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Adriaentje Jans MP (c.1619 - 1661)

Immigration 1663: To New Amsterdam with son Gerret and his wife

Annegan Jans MP (c.1613 - d.)

Anneke Jans MP (1605 - 1663)

Anneke Jans. Researching her became both an industry and a scam about a century ago, as people believed she had owned a huge parcel of lower Manhattan. Links/Publications A "Dutch Woman's Farm" T...

Annetji Vincent (Jans) MP (deceased)

Avo Jans MP (1939 - 2006)

Avo Jans oli TRÜ Korvpallimeeskonna ja Tartu Kalevi korvpallur Teistel andmetel sünniaeg: 4. mai 1939 WWW: 36.

Baetje Jans (van Hartenvelt) MP (1662 - d.)

Birth Some state, without sourcing, that Batje was b: ABT 1665 in Haert, Gelderland, The Netherlands but a stronger theory revolves around the following baptism in New Amsterdam and subsequent associ...

Beertge Jans MP (c.1610 - d.)

Celitje Jans MP (1610 - 1688)

about - family Rees

Christina Langestraat (Jans) MP (c.1681 - c.1771)

Folkert Jans MP (1660 - d.)

Marriage 09-01-1681 • Kortezwaag, Opsterland, Friesland, Netherlands  Folkert Jans (1660–)

Geertie Jans MP (c.1630 - d.)

Announcement of intent to marry 1687 11 Nov; Theunis Bogaert, wid Sara Rapaille; Geertie Jans, wid Dirck Dye, d' Eerst wonende in de Walebocht, en twede alhier

Griet Jans MP (c.1601 - d.)

All data from Stadsarchief Amsterdam ( ) guided by family description at ( )

Grietje Jans MP (c.1630 - 1696)

Third Marriage [just when they married is not known so she may be mother of some listed above] Grietje Jans was the third wife of Teunis Jansen Lanen Van Pelt 7. Elisabethan VanPelt ca 1661 Feyde...

Hannah "Hannah" Hendrick (Jans) MP (1638 - 1691)

IJtjie Jans MP (c.1620 - 1705)

This informatation below was founde under Susannah Delamater Dye it does not pertain to her so moved here. Ytie Jans was born at Oldenburg, Holstein, Denmark. Ytie Jans married Laurens Duyts on 28 Au...

Jan Jans MP (1580 - d.)

Jannetje Van Buskirk (Jans) MP (1629 - 1694)

from: Jannetje Jans, born Bet. 1622 - 1633 in of Holstein, Denmark; died Bef. March 19, 1692/93 in Bergen, Bergen Co., NJ. • Notes for Jannetje Jans: The records show that Christian Barentsen Van...

Jannetje Adrieszen (Jans) MP (1614 - 1682)

From "Jannetje Jans Bout married the father of my Lysbeth Thomas in 1655, and so then Lysbeth Thomas was born as their only child together in 1656."

Johan Jans MP (1880 - 1941)

Johan Jans (ka Juhan Jans; 8. veebruar 1880 Aakre vald, Tartumaa – 21. detsember 1941 Usollag, Solikamsk) oli Eesti poliitik, advokaat ja publitsist. JANS, Johan , Vidrik, s. 1880 Tartumaa, kõrgh., a...

Lysbeth Jans MP (c.1623 - 1730)

Frans Janszen Bloetgoet was born around 1623.[1] He was the son of Jan Heyndrickse Goetbloet (or Bloetgoet) and Geertgen Thomas, both of Gouda, South Holland.[2] He was living on the Corten Tiendewec...

Marritje Jans MP (b. - 1687)

Married in New Amsterdam in the Dutch Reformed Church. 1663 02 Jun; Isaac Grevenraedt, wid Lysbeth Grevenraedt; Marritje Jans, jd van Amsterdam

Marritje Jans MP (1607 - 1677)

Marriage 1 14-10-1635 - Janss, Thijs - Jans, Marritje - DTB 443, p.543 - Huwelijksintekeningen van de KERK. Amsterdam Stadsarchief - Ondertrouwregisters 1565-1811 Marriage 2 1646 28 Aug; Dirck Co...

