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Charlotte Countess von Hochberg MP (1806 - 1882)

Frederik Frans von Hochberg MP (1875 - 1954)

Gottfried Count von Hochberg MP (1882 - 1929)

Hans Heinrich XIV Bolko* Hendrick Graf von Hochberg MP (1843 - 1926)

Edgar Yipsel "Yip" Harburg MP (1896 - 1981)

Edgar Yipsel "Yip" Harburg (born Isidore Hochberg, Yiddish: איסידור הוכברג; April 8, 1896 – March 5, 19...

Leopold Höchberg MP (1820 - 1872)

? Hochberg (deceased)

? Hochberg (deceased)

? Hochberg (b. - 1942)

? Hochberg (deceased)

? HOCHBERG (deceased)

? Hochberg (b. - 1942)

? Hochberg (deceased)

? Kessel (Hochberg) (deceased)

? Hochberg (b. - 1942)

? Hochberg (deceased)

? Hochberg (deceased)

This man is stated as having been a shoemaker, along with other members of the family. He and his family, along with the Lippas, lived in or around Lodz, or another nearby location, Plotz. He had a...

? Hochberg (deceased)

? Hochberg (b. - 1942)

? HOCHBERG (deceased)

? Hochberg (deceased)

?? Hochberg (deceased)

?? Hochberg (deceased)

??? Hochberg (Auchbager) (deceased)

A Hochberg (deceased)

Aaron Hochberg (b. - 1942)

Aaron Hochberg was head of the Jewish Council in Gliniany. He defended the people of the village until the very day when he fell victim to the murderers. Source The Holocaust - Martin Gilbert, pa...

Aaron Hochberg (deceased)

Aaron Hochberg (deceased)

Aaron Hochberg (1887 - 1943)

Aaron Hochberg (1906 - 1988)

Abba Haramati (Hochberg) (1904 - 2006)

I wonder if this was the "abba" that was at my bar mitzvah in Yerushalayim in August (Elul) 1974?

Abish Hochberg (deceased)

Abraham Hochberg (deceased)

abraham hochberg (deceased)

Abraham Hochberg (1907 - 1984)

Abraham Hochberg (deceased)

Abraham Hochberg (deceased)

"Vanessa's paternal grandparents were Nathan Hochberg (the son of Abraham Hochberg and Fanny Roth) and Jennie Weisberg (the daughter of Charlie Weisberg and Hannah/Annie/Amy Chamowitz). Nathan was an A...

Abraham HOCHBERG (1895 - d.)

Abraham Hochberg (deceased)

Abraham Chaim Hochberg (1905 - 1997)

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Abraham Hochberg (1895 - 1934)

First cousin of Isidoro Hochberg, Yip Harburg.

Abraham Hochberg (deceased)

Adam Hochberg (1844 - d.)

Sünd: Saaga EAA.1296.1.385:35 1850.a.: Saaga EAA.1865.3.181/5:36 1858.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.185/1:22?344,1461,903,267,0 Personaalraamat: Saaga EAA.1296.1.407:211

Adam Hochberg (1884 - d.)

Adelheid Hochberg (Singer) (deceased)

Ado Hochberg (1810 - 1863)

Sünd - Saaga EAA.1296.2.4:199?1522,61,840,117,0 1811.a. - Saaga EAA.1865.3.177/5:11?1464,784,784,398,0 1826.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.178/5:22?339,837,1008,433,0 Abielu 1833.a. - Saaga EAA.1296....

Ado Hochberg (1824 - d.)

1826.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.178/5:27?353,1531,968,162,0 1834.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.179/3:13?382,1560,1035,74,0 1858.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.185/1:8?314,727,893,120,0 Personaalraamat: Saaga elk.33.0.17:10?...

Ado Hochberg (1835 - 1905)

1850.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.181/5:21 1854.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.181/5:71?432,671,887,137,0 1858.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.185/1:13?280,1472,950,148,0 1858.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.185/1:34?316,529,888,139,0

Ado Hochberg (1799 - c.1850)

Sünd - Saaga EAA.1296.2.3:313?90,386,720,123,0 1811.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.177/5:14?241,419,988,343,0 1826.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.178/5:24?348,1228,983,111,0 1834.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.179/3:35?35...

Ado Hochberg (1766 - c.1840)

Saaga EAA.1865.3.178/5:22 I Abielu Katto-ga 1790.a. - Saaga EAA.1296.2.3:364?1298,854,697,105,0 1795 Saaga EAA.1865.3.176/3:45?180,1105,818,190,0 1811.a. - Saaga EAA.1865.3.177/5:11?1464,784,784,...

