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Rabbi Aaron Heller of Wallerstein MP (1490 - 1530)

Rabbi Aaron Heller, ABD of Wallerstein was son of Rabbi Moshe HaLevi Heller of Wallerstein, father of Yaakov Koppel HaLevi, ABD of Neumark, and grandfather of Naftali Herz (Hirsch) Halevi Neumark, ABD ...

Abraham Baruch Kahana Rapaport (Rappaport), ABD Livonia, Minsk, Vilna, Furth, & Grodno MP (c.1668 - 1746)

"Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien"Band II- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein-pg. 319 Since 1710, served as Rabbi in Fuerth.

Abraham I HaLevi Heller Wallerstein MP (deceased)

Mistake: Not Die Inschriften des akten Judenfriedhofes in Wien 1.Teil by dr. Bernhard Wachstein- no. 4 page 4. Wachstein corrected his mistake. See Rabbi Avraham II ben Moshe I Heller-Wallerstein Fränk...

Rabbi Abraham Elkanah Kahana Shapira, Chief Rabbi of Israel MP (c.1911 - 2007)

Avraham Shapira (Hebrew: אברהם אלקנה כהנא שפירא‎; 20 May 1914, Jerusalem[1] – 27 September 2007) was a prominent rabbi in the Religious Zionist world. Shapira had been the head of the Rabbinical court ...

Amalia Kahana-Carmon (Kahana) MP (1926 - 2019)

עמליה כהנא-כרמון (נולדה ב-1926) היא סופרת ישראלית, כלת פרס היצירה לסופרים ומשוררים (תשל"א), פרס ביאליק (1994), פרס נשיא המדינה לספרות (1997) ופרס ישראל לספרות (תש"ס). ביוגרפיה נולדה בשנת 1926 בקיבוץ עי...

Anna Graf (Heller) MP (1634 - 1716)

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Anna H Heller (Snavely) MP (1902 - 1981)

Anna Steele (Heller) MP (1495 - 1551)

Anna Catharina Muller (Heller) MP (1530 - 1617)

No evidence for parents.

Arye Leib Heller MP (deceased)

Not the same as Aryeh Leib Heller, Kahana Rabbi Aryeh Leib HaCohen Heller, auth. "Ketzot HaChoshen"

Rabbi Aryeh Leib HaCohen Heller, auth. "Ketzot HaChoshen" MP (1745 - 1812)

I have the whole yechious of the kahana family the kahanim theycome originally from the the country of Siget [sic] Any information that you would want contact the Franczoz Family Thank you.Sziget was t...

Rabbi Avrohom Duber Kahana Shapira, Rabbi of Kovno MP (1870 - 1943)

מתוך ויקיפדיה, האנציקלופדיה החופשיתהרב אברהם דוב כהנא שפירא (י"א בתשרי תרל"א - יג באדר א' תש"ג, 1870 - 1943), הרב האחרון של קהילת קובנה, מגדולי הפוסקים במאה העשרים.מצאצאי ר' חיים מוולוז'ין. בגיל 21 ניש...

Rabbi Avraham II ben Moshe I Heller-Wallerstein Fränkel, Maharal son in Law of #6 MP (b. - bef.1613)

According to the Fuerth Memorbuch 122, 8, the husband of Bela Heller Wallerstein who dies in Vienna is Abraham ben Moshe Levi Heller. See . Wachstein identifies him as Abraham ben Moshe Heller-Wallerst...

Rabbi Avraham haLevy-Heller, [of Lublin][s.#10 Tosfot Yom Tov] MP (1615 - d.)

Redundant recently duplicated profile with no added info, that should not have created in the first place! Better be removed. Redundant, recently duplicated profile with no added information. Should no...

Baruch Heller MP (1837 - 1905)

Bela Heller Wallerstein MP (deceased)

On page 517 Bernhard Wachstein, Inschriften etc., writes that Bela´s tombstone was at his time already hardly readable, but that her death must have been ca. 1615.In Wachstein I, p. 531, Wachstein corr...

Binem Heller MP (1908 - 1998)

Binem Heller ( Hebrew Wikipedia ) is a reknown Yiddish poet.You can hear one of his poems, "My sister Haya", read by his wife Hadassah here , and sang by Chava Alberstein here . It worths being heard. ...

