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Butautas Henrik Kęstutaitis (Gediminds), Prince of Drogichin MP (c.1345 - c.1380)

Butautas (baptized Henryk; died on May 7, 1380 in Prague) was a son of Kęstutis, Grand Duke of Lithuania. He attempted to depose his uncle Algirdas and usurp power in Lithuania, but failed and w...

Sigizmund Kęstutaitis (Gediminds), King of Lithuania MP (c.1365 - 1440)

Ruled (1432 - 1440), youngest son of Kęstutis and Birutė, brother of Vytautas. Killed by Švitrigaila supporters.

Patirg Kęstutaitis (Gediminds), Prince of Novgorod Severski (1348 - 1365)

Gardin Duke. Might be identical to Vytautas the Great.

Tautvilas Konrad kun Kestutaitis (Gediminds), Prince of Novohruda (c.1355 - 1390)

Vaidotas Kęstutaitis (Gediminds), Prince of Novahrudak (1330 - 1401)

Vaidotas or Wojdat (14th century – after 1401) was a son of Kęstutis, Grand Duke of Lithuania. In reliable historical sources he is mentioned only twice. According to the chronicles of ...

Vaidutis Butautaitis Kęstutaitis (deceased)

Vaishvilas Gediminds, Prince of Lithuania (c.1355 - d.)