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Saint Isaac Jogues, SJ MP (1607 - 1646)

Izaak Jogues Overview St. Isaac Jogues was a Jesuit priest, missionary and martyr who worked with the Hurons and later the Iroquois. He was ordained in January 1636 in France. Jogues arrived in Ne...

Alexandre Jogues (1690 - 1757)

Anne Pétronille JOGUES (1759 - 1817)

Antoine Jogues (deceased)

Antoinette Anne Prouvensal de Saint-Hilaire (Jogues) (1755 - 1842)

Claude Paris (Jogues) (deceased)

Elisabeth Jogues (1640 - 1709)

Elisabeth Amaranthe Jogues de Martinville (deceased)

Françoise JOGUES

Guillaume Jogues (deceased)

Guillaume Jogues (deceased)

Isaac JOGUES (1607 - 1646)

Jean Jogues (deceased)

Jeanne Jogues (deceased)

Laurent JOGUES (b. - 1635)

Laurent Jogues (deceased)

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Marie Thérèse Jogues Desormeaux (1732 - 1819)

Philippe JOGUES (1609 - 1677)

Philippe JOGUES

Samuel JOGUES (deceased)

Suzanne JOGUES (deceased)