Metje Jans MP (deceased)

Metje Jans - rootsweb, born & died - unknown

Susannetgen Jans MP (1614 - 1686)

Tytie Jans MP (c.1642 - d.)

Willemstje Jans MP (1628 - d.)

Marijke Jans MP (b. - 1806)

Jans' MP (deceased)

Jans MP (1575 - 1629)

Jans MP (deceased)

Jans MP (c.1560 - 1593)

(Heino) Heije Jans MP (1657 - d.)

(Puick) Aelt Jans MP (c.1590 - d.)

. Jans (Müller) MP (deceased)

. Jans (Hurtler) MP (deceased)

. Jans (Wyss) MP (deceased)

. Müller MP (deceased)

. Iten MP (deceased)

1 jans MP (deceased)

? Jans de Vries (Pieneman) MP (deceased)

A Van Esch (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aacht Jans MP (c.1650 - d.)

aaf jans MP (1701 - d.)

aaf martens (jans) MP (deceased)

Aafje jans fokkes MP (c.1750 - d.)

Aafje Jans MP (1792 - d.)

AK 16-xx 090315 AK44-45 stamboom vanuit Reijnder Claas en Jantien Reinders Overgenomen uit . Gezinsblad/Family AK44.91.12a.1 Roelof BISSCHOP met: AK44.91.12a.2 Aafje JANS ...

Aafje Jans Jans. Vos MP (c.1849 - d.)

Aafje Jans MP (deceased)

Aafje Vegter Obdam (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aafje Jans Fokkes Houkes MP (deceased)

Aafje Jans MP (deceased)

Aafje Jans MP (b. - c.1636)

Aafje de Ridder (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aafje Jans MP (deceased)

Aafjen Bastiaans' Jans' MP (b. - 1849)

Aafjen de Jonge (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aafke Jans Smit MP (deceased)

Aafke Riemts (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aafke Jans MP (1739 - d.)

Aafke Jans MP (1737 - d.)

Aafke Jans MP (deceased)

Aafke Jans MP (1694 - d.)

Overgenomen uit 101115a Bla25.15.17a.1 Aldert Piersma en Hendrikje Rinkema Persoonlijke gegevens Bla25.15.17a. Jacob Pieters •Hij is geboren 1693 in Grootegast. •Hij is gedoopt o...

Aafke Wassenaar (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aafke Jans MP (deceased)

Aafke Jans (Beerents) MP (deceased)

Aafke Wassenaar (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aafke Visser (Jans) MP (1752 - 1823)

Aafke Hendriks (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aafke Jans MP (deceased)

Aafke Huizinga (Jans) MP (deceased)

Reference: FamilySearch Family Tree - SmartCopy : Apr 7 2017, 16:24:50 UTC

Aafke Jans MP (deceased)

Aafke Jans MP (b. - 1814)

Aafke Jans MP (1731 - 1769)

Aafke Poppes Landmeter (Jans) MP (1790 - d.)

Aafke. Klaasen (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aage Jans MP (deceased)

Aagie Jans de Koningh MP (deceased)

Aagje Jans MP (deceased)

Aagje Jans MP (deceased)

Aagje Jans MP (deceased)

Aagje Jans. de Boer MP (deceased)

Aagje Kievit (Jans Verbeek) MP (c.1725 - d.)

Aagje Rogge (Jans) MP (c.1655 - c.1682)

Aagje Jans MP (c.1664 - d.)

Aagje Jans MP (1745 - 1809)

Aagje Jans MP (deceased)

Aagje Jans MP (deceased)

Aagje Schoen (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aagsje Jans MP (deceased)

Aagt Jans MP (deceased)

Aagth Jans MP (deceased)

Aagtje [jansd] Jans MP (1776 - c.1777)

Aagtje Eppes (Jans) MP (b. - 1713)

Aagtje Jans (Hrms) MP (deceased)

Aagtje Leenborg (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aagtje Jans MP (deceased)

Aagtje Jans MP (deceased)

Aagtje Jans MP (1631 - 1696)

Aagtje Poulus Schouten (Jans) MP (deceased)

Aakjen Jans (Douwes) MP (deceased)