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? HaLevi, Jr. MP (deceased)

This profile of a Benvenisti-Halevi [pre-Epstein] was inserted to bridge a most probable short generation gap.----------------------------------------

? HaLevi MP (deceased)

This profile of a Benvenisti-Halevi [pre-Epstein] was inserted to bridge a most probable short generation gap.----------------------------------------

? HaLevi, Sr. MP (deceased)

This profile of a Benvenisti-Halevi [pre-Epstein] was inserted to bridge a most probable short generation gap.----------------------------------------

Rabbi Avraham HaLevi MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Halevi added by Vera Meran 4/14/08Abraham Edels. Important expert of the Talmud (i.9). Redundant, recently duplicated profile with no added information. Should not have been created in the f...

Clara Halevi MP (deceased)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree, Benvenisti-HaLevi-Family

Rabbi David HaLevi (the Katvan) - MP (1655 - 1698)

ID: I67171 Name: David ben Yitzhak KATVAN 1 Sex: M Name: David (Rabbi) KATVAN 2 Birth: ABT 1655 Death: 1698 in On his way from Zolkiew to Lwow 1 Death: 1698 in Zolkiev Occupation: Rabbi and Community L...

Gittel HaLevi (Loew) MP (c.1540 - d.)

Gitel was a cousin of Rabbi Yehuda Loew, the Maharal of Prague She was the granddaughter of Rav Yehuda Loewe, the Maharal of Prague. Redundant, recently duplicated profile with no added information. Sh...

Joshua haLevi MP (deceased)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - HaLevi Joshua

Moshe Halevi MP (1895 - 1974)

משה הלוי

Moshe Halevi, - MP (c.1265 - 1315)

Birthdates of parent and child do not fit

Pinhas haLevi of Barcelona MP (1235 - c.1280)

About HaLevi, Pinchas (other dates: 1235-1260) Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families A contemporary of Nachmanides 1194-1270 (Rabbi Moshe ben Nachman). Sefer HaChinuch (is ascribed to either R. Aahron Ha-L...

Rabeinu Yosef Halevi (Ha'Levi) MP (deceased)

Rav Hayim David HaLevi MP (1924 - 1998)

Rabbi Hayim David HaLevi (24 January 1924 – 10 March 1998), also written Haim David ha-Levi, etc. (הרב חיים דוד הלוי), was Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. He was born in Jerusalem and studied u...

Shem Tov Ha-Levi Hitzhari MP (1035 - 1110)

Shem Tov Ha-Levi, one of the greatest Talmudic scholars in Provence, who claimed direct descent of the prophet Samuel, who according to Jewish tradition was a direct descendant of Yitzhar (hence the fa...

Yechezkel Segal (Halevi) of Bobruisk MP (b. - 1812)

Thanks to Moshe Nechemia Segal's book "Pisgat haRav Yecheskel Menachem" on his great-grandfather, Yecheskel Menachem Mendel Ziskind Segal, we have the following information:As it is known, he was marri...

Yitzhak haLevi of Narbone MP (c.1245 - c.1293)

Berdichevsky Sokolka Families Tree - Yitzhak HaLevi Family Disputed date of death 1294

Yitzhak Shlomo HaLevi MP (1005 - 1080)

Zerachyah Reuben Ha'Levi ben Shemtov Halevi MP (1065 - 1140)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - Zerahia I

(wife of Rabeinu Yosef) Halevi (deceased)

Rabbi Arie Hillel Halevi (c.1835 - d.)

Avraham Baruch Halevi (deceased)

Avraham Elkana Halevi (1927 - 2005)

Rabbi Alter of Tverya (Tiberias) (c.1823 - 1887)

Avraham HaLevi (deceased)

Rabbi Avraham Dov Ber Halevi (Segal) of Kamenetz (b. - 1860)

He was first rabbi of the city of Radoshkowitz and then rabbi of Kamenetz of Lithuania for 30 years, until his death in Sucot 1860, due to a cholera epidemy.

