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Felix Maxwell Keesing MP (1902 - 1961)

Felix and Marie Margaret Martin married 21 Jul 1928 Auckland, who committed suicide several months later, daughter of Frederick Samuel Martin and Alice Maude Peart. They immigrated to the USA in 1945 a...

Henry Keesing MP (1791 - 1879)

Henry Keesing was born in Amsterdam, Holland, in the Netherlands, on 31 December 1791, the second son of Tobias ben Hartog and Clara Jacobs de Jong. His Jewish name was Hartog ben Tobias but he officia...

John Hudson Keesing MP (1878 - aft.1967)

John married, had no children, and was still alive in 1967. He was a commissioned pilot 22 Mar 1945 NZ Air Force. Ref (Military Record):

Marie Margaret Keesing (Martin) MP (1904 - 1961)

Marie Margaret Keesing (née Martin) (December 1, 1904 – July 13, 1961) was an anthropologist and educator with strong ties to the Pacific. With a degree in anthropology from the University of New Zeala...

Roger Keesing MP (1935 - 1993)

Roger M Keesing 1940 United States Federal Census Birth: Circa 1936 - Hawaii, USA Residence: 1940 - 2475 Tusitala St, Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Parents: Felix M Keesing, Marie M Keesing...

? Keesing MP (deceased)

Abraham Keesing MP (1829 - 1860)

Abraham and Esther Isaacs were married 25 Jul 1855 Auckland by ESQ Henry Keesing, the third daughter of Samuel Schmuel Isaacs of London and Catherine Gittela Hartog (Kate) from London. Abraham and Esth...

Abraham Keesing MP (1848 - 1906)

Twin of Wolff. Abraham and Simcha Orgelist Cardozo married 5 Nov 1885 Amsterdam, daughter of Abraham Cardoza and Rachel Nunes Vaz. Simcha was the widow of Samuel Orgelist married 7 Mar 1877, who was fr...

Abraham Henry Robert Keesing MP (1866 - 1946)

Abraham and Amelia Minnie Slater (Minnie Slater) married 2 Apr 1895 Suva Fiji, daughter of James Slater. They divorced Sep 1921. Abraham’s mother was bed ridden for a week due to his marriage to Minnie...

Abraham Israel Keesing MP (1841 - 1841)

Abraham Henry Keesing MP (1862 - 1926)

Abraham and Isabella Bubier Parker married 1886 Victoria AU, daughter of William Frederic Parker of London and Catherine Laing Walker of Scotland They were married non-Jewish and was unforgiven for man...

Abraham Keesing MP (1888 - 1889)

Abraham Tobias Keesing Keesge MP (1794 - 1822)

Abraham married his cousin Deborah Levi Keesing 16 May 1821 Amsterdam, daughter of Levie Hartog Keesing and Mechel Rachel Metz Penemacor. Abraham’s brother Tobias Keesing was a witness at their wedding...

Abraham Tobias Keesing MP (1754 - 1810)

Abraham was a carpenter. Family references: ef: Ref:

Abraham Simon Keesing MP (1743 - 1748)

Abraham Hartog Keesing MP (1760 - 1773)

He was a twin to Levi

Abraham Keesing MP (1883 - 1976)

Abraham and Sara married 29 Jun 1909 Amsterdam, daughter of Abraham Simon Snuijf and Henriette Simons. After Sara died, Abraham married Sara Levie (Akevoth: Sara van Voolen) 3 Mar 1920 Rheden Holland, ...

Abraham Levie Keesing MP (1806 - 1850)

Bruidegom: Abraham Keesing Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 26 Beroep: venter milicien Vader bruidegom: Levie Hartog Keesing Geslacht: Man Moeder bruidegom: Rac...

Abraham Rossini Keesing MP (1862 - 1912)

Abraham and Elizabeth Gallop (Cyclone) Miles married 4 Nov 1893 Scot’s Church in Fremantle AU, born 27 Mar 1872 Roebourne AU during a cyclone and died 28 May 1946 Perth (Karr-tta Cemetery), daughter of...

