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???/ Gallagher ( g.mother of Joe, Johnny N'árd etc (deceased)

Abel Johnny (deceased)


Abraham Johnny (b. - 1961)

Abraham Johnny Jr., Jr. (deceased)

Abraham Johnny (deceased)

Agnes Jackson (Johnny [Certificated]) (1889 - 1973)

Alex Johnny (deceased)

Alice Johnny (deceased)

Allen Leo Johnny (deceased)

Antoinette Johnny (Honore) (deceased)

Arnold Johnny (deceased)

Bernice Johnny (deceased)

Bert Johnny (deceased)

Bertha Antoine (Johnny) (deceased)

Buster Johnny (deceased)

Cecilia Johnny (deceased)

Celina Johnny (c.1896 - 1946)

CELINA JOHNNY (c.1896-1946) Kamloops Indian Band is the daughter of Abel Johnny. She was born in British Columbia, Canada, in about 1896 and died at Kamloops there on 6 October 1946. At the time of h...

Johnny Chai (deceased)

Cherchy Johnny (deceased)

Chew Poh Neo Johnny (deceased)

Christine Margaret Johnny (1961 - 2007)

Christine Johnny (James) (deceased)

Dave Johnny (deceased)

Dave Mungal Goordeen Johnny (deceased)

David Johnny (deceased)

David Johnny (deceased)

Dorothy Jean Freeman ('Johnny') (c.1934 - 2008)

Eagle Lake Johnny (deceased)

Earl Johnny, Navajo Code Talker (1924 - 1990)

Ed Johnny (deceased)

Ed Johnny (deceased)

Ed Johnny (deceased)

Edith Johnny (Tom) (deceased)

Elizabeth Johnny (deceased)

Ella Johnny (deceased)

Ellen (1895 - 1974)

Elmer Johnny (deceased)

Emily Johnny (deceased)

Eugene Johnny (deceased)

Florance Jim-Johnny (deceased)

Francis Johnny (1928 - d.)

Francis Johnny (deceased)

Fumuko Johnny (Ilon) (deceased)

Fumuko Johnny (Ilon) (deceased)

George roy Johnny (deceased)

Herbert Johnny (deceased)

Herbert Johnny (deceased)

Hook Johnny (deceased)

Howard Johnny (deceased)

Hubert Johnny (deceased)

Ichiro Johnny (deceased)

Ichiro Johnny (deceased)

Iesko Johnny (deceased)

Iosko Johnny (deceased)

Iosko Johnny (deceased)

Irving johnny, Sr. (deceased)

Jeanette Johnny (1954 - 2000)

Jimmy JOHNNY POULUS (1985 - 2015)

John Francis Holmes (Johnny) (1904 - 1989)

John Hundley (1912 - 1987)

John owned a big supermarket out of Big Hill near Berea per his sister, Bethel Roberts (Hundley).

John Nicholas Zombolas (Johnny) (1934 - 2009)

John Hollis (Hollis (Johnny) (deceased)

John Lamothe ("Johnny") (1910 - d.)

John Mason 'mean Johnny' (Bolt) (deceased)

John Cardinal (aka Le Grande Johnny) (1839 - d.)

JOHN CARDINAL (aka LE GRANDE JOHNNY) His Metis Script Application LAC LA BICHE, 16 AUGUST 1886: JOHN CARDINAL; address: Lac la Biche Settlement; claim no. 627; born: 1839 at Victoria; father: Pierr...

John Overturf (c.21 - d.)

Johnny Jones (Johnny Jones) (deceased)

Johnny Moreno (Johnny Olivera) (deceased)

johnny bernice LIVINGSTON (johnny) (1919 - c.2011)


Johnny Murrell Bradford (Johnny Bradford) (1949 - d.)

Johnny Robinson (Johnny Robinson) (deceased)

Johnny Angell (Johnny Angell) (1979 - 1979)

Johnny Lacy (1949 - 2015)

Jonathan Johnny (deceased)

Juan Horton Cortez (Johnny) (1931 - d.)

Juan Valero Ebro (Johnny Ebro) (c.1923 - d.)

Kachie Johnny (deceased)

Kerta Johnny (deceased)

Kimie Ilon (Johnny) (deceased)

Kimie Ilon (Johnny) (deceased)

Kimiko Johnny (Ilon) (deceased)

Lambert Johnny (deceased)

Lazarus R Johnny (deceased)

Len Johnny (deceased)

Lena Johnny (deceased)

Leona Johnny (deceased)

Leonard Johnny (deceased)

Lillian Johnny (deceased)

Lillian Johnny (deceased)

Lillian Johnny (deceased)

Lissy Johnny (deceased)

Lonappan Ouseph Pulikottil (Johnny) (1937 - 2004)

Ma Arriére-Tante l'Ex Mari Johnny Arthun (deceased)

Martha Johnny (deceased)

Mary Thomas (Johnny) (1923 - d.)

Mary Johnny (deceased)

Mataha "Johnny Redman" (c.1785 - c.1830)

Matilda Peters (Johnny) (deceased)

Mavin Johnny (deceased)