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R' Dovid Yechezkel HaLevi Jungreis, ABD Zagreb MP (c.1903 - c.1944)

Gaon Rabbi Yechezkel Halevi Jungreis David , ABD Chief Rabbi of the city Zagrab Yugoslavia.

Esther Jungreis (Jungreisz) MP

Founder of Hineini organization, married her third cousin, Theodore (meshullam), son of Asher Anschel (of Czenger, author of Zachor VeShamor) son of Abraham Jungreis.

Rabbi Asher Anshel Jungreisz - MP (1806 - 1873)

See page 37, Shem Hagedolim Hasholaim L'Gedolei Hungariah, #203. Rabbi of Csenger for 40 Years. Author of Menuchas Asher, published by his children posthumously. (Encyclopedia Judaica lists year of d...

Rozner (Jungreis) (deceased)

?? Jungreis (deceased)

?? Jungreis (deceased)

?? Kahane (Jungreis) (deceased)

?? Jungreis (Seltzer) (deceased)

?? Jungreis (deceased)

??? Jungreis (deceased)

Aaron Karoly Jungreis (b. - 1919)

ר' אהרן הלוי יונגרייז אב"י אפץ

Abraham Jungreis (1908 - 1991)

הרב ר׳ אברהם הלוי, אב״ד םעגעדי&#x...

Ahron Dovid Jungreis (deceased)

Ahron Jungreis (1919 - 1945)

Unmarried, Died in Melk Concentration camp, Erev Pesach 1945.

Amram Jungreis (deceased)

Ari Jungreis (deceased)

Arthur Martin Jungreis (1941 - 1981)

Arye Jungreis (deceased)

Asher Anshil Jungreis (deceased)

Asher Heshil Jungreis (deceased)

ר' אשר אנשיל יונגרייז אב"ד טשענ&#...


Asher Anshil Jungreis (deceased)

Asher JUNGRIES (JUNGREIS) (b. - 1934)

חתנו ר' אשר אנשיל הלוי יונגריי&#x...

Asher Anshel Jungreis (deceased)

Asher Anshel Jungreis (deceased)

R' Asher Anschel Jungreis (c.1875 - 1942)

הרב אשר אנשיל יונגרייז, הרב דק...

Asher Enschel Halevi (Arthur) Jungreis (Yungreis) (1876 - 1944)

Rabay in Zalău, Transilvania Brother-in-law to our grandfather Yosef-Shimon Died in Auschwitz with his wife Rivka and his granddaughter Bluma from Hermannstadt (Sibiu) that visited her grand...

Avraham Binyomin Jungreis (deceased)

Avraham Benjamin Jungreis (deceased)

Avraham Binyamin Jungreis (deceased)


Avraham Yekutiel Jungreis (deceased)

Avrohom Yechiel Jungreis (deceased)

ר' אברהם יחיאל אב"י בק"ק ס"ט פעטער

Baba Nucha Jungreis (Schick) (deceased)

Batya Malka Jungreis (deceased)

Blanche Jungreis (Marrow) (1910 - 1994)

Bluma Jungreis (b. - 1944)

Boruch Reuven Shlomo HaLevi Jungreis (deceased)

Burgee Jungreis (deceased)

Chaim Yoseph Jungreis (1908 - d.)

Chaim Avrohom Halevi Jungreis (b. - 1958)

ר' אברהם יונגרייז, נפטר מוצאי י&#...

Chaim Yosef Jungreis (deceased)

Chana Jungreis (Grüenburg ) (deceased)

Chana Yital Ginz (Jungreis) (deceased)

Chaya Sarah Jungreis (Schwartz) (deceased)

Chaya Gittel Jungreis (deceased)

Chaya Trule Jungreis (Assad) (deceased)

Rabbi David Jungreis (deceased)

Devora Jungreis (deceased)

Devorah Jungreis (deceased)

Eliezer Jungreis (deceased)

Elta Perel Jungreis (יולוס) (deceased)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via mother מרים יולוס (born צוובנר) by SmartCopy : Jun 24 2...

Eluzer Aryeh Jungreis (deceased)

Emilia Jungreis (b. - 1944)

Emilia Mirl Jungreis (deceased)

Estelle Jungreis (deceased)

Ester Hendil Schlesinger (deceased)

Esther Vaktor (Jungreis) (1855 - d.)

Etel Jungreis (Herskovics) (1900 - 1944)

Fradel Nucha Jungreis (deceased)

Freidel jungreis (deceased)

Frumat Pesil Jungreis (Brisk) (b. - 1944)

נשרפה עקה"ש יחד עם בתה שרה בט"ו ב...

Geza Jungreis (b. - 1944)

Hillel Jungreis (deceased)

Hinde (Renee) Schick (Jungreis) (deceased)

Husband Fulop (Jungreis) (deceased)

Ignacz Yitzchok Jungreis (deceased)

ר' יצחק הלוי יונגרייז אב"י לערי&#...

Irving (Irv) Jungreis (deceased)

Isidor Jungreis (b. - c.1971)

Issac Tzvi Jungreis (deceased)

Ita Jungreis (Levovitch) (deceased)

Jacob Tzvi Jungreis (deceased)

Jerry Jungreis (c.1922 - d.)

Joseph Jungreis (1908 - 1975)

Joshua Jungreis (deceased)

Khaia Jungreis (deceased)

Leah Jungreis (deceased)

Leah Jungreis (deceased)

Leah Jungreis (deceased)

Loretta Jungreis (deceased)

Malka Fish (Jungreis) (b. - 1944)

Malka Jungreis (deceased)

Mayer Naftali Jungreis (deceased)

ר' מאיר נפתלי הערצקע אב"י בק"ק טי...

Menachem Mendel Jungreis (deceased)

Meshulam Jungreis (deceased)

Meshulem Jungreis (deceased)

Mirel Bracha Izak (Jungreis) (deceased)

Miriam Yitel Jungreis (Viener) (deceased)

Miriam Jungreis (Cohen) (deceased)

Miriam Slava Reinitz (Jungreis) (c.1898 - d.)

Mirol Bracha Jungreis (deceased)

Mordechai Jungreis (deceased)

Mordechai Meir Jungreis (deceased)

Mordechay Meir Jungreis (deceased)

moritz jungreis (deceased)

Morris Jungreis (1892 - d.)

Moshe Nosson Nota Halevi Jungries (1832 - 1889)

- Rabbi of Fehergyarmat for 27 years - Rabbi of Tiszafured for 21 - Wrote 'Toras Moshe Noson' and 'Menuchas Moshe' * * (See Encyclopedia Judaica entry for his father) ר' מ�...

Moshe Nosson Nota Jungreis (deceased)

Succeeded his father in law as Rabbi of Takaj, Hungary until the community's destruction in the Holocaust.

Moshe Nosson Jungreis (1911 - d.)

Slaughtered with his wife and six children in Auschwitz, 15 Sivan 1944, HY"D.

Moshe Jungreis (deceased)

Moshe Dovid Jungreis (deceased)