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Elizabeth Baskerville MP (1565 - 1649)

Family daughter of Thomas Baskerville (1540 – 1596) & Edith Perry (1551 – ) Married Children Mary Jourdaine (1595 – 1630) Elizabeth Jourdaine (1596 – 1633) Jonas Jourdaine (1597 – 159...

Elizabeth Baskerville Duncan (Jourdaine) MP (c.1591 - 1676)

Elizabeth Jourdain (daughter of Ignatius Jourdaine and Katherine Bodley) was baptized on 10 June 1591 at St. Mary Arches Church, Exeter, Devon, England and died 27 Sep 1633 in Dorchester, Boston, Massa...

Ignatius Jurdain MP (1561 - 1640)

Ignatius began his business life with kinsmen in Exeter, county Devon. In 1576 he was sent by his employer to Guernsey, where he was converted. In 1599 he was appointed a Bailiff of Exeter. He was a me...

Ignatius Jourdaine MP (c.1603 - c.1680)

Sources "The English ancestors of Epes Sargent," Appendix G. Links Mentioned in Uncle Simon Baskerville's and Aunt Katherine Baskerville's Will.

Jehosabeth Robbins (Jourdaine) MP (c.1640 - 1723)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : May 3 2018, 3:35:42 UTC

John Jourdaine, of Wolverton MP (c.1350 - 1350)

Judith Hill (Jourdaine) MP (c.1550 - c.1620)

Judith JURDAINE born 1550 Lyme Regis died 1620 Lyme Regis Spouse: James HILL born 1545 Lyme Regis ENG died 5/5/1621 Lyme Regis Children: Sarah born 1572 Lyme Regis died ENG; William married Sarah J...

Katherine Bodley MP (1570 - 1593)

Family parents: John Bodley & Pauline West Married 24 JUN 1589 in St. Mary Archer, Exeter, Devon, England to Ignatius Jourdaine (1561-1640) as his 1st wife; he married Elizabeth Baskerville...

Mary Jourdaine MP (c.1595 - 1652)

Mary Cogan immigrated 1633 to Boston with her husband John Cogan as the Primary Immigrant. Family Members: Son John; Daughter Elizabeth; Daughter Mary. Family daughter of Ignatius Jourdaine (1561...

Mary Jourdaine (Convers) MP (deceased)

Silvester Jourdaine MP (1564 - d.)

The Third Supply was the "Sea Venture" (also called the Seaventure or Sea Adventure) sailed as part of a flotilla of nine ships commanded by Admiral Sir George Somers. Intended destination was Jamest...

Silvester Jourdaine MP (b. - 1650)

Died unmarried in the parish of St. Sepulchre, beyond Newgate, London, in the spring of 1650, his estate being administered on 28th May of that year by his brother John Jourdain the younger. biograph...

Susan Viney (Jourdaine) MP (c.1547 - 1622)

Mention in the will of her brother, John Jourdain. Will of John Jourdaine John Jourdaine of London, merchant, dated in London 8 February and sealed and delivered in Gravesend 16 February 1617, prov...

Susan Jourdaine MP (c.1590 - c.1590)

Sources "The English ancestors of Epes Sargent," Appendix G. Links

Unknown Wife of John Jourdaine MP (1354 - d.)

William Jurdain of Lyme MP (1527 - 1633)

8 children. The name of his wife is not known. (1) One son is Ignatius Jourdaine (1561-1640). Sources Ignatius Jurdain Biography by Mark Stoyle (document attached)

Charles Jourdaine MP (c.1567 - d.)

Christian Jourdaine MP (deceased)

Easthor Jourdaine MP (1605 - d.)

Elizabeth Jourdaine (Ryder) MP (c.1535 - 1633)

Elizabeth Crowe (Jourdaine) MP (c.1572 - d.)

Using baptism date August 24, 1572 as birth date.

Elizabeth Jourdaine MP (c.1598 - d.)

Elizabeth Jourdaine MP (1596 - 1633)

Elyas Jourdaine MP (c.1619 - d.)

