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Asher haZaken haSofer al-Pembeditha (ibn Habibi) MP (c.719 - c.800)

Makhir ibn Habibi al-Narboni, Nasi MP (c.725 - c.793)

Do not confuse him with Thierry I , comte d'Autun, or with Théodéric IV of Austrasia. ' Makhir ben Havivai was a Babylonian-Jewish scholar, a descendant of the House of David, and the leader of the J...

Saul ben Anan (ibn Habibi), Anani-Rabanite MP (740 - d.)

ʿĀnān "ben David" ibn Habibi, Founder of ʿĀnāniyya - Karaism MP (c.715 - 811)

ʿAnan ben David ʿAnan ben David was active in Baghdad during the reign of the city’s founder, the second Abbasid caliph, al-Manṣūr (r. 754–775). Starting in the twelfth century, Karaite historiograph...