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Friedrich August von Hayek, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, 1974 MP (1899 - 1992)

Friedrich August Hayek CH (German pronunciation: [ˈfʁiːdʁɪç ˈaʊ̯ɡʊst ˈhaɪ̯ɛk]) (8 May 1899 – 23 March 1992), born in Austria-Hungary as Friedrich August von Hayek, was an economist and philosopher be...

Salma Hayek MP

She is a Mexican actress, television director, and television and film producer. Hayek is the first Mexican national to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. She is one of the most promin...

3abdo Primo Hayek MP (deceased)

? Primo Hayek MP (deceased)

? Redlich (Hayek) MP (deceased)

Abdallah el Hayek MP (deceased)

Abdo Hayek MP (deceased)

Abdo Hayek MP (deceased)

Abraham Hayek MP (deceased)

Abraham Hayek MP (deceased)

Familiant #18 in Gaya.

Adla Hayek MP (deceased)

Adolf Hayek MP (1851 - 1923)

Death from Diabetes

Adolf Hayek MP (1856 - d.)

Birth record at: Lived in Velke Pavlovice near Auspitz (Hustopece).

Agnes von Hayek (Weber) MP (1879 - 1950)

Agnes Maria Margarethe von Hayek MP (1909 - 1966)

ahmad Hayek MP (deceased)

Ailimna Hayek MP (deceased)

Albert Sr. Hayek MP (deceased)

Albina Elliott (Hayek) MP (deceased)

See "Trinity County Beginnings," Trinity County Book Committee, 1986, p 635-638. Correspondents: Thelma Rosser Terry; Jeanine Lawrence; Earleen Lott Witt; Evelyn D'Arcy Cushman; Joseph W. Hensley.

Alec Hayek MP (deceased)

Alexis Hayek MP (deceased)

Alfred Hayek MP (1899 - d.)

Alia Hayek MP (deceased)

Alica Hayek MP (deceased)

Alice Josephine Lieder MP (1916 - 1985)

Alice Hayek MP (1897 - c.1942)

Marriage in Gaya

Alice-Ia Hayek MP (deceased)

Allynd-Ra Hayek MP (deceased)

Almaza Hayek (Azar) MP (1826 - 1917)

Alois Hayek MP (1868 - d.)

Alois Hayek MP (1866 - 1934)

Amado Hayek MP (deceased)

Amalie Weinberger (Hayek) MP (1821 - d.)

Marriage to Abraham Weinberger 1848 12 Feb — Age: 27 Gaya, Moravia, Czech Republic 11/223

Amalie Antonia von Hayek (Hayek) MP (1795 - 1865)

Amen Hayek MP (deceased)

Angele Behlok (Hayek) MP (deceased)

Angeli'que Hayek MP (deceased)

Anita Bohsali (Hayek) MP (deceased)

Anna Eva Friend (Hayek) MP (1899 - 1970)

Anna Hayek (Prikop) MP (1820 - 1911)

Anna Hayek MP (deceased)

Anna Jeanette Bruell (Hayek) MP (1914 - d.)

Emigrated to Israel before the war, submitted many PoT.

Anna Hayek (Morgenstern) MP (1867 - aft.1942)

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes Vorname Anna Nachname Hajek Geburtstag 21.07.1867 Geburtsort Lundenburg Wohnort Wien 1, Schottenring 23/12 Sterbeort Treblinka Dep...

Anna Josepha von Hayek (Hayek) MP (1790 - 1871)

Anna Hayek (Batscha) MP (1881 - d.)

Unconfirmed match to Holocaust victim:

Anna Eleonore Hayek (Gehring (?)) MP (deceased)

Anna Agnes von Seidlein (von Hayek) MP (1903 - 1937)

Anna von Seidlein (Edle von Hayek) MP (1903 - d.)

Anna Schreiber Hayek (Vondörfer) MP (1878 - d.)

Anna Hayek (Vanek) MP (1876 - 1931)

Anna Hayek (Knout) MP (1833 - 1922)

Anne Hayek MP (deceased)

Anton "Toni" Georg Hayek MP (deceased)

Antonia Alysia von Hayek (Hayek) MP (1795 - 1877)

Antónia Hayek (Spitzer) MP (deceased)

aref Al-Hayek MP (deceased)

Armin Hayek/Hajek MP (1905 - 1965)

Birth record 106: Pre war he was a horse dealer

JUDr Arnold Hayek MP (1861 - 1932)

Appears in 1890 Strassnitz census in house next door to sister Hermina. He is "Dr Arnold Hayek," Advokát. Moved to Holleschau in 1895.

Arnold Hayek MP (deceased)

Arnost Emanuel Hayek MP (1916 - d.)

Arthur Hayek MP (1874 - d.)

Astire Hayek MP (deceased)

August, Edler von Hayek MP (1871 - 1928)

Augusta Hayek (Lowy) MP (deceased)

Augusta Hayek (Kantor) MP (1876 - d.)

Auguste Hayek (Neumann) MP (1893 - d.)

Auguste Hayek (Kantor) MP (1876 - d.)

Aurora Labahi de Hayek (Labahi) MP (deceased)

Aziz Ibrahim Hayek MP (deceased)

B'hana Hayek MP (deceased)

Babet (Apollonia?) Hayek (Kämpf) MP (1841 - d.)

Babet's name appears in the difficult-to-read image #152 of 223 in Kyjov Births, 1847-1873 (birth of her daughter Pauline Hayek, October 30, 1868, Gaya Haus #125). Also appears in Image #34 of 112 in...

Badee3a Primo Hayek MP (deceased)

Barbara Resch (Hayek) MP (1892 - 1980)

Virginia Mansour MP (1876 - 1916)

Beaniph-Ia Hayek MP (deceased)

Bernard Hayek MP (1859 - 1860)

Bernice Fecker (Hayek) MP (1913 - 1999)

Bernice Hayek Fecker, 86, of Buffalo Lake, died Tuesday, Nov. 2, 1999, at Fairview University Medical Center in Minneapolis. Mass of Christian Burial is 10:30 a.m. Saturday at St. Boniface Catholic C...

Berta Hayek (Morawetz) MP (1875 - c.1942)

Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischen Widerstandes First Name Berta Last Name Hayek Date of Birth 23.10.1875 Place of Birth Judenburg, Stmk. Residence Wien 7, Kandlgasse 16/11 Deporta...

Berta Hayek MP (1873 - d.)

Bess Hayek MP (deceased)

Bessin Hayek MP (deceased)

Betti Hayek/Hajek (Braun) MP (c.1830 - d.)

Brothers of Pauline (list) (Hayek) MP (deceased)

Cäcilie Hayek (Morgenstern) MP (deceased)

Catha Hayek MP (deceased)

Catherina Navarary (Hayek) MP (deceased)

Catherine Theresia Armstrong (Hayek) MP (1913 - c.2004)

Cecilia /Cili/ Hayek (Buxbaum) MP (1822 - d.)

Cecilia's is not the name listed as groom's mother on the 1852 Gaya marriage record of Markus / Moriz Hayek.

Chantel Hayek MP (deceased)

Charity Hayek MP (deceased)

Charles R Hayek MP (1902 - 1968)

Charles Hayek MP (deceased)

Charles Hayek MP (1874 - 1944)

Charles "Chuck" Hayek MP (1942 - 2001)

Charlotte Beer (Hayek) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Hayek (Wessely) MP (c.1835 - d.)

Charlotte Beer (Hayek) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Placzek (Hayek) MP (1848 - d.)

Charlotte Knöpfmacher (Hayek) MP (1892 - d.)

Charlotte Hayek (Manuel) MP (deceased)