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Amelia 'Amy', 'Emma' Keeble/Kibble (Brown) MP (c.1804 - 1878)

Amelia Brown appears to be referred to as Amy, Amey or Emma, in various places. Census records indicate that she was born in Chislehurst in Kent. Possible marriage to Thomas Kibble: Thomas Kibble, ...

Amy Keeble MP (deceased)

George Augustus Keeble MP (c.1635 - bef.1665)

George Keeble The earliest reference to George Keeble that I have is a grant issued to "Robert West 2 Aug 1652, deserted, and now granted by order &c. Importation of 14 persons: Michael Maxfield, Jno...

Margaret Gwynn (Keeble) MP (1663 - d.)

Margaret Keeble (daughter of George Keeble and Margaret Boyd )201 was born Abt. Mar 1663 in Christchurch, Middlesex, Virginia, and died date unknown. She married John Gwyn on 27 Feb 1678 in Middlesex, ...

Mary Peyton (Keeble) MP (1637 - 1678)

Walter Keeble MP (c.1632 - d.)

Woodrow Wilson Keeble, MSG MP (1917 - 1982)

Master Sergeant Woodrow Wilson Keeble (May 16, 1917 - January 28, 1982) was a U.S. Army National Guard veteran of both World War II and the Korean War. He was a full-blooded member of the Sisseton Wahp...

{Unknown} Keeble MP (deceased)

Nancy Seymour (Keeble) MP (1882 - d.)

Parish marriage record shows: Arthur Edwin Keeble in entry for Thomas Chelver Seymour and Annie Eliza Keeble, "England Marriages, 1538–1973 " Name: Thomas Chelver Seymour Birth Date: 1873 Birthplace...

? Alice Shaw (Keeble) MP (1886 - 1958)

???Eliza Keeble MP (deceased)

????Henry James Keeble MP (deceased)

Absalom Keeble MP (deceased)

Ada Alice KEEBLE MP (1883 - d.)

Agnes Mary Keeble (Scott) MP (1847 - 1884)

Albert Keeble MP (1924 - d.)

Albert Henry Keeble (Hueck) MP (c.1884 - c.1932)

Alene Keeble (Kirby) MP (deceased)

Alfred Sidney Keeble MP (deceased)

Alfred Thomas Keeble MP (1865 - d.)

Alfred Thomas Keeble was born 1875 in Chiselhurst Kent and lived there all his life, apart from a period in nearby Poplar, where the children were born, living at 307 Manisty Street Poplar in 1891, whe...

Alfred Keeble MP (1828 - 1830)

Alfred James Keeble MP (1889 - d.)

Alfred James Keeble was born in Greenwich in about 1889, and lived with his parents and sisters at 4 Orchard Cottage, Perry Street, Chiselhurst, Kent until he was 18. He then enlisted in the army at Wo...

alfred james keeble MP (deceased)

Alfred James keeble MP (deceased)

Alice KEEBLE MP (1866 - d.)

Alice (Keeble) Vincent MP (deceased)

Alice Maud (Elsie) Deverill (Keeble) MP (1888 - 1980)

Alice M Keeble married Ernest A Deverill in the September Quarter of 1913 in the Bromley District of SE London / Kent. Alice Keeble in 1901 England & Wales Census Gender: Female Birth: Circa 1889...

"Layler" Alice Keeble MP (bef.1868 - d.)

There are no recorded births of a Layler, or Leila, Keeble - so maybe this was a nickname. Appear to be sisters to Eliza Hannah with names Harriet and Alice - so could be either of these - most likely ...

Alice D. Voltz (Keeble) MP (1878 - 1968)

Alice Erle Keeble (Beasley) MP (1920 - 2000)

daughter of Peter R. & Ida L. Beasleymarried 15 Dec 1950, Fayette Co., TN* Updated from Find A Grave Memorial by SmartCopy : Jun 21 2015, 12:09:25 UTC

Amanda Sarah Edmondson (Keeble) MP (deceased)

Amy Keeble (Stanard) MP (b. - c.1996)

Andrew D. Keeble MP (1885 - 1938)

Andy R. Keeble MP (1897 - 1985)

Ann Keeble MP (1758 - d.)

Ann Keeble 1758 - ? Birth: 1758 Kent? Family members Husband: William Keeble 1758 - ? Son: Thomas Keeble 1801 - 1870

Ann Keeble (Seymour (Seamour)) MP (c.1802 - c.1875)

Ann Keeble MP (1697 - d.)

Anna Keeble (Fay) MP (1910 - 1989)

Anna Eliza Keeble (Gamble) MP (deceased)

Anne Keeble MP (1859 - d.)