Adolf Hochberg (deceased)

Adolph (Avraham) Hochberg (deceased)

Agnes Hochberg (Poye) (1909 - 1989)

Agnes von Hochberg (deceased)

Alber Hochberg (deceased)

Albert Gustav Hochberg (c.1883 - c.1967)

Alex Hochberg (1926 - 2007)

Alexander Hochberg (1944 - d.)

Aliz Hochberg (1931 - 1992)

Aliza Hochberg (Bergman) (deceased)

Aliza Hochberg (Bergman) (deceased)

Aliza Hochberg (Katz) (deceased)

Alma Liba (Hochberg) (1900 - d.)

abielu: Saaga EAA.1297.1.675:24?314,1456,1206,383,0 Saaga EAA.1297.1.680:97?441,1342,1034,145,0 Saaga EAA.1297.1.680:156?289,1921,1194,386,0

Alvin Hochberg (deceased)

Alvin Hochberg (deceased)

Alyce Hochberg (1907 - 2004)

Amalia Hochberg (deceased)

Amalia (Molly) Hochberg (deceased)

Amalie Keltjärv (Hochberg) (deceased)

Amalie Sophie Keltjärv (Hochberg) (deceased)

Amram Hochberg (1898 - 1918)

Amram Hochberg (deceased)

Amy Lowenstein (Hochberg) (deceased)

Amy Hochberg (Dushan) (1958 - 2007)

Ana Hochberg (deceased)

Ana Hochberg (deceased)

Andres Hochberg (1828 - d.)

Sünd: Saaga EAA.1296.2.5:111?328,1272,685,94,0 1834.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.179/3:20?428,1434,937,243,0 1850.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.181/5:22 1858.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.185/1:13?280,1472,950,148,0

Andrew S. Hochberg (deceased)

Anita Hochberg (b. - 2000)

Ann Hochberg (c.1829 - d.)

1834.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.179/3:20?1596,1573,1036,279,0

Ann Kirt (Hochberg) (1842 - 1909)

1850.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.181/5:36?1446,838,1034,310,0 1858.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.185/1:22?1485,1445,886,123,0 Personaalraamat: Saaga EAA.1296.1.407:24?137,1128,794,115,0

Ann Norden (Hochberg) (b. - 1850)

Abielukanne 49., 22.05.1845 Ann Horhberg & Willem Norden

Ann Hochberg (1812 - d.)

1850.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.181/5:36?1436,1142,1045,184,0

Ann Einer (Hochberg) (1857 - c.1895)

1858.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.185/1:34?1391,501,984,187,0 Personaalraamat Hummulis: Saaga EAA.1296.1.407:210?108,1230,991,366,0 PR Helmes Saaga EAA.1296.1.406:26?184,1230,773,327,0

Ann Hochberg (Tomson) (1849 - d.)

sünd: Saaga EAA.1297.1.658:259?1017,1452,621,135,0 Karula kog. 15.4.1873a. abiellus soldat Pedoga Hummuli Jaasi talust: Saaga EAA.1296.1.396:94?125,1024,1078,90,0 Helme kog. Personaalraamat ...

Ann Hochberg (deceased)

Ann Hochberg (deceased)

Ann Hochberg (1797 - d.)

1826.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.178/5:27?1520,1538,972,142,0 1834.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.179/3:13?1584,1512,1026,120,0 1850.a. Saaga EAA.1865.3.181/5:13

Anna Hochberg (Harelik) (deceased)

Anna Tauk (Hochberg (Tauk)) (1880 - 1902)

Personaalraamat VI,1890-1940 - [ Saaga E

Anna Prants (Hochberg) (1879 - 1930)

abielu (pruudi nime nagu pole) Saaga EAA.1297.1.674:341?610,1424,1410,342,0 PR Saaga EAA.1297.1.678:51?349,461,542,578,0

Anna Hochberg (deceased)

Anna Hochberg (deceased)

Anna Chessin (Hochberg) (1889 - d.)

Immigration: 1889 Alice Richmond and Yip Harburg separated in 1932. Their children Ernie and Marge went to live with Yip's sister Anna, her husband Phil and their five children (Marge until 1939, Ern...

Anna von Hochberg (von Üsenberg) (deceased)

Anna Hochberg (1849 - 1849)

Anna Lowenberg (Hochberg) (deceased)

Anna Hochberg (Patzovsky/ Pacovsky) (c.1859 - 1901)


Anna Hochberg (deceased)

Anna von Hochberg (deceased)