Adelaide Emma Keesing MP (1925 - 2016)

Addie served in the Women’s Army Medical Corp during World War II. After the war she moved to Baton Rouge La. in the early 1950’s and resided with Marie Gail Touchet who she met in the Army, born 8 Nov...

Adelaide Sarfaty (Keesing) MP (1861 - 1930)

Jacob immigrated to New York in 1886 and Adelaide immigrated to New York in 1859. In the 1881 England Census, she resided at 47a Crispin Street in Whitechapel with their mother Sarah Swalef Keesing and...

Adelaide Keesing MP (1889 - 1914)

He was a janitor and she was an operator. Incorrectly transcribed as Wardie in 1900 census census 1900 Adelaide Keesing 1910 United States Federal Census Birth: Circa 1890 - New York, Unite...

Adelaide Keesing MP (1875 - aft.1906)

Adelaide and John Foley married 1894 Manhattan. census 1881 census 1900 census 1910 census 1920 census 1930 census 1940

Agnes Keesing MP (1906 - 1906)

Albert Barnet Keesing MP (1865 - 1931)

Louise was previously married to William Dearborn 29 Jun 1883 Newark NJ. Louise was the author of “Before the War or The Return of Hugh Crawford” by Eldee Keesing. Their 1923 Seattle address was “Albt ...

Albert (Berti) Keesing MP (1909 - 1984)

Albert and Phyllis May Dawson married 30 Jan 1930 Sydney AU. Albert then married Gladys Caroline Mailllard 1946 AU who died 18 Jun 1967 Ryde AU of a heart attack (Woronora Cemetery Sutherland Wales AU)...

Alice Catherine Keesing MP (1935 - 2011)

Alice married Harold William Wilson (Harry) 25 Jun 1955 Baton Rouge La, son of Robert and Elizabeth Wilson. Alice was a legal secretary for 30 years then at LSU before leaving the workforce. Harry wa...

Alice Dorothy Keesing (Mellor) MP (1895 - 1967)

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Alice Margaret Keesing (Foot) MP (1919 - 1986)

Allan Lindsay Keesing MP (1918 - 1993)

Allan married Margaret Donoghue Ashurst, daughter of Henry and Margaret Ashurst. She is listed in the passenger list with her brother Henry and parents on the Athenic from Auckland to Liverpool Nov 1927.

Alma Doris MacKen (Keesing) MP (1901 - 1986)

Alma and Frederick Raymond Macken married 20 Feb 1929 NZ. They resided in Wellington.

Alma Doris Macken (Keesing) MP (1901 - 1986)

Alvine Margarette Keesing (Carscadden) MP (1923 - 2018)

Alvine was christened at St. Peters Church 144 Grand St. Jersey City. She died 14 May 2018 Baton Rouge LA (age 94) 12:35PM at the Nottingham Nursing Home room 200A from a stroke the day before. She cou...

Amelia Keesing (Isaacs) MP (1835 - 1913)

John and Amelia married 4 Jul 1860 at his parent’s residence Waterloo Quadrant Auckland by his father Henry Keesing Esq. Amelia was the youngest daughter of Samuel Schmuel Isaacs of London and Kate Cat...

Amelia Mindela Keesing MP (1815 - d.)

Amelia Keesing MP (1862 - 1935)

Amelia and Louis Behrens Jul 1879 Prestwich England, son of Isaac Behrens. In Mar 1901 they resided at Bury New Road Manchester and was a Furrier. In 1911 she resided at 34 Chester Rd. Southport Engl...

Amiel Isaac Keesing MP (1906 - 1971)

Amiel and Gladys Lily Goldberg (Lily) married 27 Jul 1925 NZ and had two children. Amiel also married Mary Agnes Middlemiss Hartley 27 Jul 1933 Auckland NZ. Then he married Ms. Dolly 1945[e], born 12 J...

