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Rabbi Simeon ben Hillel HaNasi MP (b. - c.20)

Shimon ben Hillel, שמעון בן הלל About Shimon ben Hillel very little is known. He was the son of Hillel the Elder, and when Hillel died, Shimon took over his place as Nasi. It is assumed that Shimon did...

Rabbi Yehudah haNassi I (ben Shimon III) MP (c.135 - c.219)

Rabbi Judah haNasi , יהודה הנשיא‎ "Judah the Prince" also known as Rabbeinu HaKadosh רבינו הקדוש‎, "Our Holy Rabbi", was a key leader of the Jewish community of Judea toward the end of the 2nd century ...

Dau. Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi MP (deceased)

Rabbi XXX HANASSI MP (deceased)