Chantze Paneth Kahana (Paneth) MP (1821 - 1867)

Name listed on page 155 of Rabbenu Jecheskel: mit Aufnahmen des Verfassers, by Philipp Paneth (published 1927). : Should this death place say Sighet instead of Safed? * Reference: MyHeritage Family Tre...

Dean Heller, U.S. Senator MP

Arthur Heller (born May 10, 1960) is the junior United States Senator from Nevada and a member of the Republican Party. Heller was appointed by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to a vacant seat created b...

Debora Bernstein (Heller Lipman), [d.#12 Tosfot Yom Tov] MP (1620 - 1641)

Dvora (Dweril) Walich-Bachrach (Heller-Wallerstein) MP (b. - 1660)

The Loebtree : Jakob and Sarah had seven children together.1st born was Dweril Duberl MIRELS FRAENKEL-HELLER (b. about 1580?, d. 26 Sep 1660 Vienna) married Dr. Ascher Amschel WALICH (d. 3 Aug. 1620).R...

Dvora Lippman Heller (Katzenelenbogen) MP (1617 - d.)

Edward Heller MP (1851 - d.)

Correct birthplace was Richelbach, Germany.===United States Census, 1870==name: Edward Hellerestimated birth year: 1852gender: Male age in 1870: 18y color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, indian): ...

Erica Swiger, Source:

Pvt. Eli Heller, USA MP (1821 - 1887)

He married Elizabeth Ann Sowers at Pine Grove Furnace, Cumberland County, and fathered Eli Allen & Cordelia Mary (b. 1842 - Eli died at 10 months, Cordelia at 1 month), Joanna (b. Oct 30, 1843 - marrie...

Elisabetha Lackhner (Heller) MP (1575 - d.)

Elizabeth Heller (Hills) MP (1601 - 1670)

Emilie Arnstein (Heller) MP (1896 - c.1944)

Murdered at Auschwitz * Herman, né le 27 décembre 1884. Résidant à Quimper en octobre 1940. Déporté par le convoi n° 71 de Drancy vers Auschwitz le 13 avril 1944. ARNSTEIN Emilie, née Heller le 19 sept...

Engelberta Heller (Sieger) MP (1825 - d.)

United States Census, 1870==name: Elizabeth Hellerestimated birth year: 1826 gender: Female age in 1870: 44y color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, indian): White birthplace: Bien home in 1870: ...

Esther Heller (Luria) MP (bef.1631 - d.)

GrandDaughter of MaHarShaL

Fanny Matilda Heller (Gamber) MP (1864 - 1925)

Fanya Heller (Gottesfeld) MP (1924 - 2017)

Neil D Scheidt, Source:

PVT. (USA), Francis Kerns Heller MP (1844 - 1862)

Francis Kern Heller 8 Jun 1862 Charles Evans Cemetery Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania 93d Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Company B Recruited in Berks CountyHeller, Francis R. Private October 12, ...

Franz Josef Heller MP (1849 - d.)

Frieda Rebecca Kahana (Heilprin) MP (b. - 1832)

GEDCOM Source ===David Farkas Farkas Web Site אילן יוחסין MyHeritage אתר משפחתי: Farkas Web Site אילן יוחסין: 430427481-1 Discovery 430427481-1 MH:S500033 === GEDCOM Source ===Freda Rivka Kahana 3 1 MA...

Georg Heller-Pollack MP (1880 - aft.1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Heller-Pollack, Georg geboren am 04. März 1880 in Kattowitz (poln. Katowice)/Schlesien wohnhaft in Braunschweig INTERNIERUNG/INHAFTIERUNG 11. No...

Jerry Heller MP (1940 - 2016)

Jerry Heller was an American music manager and businessman. He was best known for managing West Coast rap supergroup and gangsta rap pioneers N.W.A and Eazy-E. He rose to prominence in the 1960s and '7...

Yom Tov Lippman Heller - "Tosfot Yom Tov" MP (1579 - 1654)

רבי גרשון שאול יום-טוב ליפמן הלוי הלר ולרשטיין (ה'של"ט 1579 - ו' באלול ה'תי"ד 1654) - (מכונה "התוספות יום-טוב") היה מגדולי חכמי אשכנז ופולין ומגדולי פרשני המשנה, בעל פירוש "תוספות יום טוב" על המשנה אשר...

