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? HaLevi MP (deceased)

This profile of a Benvenisti-Halevi [pre-Epstein] was inserted to bridge a most probable short generation gap.----------------------------------------

? HaLevi, Sr. MP (deceased)

This profile of a Benvenisti-Halevi [pre-Epstein] was inserted to bridge a most probable short generation gap.----------------------------------------

? HaLevi, Jr. MP (deceased)

This profile of a Benvenisti-Halevi [pre-Epstein] was inserted to bridge a most probable short generation gap.----------------------------------------

Clara Halevi (m. Halevi - pre Horowitz line) MP (deceased)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree, Benvenisti-HaLevi-Family

Rabbi David HaLevi (the Katvan) - MP (1655 - 1698)

ID: I67171 Name: David ben Yitzhak KATVAN 1 Sex: M Name: David (Rabbi) KATVAN 2 Birth: ABT 1655 Death: 1698 in On his way from Zolkiew to Lwow 1 Death: 1698 in Zolkiev Occupation: Rabbi and Community L...

Joshua haLevi MP (deceased)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - HaLevi Joshua

Moshe Asher Zalman Meshulam Halevi, [Father of 1st Horowitz] MP (c.1435 - 1506)

Death year cited as 1475 by at least one source (or his wife's death year?) but 1506 was mentioned by more sources. Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families tree quotes 1420 as his birth year and 1440 as his ma...

Moshe Halevi MP (1895 - 1974)

משה הלוי

Moshe Halevi, - MP (c.1265 - 1315)

Birthdates of parent and child do not fit

Pinhas haLevi of Barcelona MP (1235 - c.1280)

About HaLevi, Pinchas (other dates: 1235-1260) Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families A contemporary of Nachmanides 1194-1270 (Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman). Sefer HaChinuch (is ascribed to either R. Aahron Ha-L...

Rabbi Avraham HaLevi MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Halevi added by Vera Meran 4/14/08Abraham Edels. Important expert of the Talmud (i.9).

Rabeinu Yosef Halevi (Ha'Levi) MP (deceased)

Rav Hayim David HaLevi MP (1924 - 1998)

Rabbi Hayim David HaLevi (24 January 1924 – 10 March 1998), also written Haim David ha-Levi, etc. (הרב חיים דוד ה�...

Shem Tov Ha-Levi Hitzhari MP (1035 - 1110)

Shem Tov Ha-Levi, one of the greatest Talmudic scholars in Provence, who claimed direct descent of the prophet Samuel, who according to Jewish tradition was a direct descendant of Yitzhar (hence the fa...

Yechezkel Segal (Halevi) of Bobruisk MP (1812 - 1812)

Thanks to Moshe Nechemia Segal's book "Pisgat haRav Yecheskel Menachem" on his great-grandfather, Yecheskel Menachem Mendel Ziskind Segal, we have the following information:As it is known, he was marri...

Yitzhak haLevi of Narbone MP (c.1245 - c.1293)

Berdichevsky Sokolka Families Tree - Yitzhak HaLevi Family Disputed date of death 1294

Yitzhak Shlomo HaLevi MP (1005 - 1080)

Josef Halevi of Horovice MP (1380 - 1450)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - Yosef-Horvitz-Family

Zerachyah Reuben Ha'Levi ben Shemtov Halevi MP (1065 - 1140)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - Zerahia I

(wife of Rabeinu Yosef) Halevi (deceased)

Avraham Baruch Halevi (deceased)

Avraham Elkana Halevi (1927 - 2005)

Rabbi Alter of Tverya (Tiberias) (c.1823 - 1887)

Avraham Chaim HaLevi (deceased)


Beile Raske Halevi (Fried Friedland) (deceased)

Shem Tob Benveniste HaLevi of Tortosa (1170 - 1230)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - HaLevi, Benvenisti

Benvevisti Halevi (b. - 1367)

Binyamin Halevi (Zeling) (1910 - 1996)

Brachia ben Yitzhak haLevi (deceased)

Chaia Sara Alter (Halevi) (1770 - 1852)

David HaLevi (deceased)

חתנו מרדכי דינוביץ' באנציקלו...

Efrat Iska Cohen (Halevi) (deceased)

Esther bat Zvi Zakheim (HaLevi) (1780 - c.1855)

Feygale Herzberg (Halevi) (b. - 1870)

Gitel Halevi (Low) (deceased)

Hadas Halevi (Reitses) (deceased)

Ilan HALEVI (1932 - 1990)

Malka Salomon (HaLevi) (deceased)

Michael Löb Adler (1823 - 1895)


Miriam HaLevi (Vaknin) (deceased)

Mordechai Michel Segal Halevi (deceased)

Moshe HaLevi (deceased)

Moshe HaLevi (deceased)


Moshe Halevi (Levi) (deceased)

Moshe Leib Halevi (deceased)

Mr. HaLevi (deceased)

Pnina Halevi (Rabinovitch) (c.1905 - 1988)

Rabbi Arie Hillel Halevi (c.1835 - d.)

Rabbi Avraham Dov Ber Halevi (Segal) of Kamenetz (b. - 1860)

He was first rabbi of the city of Radoshkowitz and then rabbi of Kamenetz of Lithuania for 30 years, until his death in Sucot 1860, due to a cholera epidemy.

Rabbi Binyamin Halevi ( Maharsha) (deceased)

Rabbi Eliezer Halevi (of Horadna) (b. - 1853)

Rabbi Mordechai Aryeh Halevi Nissanboim (Halevi) (deceased)

Rabbi Moshe Halevi, ABD Natz & Kamenetz (deceased)

He was the one who published Alexander Ziskind's book "Karnei Or " (Beams of Light) which deals with interpretation in Kabalah. Thanks to his explicit preface to this book we came to all the informatio...

Rabbi Shmuel Halevi, [of Minsk] (deceased)

Rabbi Simha Halevi, of Pinsk (deceased)

He lived initially in Pinsk, and then moved to Kamenetz to be with his father.

Rabbi Yecheskiel Halevi (deceased)

He was a great "Talmid haham" (wise pupil) and one of the important rabbis of Kobrin (Kobryn or Kobrin is a city in the Brest voblast of Belarus). He was also an important hassid from the Admor Rav Avr...

Rachel II Azulay (HaLevi) (b. - 1804)


reb eliyahu halevi (b. - 1902)

Rivka Hacohen Catz-Katz (Halevi) (deceased)

sara halevi (deceased)

Sarah Kotik of Kamenetz (Halevi) (deceased)

Shmuel HaLevi (deceased)

Tzvi Halevi (deceased)

Victoria HaLevi (Krako) (deceased)

Vida (Victoria-Kadoun) Halevi (Sages) (1911 - d.)

wife Avraham Dovber Halevi (d. Arie Ziskind of Horodno) (deceased)

wife Benveniste haLevi (deceased)

Yaakov Halevi (Kubashka) (deceased)

Yehoshua Leib HaLevi A.B.D. Dobromyl (b. - c.1732)

Yehoshua HaLevi (Horowitz) (deceased)

Called "Rabbi Yehoshua Ha'Aroch"

Yehuda Halevi (deceased)

Yeudah Halevi (deceased)

Yitzchak Avraham Halevi (deceased)

Zipporah Feiga Halevi (David) (deceased)

דוד Halevi (1796 - 1872)

Rosa Halevi (Mani) (1877 - d.)