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Philemon Harrington MP (1757 - 1803)

We got this picture from the Hickman County (TN) Memories website. If this is actually his house, it must be in North Carolina somewhere. A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR#A0...

Rachel Herrington or Harrington MP (1777 - 1858)

Rebecca Harrington (Spencer) MP (deceased)

Rebecca Tainter (Harrington) MP (1690 - 1731)

Rebecca Harrington (Bemis) MP (1654 - 1712)

Richard Harrington MP (c.1400 - c.1466)

'Sir Richard Harington1 'M, b. circa 1400, d. 1467 Father Sir James Harington, Constable of Liverpool Castle. d. Sep 1417 Mother Ellen Urswick b. c 1376, d. a 1 Sep 1432 ' Sir Richard Harington...

Robert Harrington MP (c.1616 - 1707)

- John Harrington and Ann Clinton - listed buried in Arlington St. Cemetery, Watertown. Note: Robert Harrington's name is the last on the list of proprietors,made out 1642-44. He then owned a hom...

Robert Harrington MP (1555 - 1594)

Sir Robert de Harrington MP (deceased)

Lord Robert de Haverington (Baron) (de Harrington) MP (c.1356 - 1406)

'A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and ... (1835) Vol. II SIR RICHARD DE HODLESTON, one of the heroes of AGINCOURT, and made a KNIGHT BANNERET on that celebrat...

Samuel Herendeen Harrington MP (1666 - c.1712)

Sarah Melissa Harrington MP (1817 - 1862)

4-4-1959: Wiley A. Harrington's will was probated. To my beloved wife: Margaret Harrington all my land where I now live and my personal property during her widowhood or natural life. Then to be divid...

Sarah Harrington (Whitney) MP (1653 - 1720)

Sarah Bennett (Harrington) MP (c.1704 - 1741)

Sarah Harrington (Clark) MP (1666 - 1728)

Sarah Livermore (Harrington) MP (1693 - 1741)

Sarah Harrington (Mason) MP (1667 - c.1740)

Capt. Simeon Harrington MP (1743 - 1811)

Simeon Harrington MP (1778 - d.)

Sir John Harrington, of Farleton MP (c.1314 - 1359)

Sir John Harington of Farleton (c. 1307, Farleton, Melling Parish, Lancashire, England; died 1359). See genealogical diagram, attached. Parents: Sir John DE HARINGTON 1st Baron Harington of Aldingham...

Susanna Harrington (Ruttenburg) MP (c.1699 - 1742)

Susannah Harrington (George) MP (c.1622 - 1694)

A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Author: Savage, James Publisher Genealogical Pub. Co.,, Baltimore, Maryland, 1990 Watertown marriages: Robert Herington & Susan George Mar...

Sir Thomas Harrington, Kt. MP (c.1400 - 1460)

Thomas Harrington MP (c.1665 - 1744)

Updated 7/1/2015: I have very little on Thomas.

Thomas Harrington MP (1665 - 1712)

According to research by Karl Bruce, he was born 4/20/1665, married Rebecca Bemis on 4/1/1685, and died between 4/9 and 4/19/1728, in Waltham, MA, USA. Parents: Robert & Susannah (George) Harrington He...

Thomas Harrington, Sr MP (c.1690 - 1741)

Thomas de Harrington MP (deceased)

Thomas Harrington MP (deceased)

unknown father of Benjamin Harrington MP (deceased)

unknown Harrington (M) [b. ABT 1596 prob. England] (prob. did NOT drown in Boston Harbor) Father: NOT Sir John R. Harrington II Mother: NOT Mary Elizabeth Rogers m. (4245) unknown (F) child...

unknown father of the widow Ann Harrington, of Charlestown MP (deceased)

Not Thomas Clinton, 3rd Earl of Lincoln who married Lady Elizabeth Fiennes (Knyvett). . Their daughter Ann died at age 13 before 1618 Links

unknown mother of Benjamin Harrington MP (1590 - d.)

unknown (F) (NOT Ann Clinton/ Fiennes) [b. ABT 1598 prob. England] Family (1): (4244) unknown Harrington (M) Children i. NOT Robert Harrington of Southwald, Sfk Eng & Watertown, MA QCM7H ...

unknown mother of the widow Ann Harrington, of Charlestown MP (deceased)

Not Thomas Clinton, 3rd Earl of Lincoln who married Lady Elizabeth Fiennes (Knyvett). . Their daughter Ann died at age 13 before 1618 Links

Waite Harrington (Angell) MP (1785 - 1853)

Wife of John Harrington MP (1368 - d.)

William Harrington MP (1515 - 1533)

William Gilbert Harrington MP (1854 - 1937)

114 Mary Elizabeth Lyman, m. George O. Harrington at Bennington, Vt., June 8, 1847; graduated at Yale College in 1845; was civil engineer for some years; entered the commissary department of U. S. Yolu...

William de Harrington MP (deceased)

Sir William Harrington, of Hornby MP (c.1373 - 1440)

ID: I18490 Name: William HARINGTON Given Name: William Surname: HARINGTON Prefix: Sir Sex: M Birth: 1373 in Hornby, Lancashire, England Death: 22 Feb 1439 in Hornby Castle, Lancashire, En...

William Harrington MP (c.1425 - 1488)

Sir William Harington1 M, b. circa 1422, d. 12 August 1487 Father Sir Richard Harington b. c 1400, d. 1467 Mother Elizabeth Bradshaw b. 1402 Sir William Harington was born circa 1422 at of Old ...

William Harrington MP (1660 - 1727)

Zilpha Harrington (Bennett) MP (1750 - 1810)

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington (deceased)

HARRINGTON (c.1775 - d.)

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington (deceased)

HARRINGTON (deceased)

Harrington\Hearnden (1630 - 1687)

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington\Hearnden (1651 - 1726)

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington (c.1605 - d.)

"Hap" Harrington (deceased)

(Boy) Harrington (c.1927 - c.1927)

(perhaps) Aaron Harrington (deceased)

(perhaps) Thomas Harrington (deceased)

(shipwrecked Dursey Island) Harrington (Causkey) (deceased)

(unknown) Harrington (deceased)

(unknown) Harrington (deceased)

(Unknown) Harrington (deceased)

+ Thorold (Harrington) (deceased)

--- Harrington (Reynolds) (deceased)

--- Harrington (???) (deceased)

. Harrington (deceased)

........ Harrington (deceased)

1613 England Wife Harrington (1576 - 1653)

1st. Olive Kilburn (Harrington) (deceased)

2) Lois Aylsworth (Harrington), II (deceased)

8 Children Harrington (deceased)

<Private> West (Harrington) (deceased)

<Private> De Jongh (Harrington) (deceased)

<unknown> Magner (Harrington) (deceased)

? Harrington/Herendeen (Walling) (c.1691 - d.)

? Harrington (O'Sullivan) (deceased)

? harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Duve Harrington (deceased)

? Uonhi Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Uonhi Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Uonhi Harrington (deceased)

was a lawyer and close friend of president Kennedy

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (McCormack) (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Uonhi Harrington (Kelly) (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)