Avraham Chaim HaLevi (deceased)


Beile Raske Halevi (Fried Friedland) (deceased)

Shem Tob Benveniste HaLevi of Tortosa (1170 - 1230)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - HaLevi, Benvenisti

Rabbi Binyamin Halevi ( Maharsha) (deceased)

Binyamin Halevi (Zeling) (1910 - 1996)

Brachia ben Yitzhak haLevi (deceased)

Chaia Sara Rotenberg (Halevi) (1770 - 1852)

Chana Halevi (Vexner) (1851 - 1919)

David HaLevi (deceased)

חתנו מרדכי דינוביץ' באנציקלופדיה דוד תדהר

Dov Ber Halevi (1850 - 1918)

Efrat Iska Cohen (Halevi) (deceased)

Rabbi Eliezer Halevi (of Horadna) (b. - 1853)

Eliezer Halevi (deceased)

Esther bat Zvi Zakheim (HaLevi) (1780 - c.1855)

Feygale Herzberg (Halevi) (b. - 1870)

Gitel Halevi (Low) (deceased)

Hadas Halevi (Reitses) (deceased)

Haim Yehoshua Halevi (deceased)

Ilan HALEVI (1932 - 1990)

Lea Berkowitz (Halevi) (c.1924 - 1969)

Malka Salomon (HaLevi) (deceased)

Michael Löb Adler (1823 - 1895)


Miriam HaLevi (Vaknin) (deceased)

Rabbi Mordechai Aryeh Halevi Nissanboim (Halevi) (deceased)

Mordechai Michel Segal Halevi (deceased)

Rabbi Moshe Halevi, ABD Natz & Kamenetz (deceased)

He was the one who published Alexander Ziskind's book "Karnei Or " (Beams of Light) which deals with interpretation in Kabalah. Thanks to his explicit preface to this book we came to all the informatio...

Moshe HaLevi (deceased)

Moshe Halevi (Levi) (deceased)

Moshe HaLevi (deceased)


Moshe Leib Halevi (deceased)

Mr. HaLevi (deceased)

Peretz Zewil Halevi (deceased)

Pnina Halevi (Rabinovitch-Teomim) (c.1905 - 1988)

Rachel II Azulay (HaLevi) (1694 - 1804)


Rachel Zimmerman Halevi (Rom) (1918 - 1983)

Rachel-Esther-Miriam Hershler (Halevi) (1896 - 1919)

אלבום משפחות ראשון לציון

reb eliyahu halevi (b. - 1902)

Rivka Hacohen Catz-Katz (Halevi) (deceased)

Samuel Pinhas Halevi Zirulnik (deceased)

sara halevi (deceased)

Sarah Kotik of Kamenetz (Halevi) (deceased)

Shlomo Halevi (Segal) (deceased)

Rabbi Shmuel Halevi, [of Minsk] (deceased)

Shmuel HaLevi (deceased)

Rabbi Simha Halevi, of Pinsk (deceased)

He lived initially in Pinsk, and then moved to Kamenetz to be with his father.

Tzvi Halevi (deceased)

Victoria HaLevi (Krako) (deceased)

Vida (Victoria-Kadoun) Halevi (Sages) (1911 - d.)

wife Avraham Dovber Halevi (d. Arie Ziskind of Horodno) (deceased)

wife Benveniste haLevi (deceased)

Yaakov Halevi (Kubashka) (deceased)

Rabbi Yecheskiel Halevi (deceased)

He was a great "Talmid haham" (wise pupil) and one of the important rabbis of Kobrin (Kobryn or Kobrin is a city in the Brest voblast of Belarus). He was also an important hassid from the Admor Rav Avr...

Yehoshua Leib HaLevi A.B.D. Dobromyl (b. - c.1732)

Yehoshua HaLevi (Horowitz) (deceased)

Called "Rabbi Yehoshua Ha'Aroch"

Yehuda Halevi (deceased)

Yehuda Halevi (c.1865 - 1941)

Yeudah Halevi (deceased)

Yitzchak Avraham Halevi (deceased)

Yosef Halevi (1870 - 1948)

Zemla Halevi (Freistadt) (deceased)

Zipporah Feiga Halevi (David) (deceased)

ציונה לוי - מויאל (b. - 1947)

דוד Halevi (1796 - 1872)

Rosa Halevi (Mani) (1877 - d.)