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Rabbi Aaron Heller of Wallerstein MP (1490 - 1530)

Rabbi Aaron Heller, ABD of Wallerstein was son of Rabbi Moshe HaLevi Heller of Wallerstein, father of Yaakov Koppel HaLevi, ABD of Neumark, and grandfather of Naftali Herz (Hirsch) Halevi Neumark, ABD ...

Rabbi Abraham I HaLevi Heller Wallerstein MP (deceased)

Mistake: Not Die Inschriften des akten Judenfriedhofes in Wien 1.Teil by dr. Bernhard Wachstein- no. 4 page 4. Wachstein corrected his mistake. See Rabbi Avraham II ben Moshe I Heller-Wallerstein Fränk...

Rabbi Avraham II ben Moshe I Heller-Wallerstein Fränkel, Maharal son in Law of #6 MP (b. - bef.1613)

According to the Fuerth Memorbuch 122, 8, the husband of Bela Heller Wallerstein who dies in Vienna is Abraham ben Moshe Levi Heller. See Wachstein identifies him as Abraham ben Moshe Heller-Wallerstei...

Bela Heller Wallerstein MP (deceased)

On page 517 Bernhard Wachstein, Inschriften etc., writes that Bela´s tombstone was at his time already hardly readable, but that her death must have been ca. 1615.In Wachstein I, p. 531, Wachstein corr...

Dvora (Dweril) Walich-Bachrach (Heller-Wallerstein) MP (b. - 1660)

The Loebtree : Jakob and Sarah had seven children together.1st born was Dweril Duberl MIRELS FRAENKEL-HELLER (b. about 1580?, d. 26 Sep 1660 Vienna) married Dr. Ascher Amschel WALICH (d. 3 Aug. 1620).R...

Gittel bat Ascher Heller Wallerstein (Günzburg) MP (bef.1565 - c.1600)

Gutl Wallerstein (Heller Wallerstein) MP (b. - 1644)

Henele Heller Wallerstein MP (b. - 1662)

Privatbriefe 6A and 6B. Wachstein I Nr. 559

Israel Moshe Samson Halevi Heller Frankel Wallerstein MP (b. - 1696)

R' Jacob (the Elder) HaLevi Koppel Heller Wallerstein (Mirels-Fraenkel), A.B.D. Neustadt MP (c.1565 - 1612)

Jakob KOPPEL FRAENKEL HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Austria, d. 15 Sept. 1612, Vienna, Austria) married Mirl Sarah TEOMIM (b. 9 Jan. 1575, Vienna, Austria, d. 21 Feb. 1639, Vienna, Austria) daughter of Dwerl ...

Mirel Hirsh-Neumark (d. Abr. & Bella Heller-Wallerstein), [ Maharal] MP (1591 - c.1673)

Mirel Hirsh-Neumark [Gt.Granddaughter of MAHARAL]

Moshe II ben Abraham II Heller-Wallerstein MP (deceased)

Rachel LOEW (d. 1633 Prague) daughter of the Maharal of Prague married Abraham HaLEVI HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Lubin, d. 3 Aug. 1572, Vienna, Austria) son of the Chief Rabbi of Germany, Moses HaLevi HELL...

Moshe I ben Abraham I Halevi Heller-Wallerstein MP (1520 - 1580)

Rabbi Moshe Heller-Wallerstein - Chief Rabbi of Germany - In-law of the Maharal of Prague. Moses HaLevi HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. 1520 Wallerstein, Germany, d. 1580), was Chief Rabbi of Germany. His son ...

Rabbi Moshe HaLevi Heller-Wallerstein (Mirls) MP (1598 - 1668)

"Die Grabschriften des alten Judenfriedhof in Wien" - Dr. Bernhard Wachstein, Band I no. 632

Nathan Halevi Heller-Wallerstein MP (1561 - 1579)

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Rabbi Nathan Halevi Heller Wallerstein MP (1455 - 1509)

Rachel Heller-Wallerstein (Loew), [Maharal dau. #6] MP (1554 - 1633)

Rachel Loew *Born in 1554 - Prag / Tschechische Republik*Deceased in 1633 - Prague, aged 79 years old*Buried in 1633 - PragueMaharal daughter #4.Reichel bt haGaon Juda Loeb zTs”l e' Abraham Wallerstein...

Rachel Heller Frankel-Mirels (Heller Wallerstein) MP (1594 - 1664)

Alt. Rachel Neumark (Frankel)1913-1996- Eger Family Association- pg. 3 - according to this source she was born 1612"Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band I- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstei...