Andre Keesing MP (1910 - 1944)

Annaatje (Anna & Hannah) Joseph Keesing MP (1816 - 1895)

Twin to Debora. Anna and Jacob Myers married Jul 1849 Manchester Lancashire England, son of Isaac and Frances Myers. Anaatje resided with her sister Rachel Jul 1849 London prior to the wedding. Anna ...

Annabel (Ann) Keesing MP (1933 - 1987)

Ann and Roderick Maurice Agnew (Derick Agnew) married 1961 NZ. They published the “Keesing Family History” 1987 ISBN 0-473-00922-6, “A Colonial Cousinhood” 1985, “A Pioneer Dutchman in Auckland”, and n...

Anne Pinto (Keesing) MP (c.1817 - 1895)

Anne Keesing MP (1857 - 1858)

Anthony (Tony) Gordon Keesing MP (1930 - 1986)

Tony and Shirley married 13 Feb 1954 St. John’s Anglican Church Trentham Wellington NZ officiated by Canon Smallfield, Shirley wore a layered white organza styled with a bodice of Valenciennes lace, ne...

Arnold Keesing MP (1885 - 1949)

Arnold and Francisca Agnes Antonia Gunzel married Wednesday 31 Jul 1912 Amsterdam, daughter of Johannes Stephanus Gunzel and Catharina Abramsen. Arnold and Francisca were school teachers of Mathematics...

Arnold (Nol) Frans Keesing MP (1919 - 1982)

He was a Teacher and never married.

Arthur Lewis Keesing MP (1906 - 1985)

Arthur and Noela Joyce Marienthal married 16 Jun 1940 Sydney, daughter of Harold Sydney Marienthal and Phoebe E. L. Cohen. He was a Lieutenant in the 1st/19th Battalion Australian Army 1932. He was the...

Arthur Abraham Keesing MP (1922 - 2000)

Arthur and Alvine Margarette Carscadden married 15 Aug 1942 Lafayette Reform Church Jersey City, New Jersey. Arthur met Alvine while walking along Kensington Ave Jersey City after Alvine had visited ...

Barbara Eve Keesing MP (1936 - 1936)

Barnet Issachar Keesing MP (1819 - 1874)

Hannah was the daughter of Samuel Solomon (1782-1856) and Rebecca Moss (1788-1864) who immigrated to Australia 1835 on the ship Britomart. It was his idea for his parents to move to New Zealand. In 183...

Barnet Henry Keesing MP (1853 - 1932)

Barnet was a jeweler in 1908 and resided on Queen Street. He married Hannah Rachel Bloom 12 Jun 1878 at Auckland’s Emily Place Synagogue by Rabbi Moses Elkin, They had five children. “Larceny of a Ri...

Barnet Judah Keesing MP (1882 - 1966)

In the 1940 US Survey Barnet was single, rented at 1251 Vallejo in Oakland, was a machinist at a can making company and at Nathan-Dohrmann making $2100/yr. His sister Grace was also a Clerk as was his ...

Barrington (Barry) Ralph Keesing MP (1872 - 1958)

Barrington married Ida Maria Caro 4 Jan 1898 NZ,daughter of Louis Levi and Rosetta Caro. Ida was the sister of Blanche who married Thomas Ralph Keesing. Barry was an excellent mimic, a genius at charad...

Beena Van Staveren (Keesing) MP (1892 - 1984)

Bernard David Keesing MP (1927 - 1927)

Bernhardt Julian Keesing MP (1907 - 1988)

Bernhardt and Joan Ellen Margaret Evans married 24 Apr 1936 Auckland, Joan was a Jehovah Witness. He then married Joyce Irvin Bambury 12 May 1950 NZ.

Beryl Frances Keesing MP (1889 - 1917)

Beryl and John Parker (Jack) married 1912 NZ, son of Robert and Gregoriana Parker.

