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Chana de Vitry (bat Meir Kalonymos), Rashi Gd.dau. ("Hanale Lady of Vives") MP (1080 - d.)

Yocheved's daughter, Chanah, was a teacher of laws and customs relevant to women. Controversy exists whether women taking up the obligation to light Shabbat candles along with a bracha originated wit...

Eleazar "the Great" Kalonymos MP (c.1030 - c.1066)

According to his birth and death years - he is too late on the tree! According to this info, he and his grandfather were born in the same year, 1030. YB ---------------------------------------- R...

Meshulam Kalonymos Hagadol MP (900 - c.1020)

Kalonymus Family Jewish Encyclopedia Meshullam HaGadol / Meshullam the Great Wikipedia Kalonymos or Kalonymus (Hebrew: קלונימוס‎) is...

Meshullam Kalonymos MP (deceased)

Moshe HaZaken Kalonymos MP (deceased)

רבי משה הזקן שיסד "אימת וראותי&#x...

Shemaya Kalonymos MP (deceased)

Shimon HaGadol of Mainz MP (c.970 - 1020)

R' Shimon authored many liturgical compositions that have become part of our Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and yom tov prayers. He also wrote the poem Baruch Hashem Yom Yom which is part of the Shabbat mor...

Yitzhak Kalonymos MP (c.1120 - d.)

Yosef Kalonymos MP (deceased)

Kalonymos (1096 - 1127)

#4 unknown bat Rav Eliezer (Kalonymos) (deceased)

(wife of Rabbi Meshulam) Kalonymos (deceased)

? Kalonymos (deceased)

Bat Benabun Tzorfati of Troyes (Kalonymos) (1015 - 1036)

Bonna bat Kalonymos II (deceased)

David Kalonymos (deceased)

David Kalonymos (deceased)

Eleasar Kalonymos (1190 - 1266)

Eleazar Kalonymos (b. - 1126)

Fromet Kalonymos (deceased)

Itzhak Bar kalonymos (deceased)

Jehuda ben Jitzhak Kalman "Juedlin" Kalonymos (Kohen) (1248 - 1328)

Jitzchak Jerachmiel Klaman "Benditte" Kalonymos (Kohen) (1225 - 1309)

Kalonymos Gaon of Lucca (Kalonymos) (765 - d.)

Kalonymos Kalonymos (c.1096 - c.1127)

Kalonymos ben Moshe (Kalonymos) (1099 - c.1160)

Kalonymus ben Yehuda Kalonymos (685 - d.)

Kolonimos Kalonymus Ben David Kalonymos (b. - 1527)

Leah Miriam Bat Yitzchak Kalonymos (deceased)

Meshulam Kalonymos (deceased)

Meshulam Kalonymos (720 - d.)

Moshe Kalonymos (deceased)

Moshe ben Shmuel (Kalonymos) (1145 - 1215)

Moshe III ben Kalonymos (1022 - 1085)

Moshe of Speyer ben Jechutiel (Speyer Kalonymos) (1075 - 1150)

Mrs. Meshulam Hagadol Kalonymos (deceased)

Rav Abba kalonymos (935 - d.)

Reina bat Kalonymos of Narbonne (deceased)

Shmuel ben Kalonymos (Kalonymos) (1120 - 1190)

Shonlin Jaffe (Kalonymos) (deceased)

Simon (the Elder) kalonymos (deceased)

Yehoshua Kalonymos (deceased)

Yehuda Kalonymos (635 - d.)

Yekutiel of Speyer Speyer ben Moshe (Kalonymos) (1045 - 1110)

Yitzhak Kalonymos (deceased)

Yitzhak Kalonymos (b. - 1096)

קלונימוס Kalonymos (875 - d.)