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Wynn Handman MP

Wynn Handman, (born May 19, 1922) is the Artistic Director of The American Place Theatre, which he co-founded with Sidney Lanier and Michael Tolan in 1963. His role in the theatre has been to seek ou...

Adam Handman (deceased)

Anna Handman (Katznelson) (b. - 1990)

Belinda Handman (deceased)

Betty Jonas (Handman) (deceased)

Carl Handman (c.1885 - c.1930)

Catherine E. Cramer (c.1827 - c.1900)

Celia Powers (Goldberg (Handman)) (deceased)

David Louis Handman (deceased)

Davis Handman (deceased)

Dorothy Handman (deceased)

Dorothy Handman (Smith) (deceased)

Edgar Handman (1926 - 2011)

Edgar Handman (deceased)

Edward Handman (b. - 1976)

Edward Handman (b. - 2003)

Edward Handman (deceased)

Elaine Amitin (Handman) (deceased)

Eshka/Eschke/Cela Ajolo (Handman/ Hantman) (c.1850 - 1923)

Hebrew name Eshka bat R' Yaakov Nissan.

Esther Handman (deceased)

Esther Landau (Handman) (deceased)

evelyn handman (deceased)

Evelyn Arazi (Handman) (1949 - 1994)

F W Handman (deceased)

F P Handman (b. - 1891)

Fanny Handman (deceased)

Florence Handman (Hanover) (1920 - 2009)

Frances Rosenblatt (Handman) (b. - 1995)

Frances Handman (Rubinstein) (1917 - d.)

Gene Handman (deceased)

Gladys Handman (deceased)

Died in her early thirties from multiple sclerosis

Harry Handman (deceased)

Henry Handman (deceased)

Ida Epstein (Goldberg (Handman)) (1888 - 1972)

Irving Handman (deceased)

Jack Handman (deceased)

Jeannette Handman (Rappaport) (deceased)

Jerome Handman (deceased)

Joseph Handman (b. - c.2000)

Per Seymoure Weiner, Joseph Handman, though of Seymoure's mother's generation, was a contemporary of Seymoure's. They went to high school together and were friends. Joe's first wife, Gladys, died in he...

Laura Handman (deceased)

Leo Handman (deceased)

Lillian Maud Choat (Handman) (c.1885 - 1964)

Louis Handman (deceased)

Louise Hamilton (Handman) (1879 - 1956)

Marian Handman (deceased)

Marian Handman (b. - 1981)

Maurice Handman (deceased)

Max mick Handman (1978 - 2009)

Max (Motel) Handman (deceased)

Millie Fein (Handman) (deceased)

Morris Handman (1912 - 1996)

Morris (Maurice) Handman (deceased)

Nicknamed "Morry". He and his wife Luby had a series of business ventures that did not work out, but later in life, they started making dog collars and became very successful. They had two children, ...

Nathan Handman (deceased)

NN Marcus (Handman) (deceased)

Norman Handman (1919 - 2009)

Rebecca DeKoven (Handman) (deceased)

Rifka Handman (Levitt) (deceased)

Rose Berg (Goldberg (Handman)) (deceased)

Rose Handman (deceased)

Ruth Katz (Handman) (deceased)

RUTH HANDMAN Powers (HANDMAN) (1910 - 2000)

Sammy Handman (deceased)

Samuel Handman (b. - 1956)

Sarah Goldberg (Handman) (deceased)

Sarah Mollie Handman (Goloff) (deceased)

Shirley Handman (deceased)

Shirley Handman (b. - 2005)

Shirley Schultz (Handman) (1919 - 1992)

Stephen Handman (b. - 2004)

Steve Handman (deceased)

Sybil Handman Leipzig (deceased)

Sylvia Witkoff (Handman) (deceased)

Thelma Elpern (Handman) (1911 - d.)

Theodore Goldberg (Handman) (deceased)

Theodoshia (Toots) Scott (Goldberg (Handman)) (deceased)

Unknown Handman (deceased)

Unknown Handman (deceased)

Victor Handman (deceased)

Victor Handman (deceased)

Victor Handman (1917 - 1998)

Yaakov Nissan Handman/ Hantman (deceased)