Bessie Eunice Keesing (Spooner) MP (1913 - 1953)

Bessie Keesing MP (1888 - 1974)

Bessie and Oscar Cohen married 17 Dec 1911 Manhattan NY, son of Samuel Cohen and Julia Uditz. census 1900 marriage census 1920 census 1930 census 1940

Betti McKane Keesing MP (1925 - 2013)

She was stationed at Townsville Australia Jan 1945 while in the Australian Women’s Core. Betty was a Machine Operator, enlisted 13 Jan 1944 for 12 months, single, mustered 1 Sep 1945.

Betty (Bet) Muriel Keesing MP (1922 - 2015)

Betty and Clifford James Williams married 1945 Auckland, divorced 1951, then married Leonard James Perry 1957 Auckland. Len served in the NZ Air Force and survived an airplane crash that killed 12 of t...

Betty May Wood (Keesing) MP (1924 - 2011)

Betty and Keith Carson Wood married 24 Nov 1945 Perth, born 1922 Victoria AU and died 8 Mar 1992 Victoria. He was a Sergeant in WWII serving in the 116th antiaircraft regiment.

Blanche Lilian Keesing (Caro) MP (1880 - 1950)

Thomas and Blanche married Thursday 27 Dec 1900 Auckland, daughter of Louis Levi and Rosetta Caro. Blanche was the twin sister of Ida who married Barrington Keesing.

Brian Desmond Keesing MP (1935 - 1988)

Caroline Gila Nathan (Keesing) MP (1817 - 1884)

John was a tailor, made toilet soap, then later a merchant. They immigrated to Providence Rhode Island 1846 with John and her brother Thomas and moved to New York City in 1859. They resided at 1817 Mad...

Caroline Keesing MP (1867 - 1943)

Caroline resided at 209 Sarphatistraat Amsterdam with her sister Abigael’s family in January 1943. No children listed. census 1871 Bruidegom: Hermanus Vintura. Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam. Leeftijd: ...

Caroline Cummane Keesing (Nash) MP (1834 - 1901)

Caroline was the daughter of Samuel and Hannah Nash, and was previously married to Patrick Cummane. Children with Patrick Cummane: 1870/15021 Cummane Amy Montague 1872/15632 Cummane Minnie Caroli...

Catharina Keesing (Hornung) MP (1898 - 1966)

Leo and Katharina Hornung (Catherina Hornung) married 1911 Hamburg Germany, Her parents were from Hamburg Germany and the marriage was opposed by Leonard’s parents (probably being she was 15 years old)...

Cedric (Syd) Vivian Keesing MP (1909 - 2000)

Cedric (Syd) and Bessie Eunice Spooner married 20 Apr 1935 (died 1 Jan 1953 Auckland (Waikumete Cemetery – Anglican section). They divorced and he married Mavis Marion Dunlop 1951 NZ (died 22 Sep 2011 ...

Charlotte Mary Keesing (Grove) MP (deceased)

Clara Keesing MP (1836 - 1893)

Clara and Abraham Joel Salomons married 9 Jun 1869 Amsterdam (Civil) and 13 Jun 1869 Jewish wedding, son of Joel Mozes Salomons and Klaartje Abraham Brilleslijper. Clara was a Nursery School Mistress. ...

Clara Keesing (Salek) MP (1855 - 1944)

Clara (Gele) Jacobs Keesing (de Jong) MP (1760 - 1837)

Claude Trevor Keesing MP (1898 - 1983)

Claude and Kathleen McCarthy married 9 Feb 1932 NZ, born 26 Aug 1898 NZ and died 2 Nov 1978 NZ. Claude is in an article of the New Zealand Tablet dated 10 Sep 1908 at the Convent of Mercy High School s...

Claude Trevor Keesing MP (deceased)

Colleen Rae Norton (Keesing) MP (1927 - 2014)

Collen Rae Keesing MP (deceased)

Constance Gwendoline Keesing MP (1917 - 2006)

Twin to Philip. She married Mr. Hobbs. Connie’s favorite hobby is decorative card-making.

David Keesing MP (1834 - 1898)

David and Dina van Praag married 3 Nov 1858 Amsterdam, daughter of Levie Abraham van Praag and Betje Makelaar. They resided at 517 Rapenburgerstraat Amsterdam then 385 Foeliedwstraat. They moved to Par...