Gittel bat Ascher Heller Wallerstein (Günzburg) MP (c.1565 - c.1600)

Gutl Wallerstein (Heller Wallerstein) MP (b. - 1644)

Haninai ben Mar Kahana II, 29th Exilarch Mar Huna VI MP (c.450 - 508)

Exilarch Mar Huna VI ben Kahana beni David was Exilarch (Exilarch [Hebrew: ראש גלות Rosh Galut, Aramaic: ריש גלותא Reish Galuta lit. "head of the exile", Greek: Æchmalotarcha], referring to the leaders...

Hans Hermann Israel Heller MP (1898 - 1966)

WARNING: In many internet sites, books etc .. there is a confusion between Hans Hermann Heller (this profile) and Hans Ewald Heller , both Hebrew and both music composer, both died in 1966 but one in B...

Hans Ewald Heller MP (1894 - 1966)

WARNING: In many internet site, books etc .. there is a confusion between Hans Ewald Heller (this profile) and Hans Hermann Heller , both Hebrew and both music composer, both died in 1966 but one in Qu...

Helen Heller (West) MP (1872 - 1955)

West Heller (1872 – November 19, 1955)[note 1] was an American painter, printmaker, poet, and illustrator.Heller was born Helen Barnhart[1] in Rushville, Illinois, the daughter of a farmer, boat builde...

Henele Heller Wallerstein MP (b. - 1662)

Privatbriefe 6A and 6B. Wachstein I Nr. 559

Herbert Curt Heller MP (1929 - 2021)

: Annette and Herb Heller By the time we reach our eighth or ninth decade, we likely have moments that have defined our lives. Sometimes it’s a test of strength or an act of resilience. Sometimes it’s ...

Prof. Dr. Jur. Hermann Ignatz Heller MP (1891 - 1933)

He was a German lawyer of Jewish descent and a teacher of constitutional law. He taught at the Universities of Kiel, Leipzig, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. In his book "Rule of Law or Dictatorship?" fr...

Ernie Steele, Source:

Ida Frances Orner (Heller) MP (1863 - 1940)

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Isidor Heller MP (1814 - 1879)

, Isidor (1814–1879), journalist, prose writer, and poet. Born in Mladá Boleslav (Ger., Jungbunzlau), Bohemia, Isidor Heller attended both a yeshiva and a secondary school; he hoped to become a rabbi. ...

Israel Moshe Samson Halevi Heller Frankel Wallerstein MP (b. - 1696)

Ittel Heller (Oettinger) MP (1784 - 1860)

R' Jacob (the Elder) HaLevi Koppel Heller Wallerstein (Mirels-Fraenkel), A.B.D. Neustadt MP (c.1565 - 1612)

Jakob KOPPEL FRAENKEL HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Austria, d. 15 Sept. 1612, Vienna, Austria) married Mirl Sarah TEOMIM (b. 9 Jan. 1575, Vienna, Austria, d. 21 Feb. 1639, Vienna, Austria) daughter of Dwerl ...

Jakob Ludwig Heller MP (1842 - 1920)

See his memoirs, Long Forgotten Events from Imperial Austria , Ariadne Press (and German version, Längst vergessene Begebenheiten aus Alt-Österreich , Novum Verlag).Review essay on Jakob Ludwig Heller'...

Jenni Heller (Gutmann) MP (1851 - 1898)

John Heller MP (1756 - 1834)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for PENNSYLVANIA with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor #: A054333 === GEDCOM Source ===@R1300406107@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Anc...

John Heller, Sr. MP (1739 - 1822)


John Heller MP (1757 - aft.1826)

Need help with parents.A Patriot of the American Revolution for PENNSYLVANIA with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A054336 Johannes served in the Revolution as a Private for Pa. He is recognized as ...

Joseph Heller MP (1923 - 1999)

Joseph Heller was an American author of novels, short stories, plays and screenplays. His best-known work is the novel Catch-22 , a satire on war and bureaucracy, whose title has become a synonym for a...

Kalman HaCohen Kahana MP (1910 - 1991)

Kalman Kahana Kalman Kahana (Hebrew: קלמן כהנא‎, 31 May 1910, Brody, western Ukraine – 20 August 1991) was a long-serving Israeli politician and journalist, and a signatory of the Israeli declaration o...

Laura Ann Light (Heller) MP (1844 - 1933)

Married Aug 16, 1860 Crawford County, OH Emanuel Light Ora Ann Light Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953 birth: 11 May 1844 —Crawford Co., Ohio death: 08 Jun 1933 —Damascus Twp., Henry, Ohio burial: 10 Jun 1933 par...