Grace Jourdaine MP (c.1614 - c.1620)

Hannagh Jourdaine MP (c.1614 - c.1615)

Hester Jourdaine (Viney) MP (1562 - d.)

Susan Jourdaine Born: December 19,1562 Married: 1) John Woodroff 2) Viney Children: John Woodroff Henry Woodroff Anthony Woodroff Robert Viney Hester Viney (Hester married her cousin ...

Hester Jourdain (Jourdaine) MP (c.1600 - d.)

Jehosabeth Robbins (Jourdaine) MP (deceased)

Notes "ROBBINS, JOHN, Bridgewater, s. of Nicholas, m. 14 Dec. 1665, Jehosabeth Jourdaine, had Jeduthun, b. 1667." Links

Joan Sinckler (Jourdaine) MP (deceased)

Joane Jourdaine (Osmund) MP (b. - c.1649)

Joane Jordaine of the City and County of Oxon (Exon) widow, 21 October 1648, proved 25 August 1649. The poor of St. Mary Archers (Arches) wherein I now dwell. To Elizabeth Jordaine, Mary the wife of Ch...

John Jourdaine MP (c.1614 - 1691)

John Jourdaine MP (1355 - d.)

John Jourdaine MP (c.1564 - 1620)

John Jourdain (Jourdan), Silvester's cousin, was a captain in the service of the East India Company. _________ According to John Jourdaine's Journal papers, he was estranged from his wife. Source...

John Jourdaine MP (c.1603 - d.)

John Jourdaine MP (b. - c.1628)

Using burial date May 15, 1628 as death date. Wil John Jordaine of the City of Exeter, merchant, 26 July 1627, proved 2 July 1628. The poor of Exeter and the poor of Lyme Regis. The poor of Tiverto...

John Jourdaine MP (c.1602 - c.1643)

John Jourdaine MP (c.1629 - d.)

John Jourdaine MP (1320 - d.)

John Jourdaine MP (1280 - d.)

John Jourdaine MP (1231 - d.)

Joseph Jourdaine MP (c.1565 - d.)

Using baptism date March 17, 1565 as birth date.

Joseph Jourdaine MP (1611 - d.)

Joseph Jourdaine MP (c.1592 - d.)

Josuah Jourdaine MP (c.1597 - c.1598)

Jozias Jourdaine MP (c.1609 - d.)

Katherine Mapowder (Jourdaine) MP (1601 - d.)

Madame Jourdaine Spence (Jourdaine) MP (deceased)

Mary Jourdaine MP (1571 - d.)

Mary Lethbridge (Jourdaine) MP (c.1609 - c.1652)

Mary Jourdaine MP (b. - c.1614)

Using burial date August 30, 1614 is death date.

Mary Jourdaine MP (c.1631 - d.)

Nathaniel Jourdaine MP (c.1611 - c.1615)

NN Jourdaine (NN) MP (deceased)

NN Jourdaine (NN) MP (deceased)

NN Jourdaine (NN) MP (deceased)

NN Jourdaine (NN) MP (deceased)

NN Jourdaine (NN) MP (deceased)

NN Jourdaine (NN) MP (deceased)

NN Jourdaine MP (deceased)

Ozce Jourdaine MP (c.1685 - d.)

Baron Reginald Jourdaine MP (1210 - 1289)

Robert Jourdaine MP (c.1556 - d.)

Robert Jourdaine MP (c.1592 - d.)

Sources "The English ancestors of Epes Sargent," Appendix G. Links

Ruth Jourdaine MP (c.1616 - c.1621)

Samuel Jourdaine MP (c.1607 - c.1624)

Samuel Jourdaine MP (c.1602 - d.)

Sara Clarke (Jourdaine) MP (c.1612 - d.)

Susan Jourdaine (?) MP (c.1564 - d.)

Unknown Wackley (Jourdaine) MP (deceased)

Unknown Jourdaine (Lathy) MP (deceased)

Zachary Jourdaine MP (c.1607 - d.)