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Abraham ben Me'ir ibn Ezra MP (c.980 - d.)

Abu Ibrahaim Yitzhak ben Yaʿḳōb ibn Ezra MP (c.1045 - d.)

Born around 1045, Isaac (Abū Ibrāhῑm) ibn Ezra was the older brother of Moses ibn Ezra . He lived in Granada quite probably until the arrival of the Almoravids in 1090, when he had to leave for Lucena....

Abraham Ben Meir Ibn Ezra al Tudela MP (c.1090 - 1125)

Also mentioned in Abarbanel Family Scroll – undated handwritten manuscript from the collection of the late Rabbi Shmuel Gorr, held by Chaim Freedman. Reference was made to “Elef Margaliot” 1993, Meir...

Abū Hārūn Mōs̲h̲ē ben Yaʿḳōb ibn ʿEzra, (ibn Ezra) MP (deceased)

Chronologically, Moses (Abū Har­ūn) ibn Ezra (d. after 1138) was the third of the four most artistically distinguished Hebrew poets of the Andalusian Golden Age of Jewish culture. Born early in the sec...

Hasdai ben Isaac ibn Ezra ibn Shaprut (ibn Ezra) MP (c.1132 - d.)

Isma'il ben Yehudah ibn Ezra ibn Shaprut (ibn Yitzhak Ibn Shaprut) MP (deceased)

Judah (Abū ʾl-Ḥasan) ben Joseph ibn Ezra (ben Abraham ibn Ezra) MP (c.1070 - c.1157)

Judah (Abū ʾl-Ḥasan) ben Joseph ibn Ezra, also called ha-Nasi in some sources, was born into a distinguished family in Granada in the latter part of the eleventh century. At the time of the Almoravid i...

Me'ir ben Yosef ben Me’ir ibn Migash (ibn Ezra) MP (c.1102 - c.1180)

Meʾir ibn Migash (12th century) was the son of the well-known talmudist Joseph ibn Migash. Following the Sephardi tradition, he was named for his grandfather, who had lived in Seville in the eleventh c...

Abū Yūsuf Me´ir Ibn Shortemiqash "Migash" MP (1050 - d.)

According to Moses Ibn Ezra's Kitāb al-Muḥāḍara wa 'l-Mudhākara (Halkin ed., p. 76), Me'ir Ibn Migash was born in Granada in the eleventh century and later settled in Seville. He is mentioned alongside...

Shmuel ben Hasday ibn Shaprut (ibn Ezra ibn Shaprut) MP (deceased)

Yehoseph ben Yaʿḳōb ibn Ezra (ben Abraham ibn Ezra) MP (c.1047 - c.1120)

Yehuda ben Yosef ibn Ezra Ibn Shaprut MP (c.940 - d.)

Yehuda ben Yosef Hasdai ibn Yitzhak Ibn Shaprut (a/k/a Abu Yehuda Yūsuf ben Hasdia Hasdai ibn Isḥāq ibn Ezra ibn Shaprūt[1]) – a/k/a “Judah ben Joseph”. Judah ben Joseph had a business relationship w...

Yitzhak ben Hasdai ibn Ezra ibn Shaprut MP (c.940 - d.)

? Ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Behora Boukas Ibn Ezra, >USA MP (deceased)

Esther Ibn Ezra MP (1996 - d.)

Feiga Ibn Eliaz-Ibn Ezra (Mossovitch) MP (b. - 1940)

Froim Ibn-Ezra (Ezer) MP (deceased)

Isaac ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Jacob ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Jankl- Kopl Ibn Eliaz-Ibn Ezra MP (b. - aft.1921)

Joseph ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Maria Myriam Minka Ibn-Ezra MP (1898 - d.)

Moses ibn Ezra MP (1055 - 1138)

Rabbi Moses ben Jacob ibn Ezra, known as ha-Sallah ("writer of penitential prayers") (Arabic: أبو هارون موسى بن يعقوب ابن عزرا‎, Abu Harun Musa bin Ya'acub ibn Ezra, Hebrew: משה בן יעקב הסלח אבן עזרא‎,...

Noach Ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Pnina Twena (Ibn Ezra) MP (deceased)


Sarah Ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Sophie Ezer (Ibn-Ezra) MP (aft.1905 - aft.1972)

unknown bat Meir HaEzri (ben Samuel ibn Ezra) MP (deceased)

unknown bat Abu Ibrahim Yitzhak ben Ya'qob ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Ya'kub ben Abraham ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Yaakov Vidal (Ibn Ezra) MP (deceased)

Yitzhak (Abu Sa'id) ibn Ezra (ibn Ezra ibn Shaprut) MP (c.1110 - d.)

Spanish poet of the twelfth century; son of Abraham ibn Ezra. He won fame as a poet at an early age, probably while still in his Spanish home. Al-Ḥarizi ("Taḥkemoni," iii.) says of him: "Like his fathe...

Yitzhak Me'ir ibn Ezra MP (c.960 - d.)


Zerahiah ibn Ezra MP (deceased)

Ḥannah bat Isḥāḳ ben Ibrāhīm al-Baṣrī al-Lawī (ibn Ezra) MP (c.1107 - d.)