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R' Nathan Nata Kahana-Shapira, A.B.D. Tomaszow Lubelski, Tyszowce and Siemiatycze MP (deceased)

אב בית דין טומשוב (מחוז לובלין) &...

?? Shapira (Kahana-Shapira) (deceased)

R' Aaron Samuel Kahana-Shapira, A.B.D. Szczebrzeszyn (deceased)

Aharon Shmuel Kahana Shapira (b. - 1756)

asher eliezer kahana shapira (deceased)

Chana Shpitzer (Kahana Shapira) (1885 - 1955)

Chana Spitzer (Kahana-Shapira) (c.1884 - 1955)

Chaya Elka Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

Chaya Michle Kahana-Shapira (Levi) (1855 - 1917)

Chaya Kahana-Shapira (זיסל) (b. - 1863)

David Kahana Shapira (deceased)

קרוב לודאי שהוא ר' דוד הכהן, מחב&...

Eidel Golda Zoref Salomon (Kahana Shapira) (1830 - 1906)

R' Eliezer Kahana-Shapira, estabished the Kolel Austria-Galicia (deceased)

Ester Gittel Kahana Shapira (deceased)

First wife Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

Frieda Gitel Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

Haim Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

Henna Reizel Kahana Shapira (Zacks) (b. - 1976)

Israel Haim Joshua Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

R' Jacob "Zesheliner" Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

Mordechai Hacohen Kahana-Shapira (Shapira) (deceased)

Rav Moshe Hacohen Shapiro of Niesvizh,

Moses Kahana-Shapira (1893 - 1962)

Moshe Shlomo Kahana Shapira (deceased)

Rabbi Avraham Duber Kahana Shapira (1870 - 1943)

מתוך ויקיפדיה, האנציקלופדיה ...

R' Israel Kahana-Shapira, A.B.D. Wodzislaw (deceased)

אב בית דין וואדסלאב מהקיהילו...

Rabbi Moshe Natan Kahana-Shapira (c.1852 - c.1936)


Rabbi Yehuda Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

Rabbi Meir Atlas' sons-in-law included Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman,[2], Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski and Rabbi Yehudel Kahana Shapiro, the son of Rabbi Zalman Sender Kahana Shapiro.. Rabbi Meir Atlas was...

Rabi Nachum kahana - Shapira (deceased)

Rachel Kahana Shapira (Perlman) (c.1875 - c.1943)

Shapiro RakhelRakhel Shapiro nee Perlman was born in Minsk, Russia ( now Belarus) . She was a rabbi's wife and married. Prior to WWII she lived in Kowno, Lithuania. During the war she was in Kowno, Lit...

Rachel Blidstein (Kahana-Shapira) (deceased)

rachel kahana shapira (deutsch) (deceased)

Rachel Lea Friedman (Kahana Shapira) (1904 - 1972)

Rachel Friedman (Kahana-Shapira) (1895 - 1972)

Rav Shlomo Zalman sender Kahana Shapira (1851 - 1923)

Rav Zalman Sender Kahana-Shapira was born in Nisowiz, in the Minsk region, to Rav Moshe Shapira Kamenetzky, Av Beit Din of Lida and son in of-law of Rav Chaim of Volozhin. Zalman Sender Kahana Sh...

Rebetzen Kahana-Shapira (Atlas) (deceased)

Refoel Yakov Kahana Shapira (deceased)

Rivka Shapira (deceased)

sam kahana - Shapira (deceased)

R' Samuel Judah Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

Sara Podhorzer (Kahana Shapira) (deceased)

Sarah Podhorcer (Kahana - Shapira) (deceased)

R' Saul Isaac Kahana-Shapira (b. - 1857)

אב בית דין וואדסלאב, פילץ

Sheindel Shapira (Kahana Shapira) (deceased)

shlomo zalmen kahana shapira (deceased)

R' Solomon Zalman Shapira (c.1887 - 1935)

Wife of R' Israel Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

Wife of R' Jacob Babad (Kahana-Shapira) (deceased)

Wife of R' Nathan Nata Kahana-Shapira (deceased)

R' Jehiel Asher Samuel Kahana-Shapira, A.B.D. Jalin (1789 - 1852)

אב בית דין זשעלין,עלה לירושלי�...

Yocheved Zaks (Kahana Shapira) (deceased)

Yochevet Devora Sacks (Kahana-Shapira) (1860 - 1947)

R' Zvi Asher Kahana-Shapira (c.1853 - 1938)

תלמידו של ר' חיים נתן דמביצר,אב &...

אסתר פייגל פרלמן (Kahana-Shapira) (deceased)