Rebecca Fraenkel Mirels - Mateles (Koppel Heller Wallerstein) MP (1600 - 1659)

"Die Grabschriften des alten Judenfriedhof in Wien" - Dr. Bernhard Wachstein, Band I no. 506

Rivka Horowitz- Munka (Heller Wallerstein) MP (bef.1462 - 1515)

כתובות בית העלמין היהודי בפראג מס 18- דף 113, 120-122

Rabbi Yom Tov Heller-Wallerstein, (NOT Tosfot Y. T.) MP (1435 - d.)

NOT TOSFOT YOM TOV כתובות בית העלמין היהודי בפראג מס 18- דף , 120,113"Graffiti in the Jewish cemetery in Prague"

? Heller-Wallerstein (deceased)

? Aschkenasi (Heller-Wallerstein) (deceased)

Aaron Heller Wallerstein Koppel Heller Wallerstein (1598 - 1649)

Rabbi Abraham Halevi Heller-Wallerstein (deceased)

Abraham Halevi Heller-Wallerstein, I (deceased)

Aharon Halevi Heller-Wallerstein Frankel Mirles (1598 - 1649)

Aharon HaLevi Heller (Heller-Wallerstein Frankel Mirles) (c.1598 - c.1649)

to WACHSTEIN, the husband of Rachel HELLER WALLERSTEIN was David Jacob Mirls FRAENKEL Newmark (d. 1657) He took the name FRAENKEL from his father in-law (Jacob KOPPEL HELLER WALLERSTEIN Fraenkl- d. 161...

Alexander Heller Wallerstein, Ha Levi (deceased)

Avraham Heller Wallerstein, Ha Levi (deceased)

Avraham Ben Moshe Heller Wallerstein (deceased)

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Avraham Abram הלןי HELLER (WALLERSTEiN) רבי (c.1550 - 1591)

Bella Heller Wallerstein (Halevi) (1539 - 1633)

Binyamin Zigel Frenkel Mirels (Heller Wallerstein) (Frenkel) (b. - 1730)

Blume Heller-Wallerstein (b. - 1639)

104 Blume bt Abraham Wallerstein z”l called “Wotin” i.d. vav vav tet jud nun 1639

Bona Auerbach (Heller Wallerstein) (b. - 1650)

Elkele Pearl Heller Wallerstein (Perlhefter) (1614 - 1668)

"Die Grabschriften des alten Judenfriedhof in Wien" - Dr. Bernhard Wachstein, Band I no. 633

Feigale (Lowe) Heller Wallerstein (deceased)

Gittel Heller Frankel Wallerstein

Israel Moshe Shimshon Heller Frankel Wallerstein

Jacob Koppel Halevi Frankel Heller Wallerstein (1565 - 1612)

Jacob Koppel Fraenkel Heller Wallerstein (deceased)

Josef Heller-Wallerstein, SeGal (b. - 1695)

105 Josef bn haGaon hadarschan Moshe Darschan seGal Wallerstein 1695

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Rabbi Moshe ben Abraham Halevi Heller Wallerstein (1520 - 1580)

moshe halevi heller wallerstein (1520 - 1580)

Moshe HaLevi Heller-Wallerstein Mirel's הלר-ולרשטיין מירלס (1598 - 1668)

HaGaon haDarshan Moshe Heller-Wallerstein, SeGal (b. - 1658)

105 haGaon hadarschan Moshe bn Abraham Wallerstein seGal z”l 1658/59

Moshe HaLevi Heller-Wallerstein (born Mirls) (1598 - 1668)

Natan Halevi Heller-Wallerstein (deceased)

Natan Halevi Heller-Wallerstein (1561 - 1579)

Nathan Halevi Heller-Wallerstein (deceased)

Rabbi Nathan Halevi Heller-Wallerstein (deceased)

Nathan Heller Wallerstein (deceased)

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Perl Taussig (Heller-Wallerstein) (b. - 1656)

105 Perl bt Abraham Wallerstein seGal z”l eshet Moshe Tausk jTs”v 1656

Rachel Halevi Heller-Wallerstein (c.1579 - 1654)

DUPLICATE PROFILE/BRANCH TO BE DELETED Rachel Rachla Heller-Wallerstein (c.1594 - 1664)

Rachel Heller-Wallerstein (Fraenkel-Teomim) (c.1440 - 1515)

R'Aharon Halevi Heller-Wallerstein (b. - 1632)

DUPLICATE PROFILE/BRANCH TO BE DELETED Rebecca Koppel Heller Wallerstein (1600 - 1659)


Rivka Heller Frankel Wallerstein

Sarah Halevi Frankel Heller Wallerstein (b. - 1712)

Shmuel Heller Wallerstein, Ha Levi (deceased)

Shprintza Heller Wallerstein (1579 - 1648)

wife, Moshe II Heller-Wallerstein (deceased)

Yaakov Heller Frankel Wallerstein, Ha Levi (c.1631 - 1654)

Yehudit Heller Wallerstein (b. - 1638)