaKohen, Gaon of Sura , may be a direct descendant of Mar Sar Shalom ben Boas (grandson or son).

Nisi ben Menasseh, Khagan of Khazaria MP (c.870 - d.)

ben Menasseh or Nisi ben Moses==Nisi ben Menasseh or Nisi ben Moses was a Jewish Turkic ruler of the Khazars mentioned in the Khazar Correspondence. He probably reigned in the mid to late 9th century C...

Rabbi Raphael Ziskind Cohen, Chief Rabbi of Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbek MP (1722 - 1803)

עברית Wikipedia Hebrew* English Wikipedia Biography - English* Jewish Encyclopedia תולדותיו: 'Hebrew Books לזכרו: זכר צדיק, אליעזר ליזר ריסר קצנלנבוגן, אלטונה תקס"ה

Rebekka Sarah Hakohen/Cahen-Katz MP (c.1519 - 1579)

It is almost completely certain that the Rivke Serle who is Meir haCohen’s daughter is not the one who is the widow of Loeb Oppenheim and wife or widow of Amschel Storch. There are three reasons for th...

Regina Rappaport (Lublin) MP (1859 - 1942)

Eintrag im Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs:Rappaport, Regina geb. Lublin geboren am 24. Januar 1859 in Lissa (poln. Leszno)/Posenwohnhaft in Berlin (Tiergarten)Deportation ab Berlin 28. August 1942, Ther...

Roessel Munk (Rappaport) MP (deceased)

מגלות היוחסין של משפחות יהודיות הונגריות- כרך ראשון עורך- מונקאטשי pg. 152"Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofe in Wien" Dr. Bernard Wachstein, Band I - page 465

Röschen Hakohen (KaZ) MP (b. - 1659)

Röslen Hakohen (Oppenheim) MP (b. - 1689)

Salman Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - c.1546)

the date of 31.12.1546 doesn't match the Hebrew date and is off by a month. if we consider the fact that the Hebrew date could be in correlation too the month of December then it should be 12.12.1546

Salomon Kalman Hakohen, zum roten Löwen MP (bef.1677 - 1703)

R' Salomon Bertram (Rappaport), A.B.D. Szczekociny MP (c.1779 - 1858)

Shiri's sources: . 1779m. Chane Goldstoff

R' Samuel Benjamin Cohen (Rappaport) MP (1771 - 1840)

Sanwil Zanwil Hakohen MP (b. - 1631)

Sara/Raitz Landau (Hakohen) MP (b. - 1572)

Schlomo-Seligman Jehudah HaKohen (Cohen) MP (1560 - 1620)

Schönche Hakohen (Strauss) MP (bef.1687 - 1704)

Rabbi Shabbetai Shabtay Szebsel or Shepsl Bishka Hakohen, Gaon, ABD Orla MP (c.1764 - 1820)

---(Comment by Shulem Stern) He had NO CHILDREN (as stated in the book ZECHER YEHOSEF (Warsaw 1899) page 212). Do NOT merge him with the father of Rabbi Aharon Orlanski. Rabbi Aharon Orlansnki was a so...

Rabbi Shlomo Hakohen of Vilna MP (1834 - d.)

Rabbi Shlomo Hacohen, the dean of the Vilna Rabbanim, served as a Rabbi for nearly 40 years. He was famous throughout the Diaspora for his commentary Cheshek Shlomo on the Talmud and his responsa Binya...

Rabbi Shmuel Hakohen Schotten, the Marsheishoch Gaon of Frankfurt MP (1644 - 1719)

Rabbi Shmuel Schotten HaCohen (1644 – 5 July 1719), known as the Mharsheishoch, became Rabbi of the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt in 1685.Shmuel Schotten HaCohen was born in Schotten in 1644 and moved...

Shmuel ben Hophni haKohen, Gaon of Sura MP (c.920 - c.1013)

Wikipedia: Samuel ben Hofni Gaon רב שמואל בן חפני גאון. Samuel ben Ḥophni (d. 1013) was the gaon of the Sura yeshiva and an original exegete, theologian, and halakhist who continued in the Judeo-Arabic...

Shmuel Hakohen Zeinveil MP (deceased)


Shmuel ben Yaḥyā HaKohen ibn Abī ʿl-Rabīʾ ha-Kohen MP (c.1130 - d.)

Simon Hakohen/Cahen-Katz, z. Storch MP (b. - 1542)

de Francfort

Solomon Judah Löb Rapoport (Shir) MP (1786 - 1867)

Solomon Judah Löb Rapoport:Austrian rabbi and scholar; born at Lemberg June 1, 1786; died at Prague Oct. 16, 1867. Thrown upon his own resources about 1817, Rapoport became cashier of the meat-tax farm...

Sorlen HaKohen-KaZ (Bonn) MP (b. - 1641)

Teichen Taube (Hakohen-Kaz) MP (b. - 1699)