Anne Wood Keeble (Glendinning) MP (1856 - 1919)

Anna "ran off with an Englishman" when her parents would not give her permission to marry at the age of 17. Children of Anna and Edward Keeble: 1. Margaret (unmarried) 2. Donald 3. Edward 4. ...

anne keeble MP (deceased)

Anne Keeble (Hardin) MP (1715 - d.)

Anne Rudland (Keeble) MP (1724 - d.)

Annie Margaret Keeble (Humphrey) MP (1916 - 1997)

Annie Rose Ann Keeble (Pointon) MP (deceased)

Annie Eliza Keeble MP (deceased)

Antoinette Keeble (Dubois) MP (1913 - 1992)

Antoinette Quintal (Keeble) MP (1934 - 1984)

Arriet Amelia Keeble MP (1831 - 1898)

Arthur Edwin Keeble MP (c.1854 - d.)

Likely christening record: Arthur Edwin Keeble, "England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975" Name: Arthur Edwin Keeble Gender: Male Christening Date: 16 Oct 1853 Christening Place: SIDCUP,KENT,EN...

Arthur Francis Keeble MP (deceased)

Arthur William Keeble MP (1919 - 1936)

Arthur Alexander Frederick Keeble MP (1903 - 1978)

Arthur Keeble MP (1833 - d.)

Arthur Frederick Keeble MP (deceased)

Arthur William Keeble MP (deceased)

Arton Keeble MP (1874 - 1956)

Astrid Viktoria Keeble (Svensson) MP (1906 - 1985)

Flyttade till San José 1916-12-06

Bess Keeble (???) MP (deceased)

Betty Keeble MP (deceased)

Blossom Keeble (Wahcawin) MP (1926 - 2007)

Burrell Keeble MP (deceased)

Catherine Boyd Keeble MP (1814 - 1887)

Charles Meckfer Keeble MP (1884 - d.)

Charles George Keeble MP (1872 - d.)

Probably born and lived in Chiselhurst in Kent for his whole life. Probably never married, and reputedly a bit 'slow'. Was living with brother Alfred and family in 1911, and both were working as laundr...

Charles Frederick Keeble MP (deceased)

Charles S Keeble MP (deceased)

Charles William Keeble MP (deceased)

Charles Robert Keeble MP (1866 - 1953)

Charles Robert Keeble MP (deceased)

Charlotte Ann Grant (Keeble) MP (c.1857 - d.)

Charlotte Keeble/Kibble MP (c.1826 - d.)

May have died young - does not appear on the 1841 census list, when she would have been 15. Though she could have gone off to work and left home.

Charlotte Ann Keeble MP (1860 - 1860)

Chris keeble MP (deceased)

Christina Beazley (Keeble) MP (deceased)

Christine Margaret Tiney (Keeble) MP (c.1892 - c.2000)

Clara Isabel Keeble (Denney) MP (1912 - 1991)

Clara A Fison (Keeble) MP (1872 - 1939)

Clement Keeble MP (c.1819 - d.)

Clive keeble MP (deceased)

Constance Fowler Keeble (Fowler) MP (1910 - 1992)

Cynthia Fay Rawlings (Keeble) MP (b. - 2016)

Daisy Joyce Keeble (Brandon) MP (deceased)

Dana Keeble MP (deceased)

Deborah Keeble (Copsey) MP (deceased)

Denis Keeble MP (1910 - 1992)

Dolce may Keen (keeble) MP (deceased)

Doris Annie Wild (Keeble) MP (deceased)

Dorothy "Bug" Campbell (Keeble) MP (1926 - 2004)

Dorothy Keeble (Reade) MP (deceased)

Edith Ida Keeble (Properjohn) MP (deceased)

Edward Ernest KEEBLE MP (1871 - d.)

Edwin Augustus Keeble MP (1807 - 1868)

Keeble was born in Cumberland County, Virginia, and later moved to Rutherford County, Tennessee, serving as mayor of Murfreesboro from 1838 to 1855. He served in the Tennessee state legislature in 18...

Edwin Augustus Keeble, Sr. MP (1905 - 1979)

Edwin Keeble was born into a distinguished Tennessee family. His father was an attorney and later the dean of the law school at Vanderbilt University and his paternal grandfather was a State Repres...

Edwin August Keeble, Jr. MP (1944 - 1969)

WASHINGTON, March 19, 1969 – A funeral service for First Lieutenant Edwin Augustus Keeble, Jr, of the Marine Corps will be held tomorrow at 3 P.M. in the Fort Myer Chapel in Arlington National Cemete...

Eileen Mary Trevanion (Keeble) MP (1914 - 2004)

Eleanor Hubbard (Keeble) MP (1907 - 2006)

Elijah keeble MP (deceased)

Eliza Bugg (Keeble) MP (1832 - 1921)