Lea Heller (Mann) MP (1799 - c.1880)


Lehmann Heller MP (1868 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs:Heller, Lehmanngeboren am 13. September 1868 in Pretzfeld/Ebermannstadt/Bayernwohnhaft in Nürnberg DEPORTATION ab Nürnberg 10. September 1942, Theresienstadt, ...

Leila Mabel Payne (Heller) MP (1881 - 1963)

Lena Bergstresser (Heller) MP (1750 - 1807)

Leo Heller MP (1876 - 1941)

Here is a wiki article in english, which has 1941 as DOD: Leo Heller (* 18. März 1876 in Wien; † um 1949 vermutlich in Berlin) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller und Drehbuchautor. Inhaltsverzeichnis...

Leopold Heller (Hilsner) MP (1876 - 1928)

Birth: Hilsner Affair (also known as the Hilsner Trial, Hilsner Case or Polná Affair) was a series of anti-semitic trials following an accusation of blood libel against Leopold Hilsner, a Jewish inhabi...

Lowdon B. Heller MP (1924 - 2016)

From his obituary: Funeral Home ObituaryOn February 24, 1924, at the Ideal, SD home of Charles and Dora (Bainbridge) Heller a baby boy was born. They named him Lowdon (a family sir name). Lowdon was th...

Ludmilla Heller (Gutmann) MP (1838 - 1873)

Ludmilla Beatrix Maria Arnhold (Heller) MP (1894 - 1976)

Mabel I Heller (Howett) MP (1889 - 1947)

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Mary Heller MP (1853 - d.)

Correct birthplace was Richelbach, Germany.===United States Census, 1870==name: Mary Hellerestimated birth year: 1854gender: Female age in 1870: 16y color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, indian): ...

Marta Kos (Heller) MP (1919 - 1989)

Early historian of gender in the camps:

Max Moses Heller MP (1919 - 2011)

Moses Heller (May 28, 1919 – June 13, 2011) was a businessman who served from July 13, 1971 to January 30, 1979 as the 29th mayor of Greenville, South Carolina. He was also a member of the Greenville C...

Sir Michael Aron Heller MP

business executive and philanthropist.

Mihaly Mechel Yechiel Kahan (Kahana) MP (1878 - 1944)

Possible reference to a Mechel Kahan as a witness to the marriage of Solomon Kahan to Chaje Szura in Romanian National Archives Baia Mare Branch Register Book # 284 page 32 line 28 Sighet - marriages.R...

Mira Myra Heller-Pollack MP (1920 - 1941)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Heller-Pollack, Mira Myra geboren am 26. Juni 1920 in Marköbel/Hanau/Hessen-Nassau wohnhaft in Braunschweig und in Hannover DEPORTATION ab Han...

Mirel Hirsh-Neumark (d. Abr. & Bella Heller-Wallerstein), [ Maharal] MP (1591 - c.1673)

Mirel Hirsh-Neumark [Gt.Granddaughter of MAHARAL]

Moshe I ben Abraham I Halevi Heller-Wallerstein MP (1520 - 1580)

Rabbi Moshe Heller-Wallerstein - Chief Rabbi of Germany - In-law of the Maharal of Prague. Moses HaLevi HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. 1520 Wallerstein, Germany, d. 1580), was Chief Rabbi of Germany. His son ...

Moshe II ben Abraham II Heller-Wallerstein MP (deceased)

Rachel LOEW (d. 1633 Prague) daughter of the Maharal of Prague married Abraham HaLEVI HELLER-WALLERSTEIN (b. Lubin, d. 3 Aug. 1572, Vienna, Austria) son of the Chief Rabbi of Germany, Moses HaLevi HELL...

Rabbi Moshe HaLevi Heller, [of Wallerstein] MP (bef.1475 - d.)

Rabbi Moshe Heller was ABD of Wallerstein, father of Rabbi Aaron HaLevi Heller of Wallerstein and grandfather of Yaakov Koppel HaLevi, ABD of Neumark.