David Keesing MP (1877 - 1927)

David married his cousin Elizabeth Van Voolen 17 Sep 1903 Weesp, daughter of Mozes van Voolen and Rachel Keesing. She was a teacher and he was a journalist and Financial Specialist for a Dutch, French ...

David Stapleton Keesing MP (1976 - 1976)

David Keesing MP (1879 - bef.1881)

Debora Levie / Leib Keesing Keesge MP (1791 - 1866)

Abraham married his cousin Deborah 16 May 1821 Amsterdam. Abraham’s brother Tobias Keesing was a witness at their wedding. They had a stillborn daughter. After Abraham died 25 Sep 1866 Amsterdam, Debor...

Debora Keesing MP (1834 - 1912)

Deborah and Carel Lion Cachet married 12 Aug 1874 Wednesday Amsterdam, son of Meijer Kalman Cachet Pach and Heva Polak. They had no children. Debora then married Isaac J. Muller, died after Jun 1912. ...

Debora Joseph Keesing MP (1816 - d.)

Deborah (Kate) Yates (Keesing) MP (1849 - 1898)

Kate was the first Keesing born12 Oct 1849 on the US west coast aboard the steamer ship Barque Inchinnan entering San Francisco harbor. She is buried next to her sister Hattie Veroni at Home of Peace C...

Dina Keesing MP (1894 - 1981)

Dinah Keesing MP (1854 - 1913)

Dinah and Simon Spiro married Feb 1887 Prestwich England. In 1871 Dinah's family resided in Cheetham England where she was employed as a dressmaker.

Dolly Keesing (NN) MP (1886 - 1984)

Donald Beaumont Keesing MP (1933 - 2004)

Donal D B Keesing 1940 United States Federal Census Birth: Circa 1934 - England Residence: 1940 - 2475 Tusitala St, Honolulu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Parents: Felix M Keesing, Marie M Keesing ...

Donald Ernest Keesing MP (deceased)

Doris Marjorie Keesing MP (1900 - 1987)

Doris and Charles Norman Pryor married 18 Jun 1924 NZ.

Doris Keesing MP (1892 - d.)

Dorothea Keesing MP (1884 - 1884)

Dorothy D Keesing MP (1898 - 1981)

Dorothy and Donald Harnett married 1 Sep 1928 Bronx.

Earnest Izzy Keesing MP (1917 - 1987)

The family had moved to Australia after his mother Rosina died. The online quote below by his granddaughter Kristin, “A very pleasing dinner took place at the Strand Café as a send-off to Mr. Ernest ...

Edward Albert Keesing MP (1927 - 1998)

Edward and Coralie Joy Hicks married 4 Jan 1956 Perth, born 20 Feb 1929 Geraldton AU and died 27 Apr 1997 Perth. She was a school teacher.

Elisabeth Hannah Jacobs (Keesing) MP (1885 - 1953)

Elisabeth was a deaf mute. She married Monroh Jacobs (Monroe Jacobs) 21 Jun 1908 San Francisco CA. The marriage was performed at her parents’ home at 2821 Laguna Street by Rabbi Bernard Kaplan of the B...

Elisabeth Keesing MP (1853 - 1936)

Elisabeth and Aaron Jacobson Jan 1877 Prestwich Lancashire England. In 1881 Elisabeth and Arron resided on Hilton St Broughton England and had a servant Katherine Atkins. In the 1891 England Census t...

Elisabeth Keesing MP (1872 - d.)

Elisabeth married Michel Beiguel 17 Nov 1895 Paris France, born 15 May 1868 Paris France. They divorced and Michel married Mathilde Bloch 3 Apr 1902, born 9 Jan 1874.

Elisabeth Emmy Keesing MP (1911 - 2003)

Elisabeth and Dr. Hendrik Willem van Tricht married May 1972. He was a Philologist and a retired headmaster. In 1941, Dr. Elisabeth was an Assistant at Batavia University, during the war she secretly t...