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Chelsea Handler MP

Chelsea Joy Handler (born February 25, 1975) is an American comedian, actress, author, talk show host and producer. She hosts a late-night talk show called Chelsea Lately , on E! Entertainment Television.

Elliot Handler MP (1916 - 2011)

Isadore Elliot Handler cofounded Mattel, Inc. which was named after Handler and his business partner Harold Matson. His wife, Ruth Mosko Handler, took over Matson's role when the Handlers bought out ...

Ruth Handler (Mosko) MP (1916 - 2002)

She was the co-founder and President of Mattel, Inc. She is most well known for creating the Barbie doll. It is said that she got the idea for Barbie from an already known German comic character name...

Shmuel Avitzur (Handler) MP (1908 - 1999)

ויקיפדיה: שמואל אביצור (הנדלר) (22 בפברואר 1908 – 14 בינואר 1999‏[1]) היה חוקר של חיי היום-יום בארץ ישראל ומיוזמי הלימודים העממיים של ארץ ישראל. היה פרופסור באוניברסיטת תל אביב. זוכה פרס ישראל ה'תשל"ז ...

Handler MP (deceased)

Handler MP (deceased)

Handler (Fleischman) MP (deceased)

? Handler MP (deceased)

? Handler MP (deceased)

? Handler MP (deceased)

? Hendler (Handler/Hendler/Gendl... MP (c.1860 - d.)

? Handler MP (deceased)

? Handler MP (deceased)

? Handler MP (deceased)

Aaron (Handlersch) Handler MP (1878 - 1945)

Aaron Handler MP (deceased)

Aaron Handler MP (deceased)

Aaron? Händler MP (deceased)

Abe Handler MP (1920 - 2004)

Abraham Handler MP (1921 - 1999)

Abraham Handler MP (deceased)

Abraham Handler MP (1888 - 1965)

Abraham Handler MP (deceased)

Abraham Moses Händler MP (1824 - d.)

Marriage of Moses and Maidel is based on the fact of his brother's and her sister's marriage. They could be cousins, rather than siblings. See their daughter's Profile for birth record.

Abram Händler (Kõrtsi Abram) MP (b. - 1866)

Saaga EAA.1226.1.286:68 - 1866

Abram Handler MP (deceased)

Adam Handler MP (deceased)

Adam Handler MP (deceased)

Adam Handler MP (deceased)

Adam Handler MP (deceased)



Adele Parness-Handler (Parness-Handler-Billig) MP (deceased)

Adele Handler MP (deceased)

Adelheide Antonie Händler MP (1896 - 1938)

Teistel andmetel abielu sõlmiti 4. jaanuaril 1920 Viljandi Jaani kirikus Adelheide-Antonie Händleriga (1896–1938).

Adolf H. Handler MP (c.1892 - 1967)

Adolf Handler MP (deceased)

Zoli said he went to America in 1914 before 1st world war and lived in Texas. He wasn't nice to Zoli. Zoli wrote him a letter "Dear Unle Adolf - I'm the youngest son of your youngest sister and I don't...

Adolph Handler MP (deceased)

Albert Handler MP (deceased)

Albert Handler MP (deceased)

Alexander Zigmund Handler MP (1912 - 1952)

Alfred Händler MP (1919 - 1944)

Alice Handler Hack MP (deceased)

Alice M Muthersbaugh (Handler) MP (1885 - 1940)

Allan Handler MP (deceased)

Alma Elisa Kaasik (Händler) MP (1870 - d.)

Saaga EAA.1226.1.286:68 - 1870

Amalia Malka Händler (Lichtig) MP (1853 - d.)

Birth record. Wedding record from 1873 of Azriel and Amalia (Malka), with her uncle Isack (Ignacz) Lichtig - I think - as witness.

Amalie Händler MP (1862 - d.)

Amy Handler (Rowe) MP (1835 - 1864)

Anders Christensen Handler MP (1883 - 1944)

Andreas Carstensen Handler MP (1839 - 1925)

Andreas Christian Handler MP (deceased)

Andreas Carstensen Handler MP (deceased)

Ane Jessen (Handler) MP (1881 - d.)

Anette Chinka Turner (Handler) MP (deceased)

Ann Sanders (Handler) MP (deceased)

Ann Händler (Orgu) MP (1865 - d.)


Ann Handler MP (deceased)

Anne Louise Mezell Handler MP (b. - 1945)

Anna Handler MP (deceased)

Anna Handler (Klawansky) MP (deceased)

Anna Rudnick Handler (Rudnick) MP (deceased)

Anna Margaretha Handler MP (1900 - 1980)

Anna Handler (Kaslowski) MP (deceased)

Anna Berman (Handler) MP (1864 - 1902)

Anna Fischer (Handler) MP (1908 - 1984)

Anna Handler (Hertz) MP (1891 - 1984)

Anna Maria Jürgens (Endler/ Händler) MP (1829 - d.)

sünd Saaga EAA.1232.2.6:70?1251,769,1076,158,0 Leeris 1848: Saaga EAA.1232.1.55:31 sündis 24.12.1829 Porkunis, Karja külas, leeri ja abiellumise ajal elas Ärinal

Anna Goldreich (Handler) MP (deceased)

Anna Handler(nee Hercz) MP (1893 - 1974)

Anna Elisabeth Allwine Händler (Strauß) MP (1863 - d.)

Anna Handler (Naumann) MP (deceased)

Anna Handler MP (1853 - 1900)

Anna 'Annie' Cecilia Handler (Greenblatt) MP (c.1903 - c.1954)

Anna (Henny/Hannah) Handler (Lobel) MP (b. - 1994)

Anne Cohen (Handler) MP (b. - 1980)

Anne Sarah Handler MP (1910 - 1990)

Anne Handler (nee Schneider) MP (1922 - 2012)

Annemarie Handler MP (1920 - 2000)

Annette Turner (Handler) MP (deceased)

Annie Handler MP (deceased)

Annie Meyerovitz (Handler) MP (1889 - 1914)

Anton Handler MP (1901 - 1962)

Aranka Handler MP (1888 - 1937)

JewishGen, Hungarian Births, Searching for Surname (exact) : HANDLER AND Surname (exact) : REISNER AND Givenname (DM soundex) : VILMOS Aranka Handler was born on the 18-Jan-1888 in Pest, Budapest Hun...

Aranka (Anna) Handler (Berger) MP (1898 - 1997)

Archie Handler MP (1922 - 1989)

Aron Dov Handler MP (deceased)

Arpad Handler MP (deceased)

Arpad Handler(Holub) MP (1896 - 1981)

Arpad Arthur Händler MP (1909 - 2000)

Asher Handler MP (deceased)

August Martinius Olf Handler MP (deceased)

avraham gedaliahu Handler MP (deceased)

Azriel Händler MP (1848 - d.)

Wedding record from 1876 of Azriel and Amalia (Malka), with her uncle Isack (Ignacz) Lichtig - I think - as witness.

balint handler MP (deceased)

Barbara Handler (Hummel) MP (deceased)

Barbara Handler (Hummel) MP (deceased)

Barney Handler MP (1899 - c.1899)

baruch handler MP (deceased)

Baruch Handler MP (deceased)