Moshe Lipman Heller, [of Prague][s.#9 Tosfot Yom Tov] MP (1612 - 1662)

97 harosh v'hakatsin Moshe bn haGaon (Lipman Heller) 1662/63

Moshe HaLevi Heller-Wallerstein (Mirls) MP (1598 - 1668)

"Die Grabschriften des alten Judenfriedhof in Wien" - Dr. Bernhard Wachstein, Band I no. 632

Mrs. David Heller MP (deceased)

Mrs. Yehuda Leib Lippman Heller [of Brisk] MP (deceased)

Nachele (Nechama) Frankel-Mirels (Heller), [d.#4 Tosfot Yom Tov] MP (bef.1604 - 1632)

ii. NACHELE daughter of YOMTOV (7943) HALEVI HELLER, b. Bef. 1604; d. October 25, 1632, Vienna, Austria. "Die Grabschriften des alten Judenfriedhof in Wien" - Dr. Bernhard Wachstein, Band I no. 186

Rabbi Nachman HaCohen Kahana-Heller MP (aft.1785 - 1841)

Weber (genealogist) noted that Nachman was the youngest of Yehuda Kahana Heller's children. === GEDCOM Source ===David Farkas Farkas Web Site אילן יוחסין MyHeritage אתר משפחתי: Farkas Web Site אילן יוח...

Rabbi Natan Nata Kahana-Shapira MP (c.1720 - d.)

Book: The Unbroken Chain Author: Neil Rosenthal ISBN: 096105784X (Set) ISBN: 9780961057848 (Set)In Neil Rosenthal’s “Unbroken Chain”, page 771 starts with Nathan Nata Kahana-Shapira born ca 1725 and th...

Natan Lajos Lipmann-Heller (Lipmann-Heller [s#6 Tosfot Yom Tov]), Undocumented? [s#6 Tosfot Yom Tov] MP (1607 - c.1675)

Nathan Halevi Heller-Wallerstein MP (1561 - 1579)

redundant duplicate profile with no added info

Nissel Flekeles Horowitz (d.#5 Tosfot Yom Tov) MP (1606 - 1639)

iii. NISSEL daughter of YOM TOV (7943) HELLER, b. Abt. 1606; d. October 11,1639.240 Nissel e' r' Wolf Slawes bto shel haGaon byl Tosafot JomTov 1639/40

Paula Heller-Pollack (Stern) MP (1890 - aft.1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Heller-Pollack, Paula geb. Stern geboren am 21. Mai 1890 in Marköbel/Hanau/Hessen-Nassau wohnhaft in Braunschweig INTERNIERUNG/INHAFTIERUNG 10...

Pauline Friedmann (Heller) MP (deceased)

Peter Heller MP (1822 - d.)

United States Census, 1870==name: Peter Hellerestimated birth year: 1822 gender: Male age in 1870: 48y color (white, black, mulatto, chinese, indian): White birthplace: Bien home in 1870: New Yo...

Pierle Heller (Pollak), [1st wife] MP (b. - 1638)

Notes [hajoledet] Beierl (Peierl) e' Moshe bn haGaon Lipman byl tosafot jom tov bt mhr"r Selki j"Ts 1638/39

Rabbi R' Nathan Halevi Heller Wallerstein MP (1455 - 1509)

Rachel Heller (Ashkenazi) MP (1580 - 1654)

97 hazakineh harabbanit Rechel e' haGaon Lipman Heller haLevi 1654 (Footnote: Pinchas Horwitz m'Krakau was her great-uncle according to Gal-Ed p. 67)RACHEL HELLER (ASHKENAZI) daughter of MOSES AARON (1...

Rachel Heller-Wallerstein (Loew), [Maharal dau. #6] MP (1554 - 1633)

Rachel Loew *Born in 1554 - Prag / Tschechische Republik*Deceased in 1633 - Prague, aged 79 years old*Buried in 1633 - PragueMaharal daughter #4.Reichel bt haGaon Juda Loeb zTs”l e' Abraham Wallerstein...

Rachel Heller Frankel-Mirele (Heller Wallerstein) MP (1594 - 1664)

Alt. Rachel Neumark (Frankel)1913-1996- Eger Family Association- pg. 3 - according to this source she was born 1612"Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band I- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstei...

Rachel Jane Rinehart (Heller) MP (1818 - d.)

Raizel Segal Kahana (Heller), [d.#1 Tosfot Yom Tov] MP (1595 - 1639)

Or born 1595: Family Records of Vivian Kahn, ( ).

Rebecca Fraenkel Mirls (Koppel Heller Wallerstein) MP (1600 - 1659)

"Die Grabschriften des alten Judenfriedhof in Wien" - Dr. Bernhard Wachstein, Band I no. 506