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? Katzenelson (deceased)

? Katzenelson (deceased)

Abraham Katzenelson (deceased)

Abram Katzenelson (b. - 1939)

Aharon Katzenelson (deceased)

Basya Katzenelson (deceased)

Bella Zevin (Katzenelson) (1894 - 1964)

Benjamin Katzenelson (c.1932 - 1942)

Bentzion Katzenelson (c.1930 - 1942)

Benyamin Katzenelson (deceased)

Chaim Katzenelson (b. - c.1914)

David Katzenelson (Nelson) (deceased)

David katzenelson (deceased)

Dvora Ratosh (Katzenelson) (deceased)

Eva Nelson (1898 - 1981)

Eva was born in Klintzk (near Mozer) Belarus.She was the only daughter in a large family of boys. She came to the US in 1913(according to the 1930 census data) Eva married to Sam Lipetz on March 25...

Goldy Katzenelson (Cohen) (deceased)

Hanna Katzenelson (b. - 1942)

Herschel "Harry" Katzenelson (c.1871 - 1949)

Herschel was born in 1871 in Belarus. He was married at the age of twenty-two. He came to the United States in 1910. His wife Sarah and four youngest children were not able to come for fifteen years.In...

Hinda Katzenelson (Davidowitz) (deceased)

Ida Katzenelson (deceased)

Itzhak Katzenelson (deceased)

Jacob Binyamin Katzenelson (deceased)

Janet katzenelson (hornung) (deceased)

Lea Shalit (Katzenelson) (1865 - d.)

Lean Monin (Katzenelson) (deceased)

Lena Zapasner (Katzenelson) (1886 - 1970)

Meir Katzenelson (deceased)

Michla Levine (Katzenelson) (1887 - 1921)

Mikhal Katzenelson (deceased)

Moshe Katzenelson (1888 - 1968)

Musia Katzenelson (deceased)

Musya Katzenelson (deceased)

nahum katzenelson (deceased)

NAJA Juliane Ruth Katzenelson (Holm) (1936 - 1991)

Nisha (Nisson) Katzenelson (c.1840 - d.)

Nissan was a cohen.

Peshe Itkin (Katzenelson) (deceased)

Peshel Katzenelson (1886 - 1951)

pesia katzenelson (deceased)

Pessia Katzenelson (Lubanow) (1870 - d.)

Pesya Pinsker (Katzenelson) (deceased)

Rachel Katzenelson (deceased)

Rachel Katzenelson (Szpilberg) (1906 - d.)

Rosa Katzenelson (1935 - 2001)

Salomon or Zalman? Katzenelson (deceased)

Sarah Kaztenelson (c.1874 - 1934)

Sheindel Feinstein (Katzenelson) (deceased)

Shifra Katzenelson (deceased)

Simon Katzenelson (deceased)

Sofia Katzenelson (c.1906 - 1986)

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Sonia Szyma Dwojra Katzenelson (1883 - 1942)

Tamara Katzenelson (deceased)

Tzilya Katzenelson (deceased)

Tzvia Katzenelson (Katsnelson) (deceased)

Yakov Katzenelson (deceased)

Yitzhak Yechiel Katzenelson (1886 - 1944)

Zina Monoson (Katzenelson) (deceased)

Zvi Katzenelson (1926 - 1944)

Itzhak Katzenelson and his son Zvi were deported on the seventy-second RSHA transport from France which arrived at the Birkenau ramp on 1 May 199. This transport contained 1,004 Jewish men, women and c...