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Claude Marie Janin MP (1882 - 1912)

Mr Claude Marie Janin, 30, was born in Macon, France on 9 October 1882 the son of Mme. Landre Janin. When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 6 April 1912, he gave his address as c/o Gatti, London. His act...

Laura McLaurin Berry MP (1906 - 1977)

Laura Berry married Robert Janin in New Orleans, Louisiana on 6 December 1921. She married, second, Robert Smith on 2 September 1929 in Jackson, Mississippi. Robert Smith adopted his step-daugh...

? Janin MP (c.1770 - d.)

?? Janin MP (deceased)

Abraham Janin MP (deceased)

Adéodat Cyrille Alfred Janin MP (1882 - 1925)

Alban Janin MP (deceased)

Albert Janin MP (1885 - 1886)

Albert Alfred Ernest Janin MP (1881 - d.)

Albertina Silvia Janin MP (deceased)

Alejandro Janin MP (deceased)

Alexcia Janin MP (deceased)

Alfred Eugène Janin MP (1873 - d.)

Alfred Jean Baptiste Janin MP (1876 - d.)

Alice Janin (Lehmann) MP (1898 - 1947)

Ana Hampovčan (Janin) MP (deceased)

Andre Janin MP (deceased)

andree janin MP (deceased)

Antoine Janin MP (b. - 1822)

Antoine Nicolas Janin MP (1951 - d.)

Antoinette DONZY (JANIN) MP (1692 - d.)

Auguste Artigue Janin MP (1845 - d.)

Bernard Janin MP (deceased)

Berta Janin MP (deceased)

Bertrande Artigue Janin MP (1843 - d.)

Bosa Jan-Janin MP (deceased)

Catarina JANY,JANI (JANIN) MP (deceased)

Celia Janin MP (deceased)

Charles Janin MP (deceased)

Charles JANIN MP (deceased)

Charles Robinson J. MP (c.1838 - 1922)

Charles Janin MP (deceased)

Charles Honorat Janin MP (1884 - 1891)

Charles Louis Pierre Janin MP (1804 - 1867)

Charles Louis Adonis Janin MP (1878 - 1880)

Charles Léon Janin MP (1869 - d.)

Christine Constantia Janin MP (1730 - 1759)

Clarita Janin MP (deceased)

Claude Janin MP (deceased)

Claude Alfred Marcel JANIN MP (1946 - 2004)

Claude Janin MP (deceased)

Claude JANIN MP (deceased)

Claudine Janin (Biard) MP (deceased)

Clotilde Gregoire (Janin) MP (deceased)

Cornelia Delafield Janin MP (1889 - 1964)

Dusko Jan-Janin MP (deceased)

Edward Esq. Janin MP (1836 - 1891)

Eleanor Fisher (Janin) MP (deceased)

Eleanora Ronne (Janin) MP (deceased)

Eleanore May Ronne (Janin) MP (deceased)

Eliane Martinez (janin) MP (1933 - 2016)

Elisabeth Janin MP (deceased)

Elisabeth Janin (Erard (ou Herahd)) MP (deceased)

Elise Barlow (Janin) MP (deceased)

Elmire Josephine Hancock (Janin) MP (1895 - d.)

Emma Katherine Janin MP (1905 - 1927)

Esther laniado de janin MP (deceased)

Eugène Janin (Djenandji) MP (deceased)

Eulalia Janin (Pierson) MP (deceased)

Flora Janin (Earle) MP (1882 - 1956)

Francois Janin MP (deceased)

Francoise Janin MP (deceased)

François Artigue Janin MP (1854 - d.)

François Mély Drow (Janin) MP (deceased)

François Albert Edmond Janin MP (1875 - d.)

Françoise Malvina Artigue Janin MP (1879 - d.)

Gabriel JANIN MP (deceased)

Georges Maximilien Janin MP (1872 - 1927)

Georges Maximilien Janin MP (1872 - d.)

Germaine Janin MP (b. - 1970)

Gilbert Janin MP (b. - 1932)

gladie forest-janin MP (deceased)

Gladys Pratt (nee Janin) MP (deceased)

Gojko Jan-Janin MP (deceased)

Guillaume Toussaint Janin MP (1798 - d.)

Helen Wederstrandt Janin (Morse) MP (1852 - 1841)

Henri JANIN MP (deceased)

Henri Victor Janin MP (deceased)

Henry Janin MP (1838 - 1911)

Henry Janin attended Yale for two years before going to Europe to continue his studies which led him to become a mining engineer. He was the superintendent of the Enriqueta quicksilver mine, Californ...

Henry Alexander Janin MP (deceased)

Herbert Lawrence Janin MP (1869 - 1931)

Hippolyte Jacques Artigue Janin MP (1837 - d.)

Honorine Grosset-Janin (Muffat Jendai) MP (deceased)

Honorine Eléonore Buerle (Janin) MP (deceased)

Irma Alphonsine Armande Grosset-Janin (Mabboux) MP (1942 - 1995)

Isaac mauas Janin MP (deceased)

Jack Janin MP (deceased)

Jacques Adolphe Artigue Janin MP (1882 - 1883)

jacques janin MP (deceased)

Jean Baptiste Laurens Artigue Janin MP (1850 - d.)

Jean Pierre Artigue Janin MP (b. - 1876)

Jean Marie Artigue Janin MP (1873 - 1873)

Jean Marie Janin MP (1794 - 1860)

Jean Louis Janin MP (1824 - 1892)

Jean-Gabriel JANIN MP (deceased)

jeane janin-caron MP (deceased)

Jeanne Martin (Janin) MP (deceased)

Jeanne Socquet-Juglard (Grosset-Janin) MP (1781 - 1845)

Jeanne Marcel (Richard-Janin) MP (1691 - 1749)

6. Jeanne3 Richard-Janin (Judith2 Barnaud, Jaques1) died September 29, 1749 in Lausanne, Vaud, SWZ2. She married Pierre Marcel Abt. 1707 in Lausanne, Vaud, SWZ?3, son of Guillaume Marcel and Marie Bouc...

Jeanne PIRAT (JANIN) MP (c.1700 - 1760)