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? von Keseberg (von Vesperte) (deceased)

Ada Keseberg, Donner Party (1843 - 1847)

Ada had a twin sister who died after the Kesebergs arrived in the United States from Germany -- see "The Missing Keseberg Child" in Donner Party Bulletin 14. When the First Relief left the lake cam...

Aleidis von Keseberg (von Vöhl) (deceased)

Anna von Keseberg (von Schönstadt) (deceased)

Caroline Kemmann (Keseberg) (deceased)

Elizbeth Keseberg (Gabriel) (1796 - d.)

Franciscus Keseberg (1796 - 1882)

Gerlach von Keseberg (c.1293 - d.)

Gerlach von Keseberg (b. - c.1293)

Gertrudis von Keseberg (von Imminghausen) (b. - c.1359)

Gertrudis von Keseberg (deceased)

Gumpert von Keseberg (deceased)

Hedwig von Keseberg (deceased)

Heinrich von Keseberg (deceased)

Heinrich von Keseberg (deceased)

Heinrich von Keseberg (deceased)

Helene Keseberg (c.1707 - d.)

Lewis Keseberg, Donner Party (1846 - d.)

This baby was presumably given his father’s full name, but he is always referred to as "Louis (or Lewis), Jr." He was apparently born on the overland journey. On June 3, 1846, diarist Edwin Brya...

Louis Keseberg, Donner Party (c.1814 - 1895)

Only he and his wife survived. Their two small children and three teamsters all died. Lewis Keseberg was born in Germany on 22nd May, 1814. He was married on 22nd June, 1842, and two years later emig...

Minnie Koch (Keseberg) (deceased)

Phillipine Keseberg, Donner Party (c.1823 - c.1877)

Virginia Reed Murphy recalled, "She was a pretty little woman, humble and unassuming proud of her husband and afeered of him... she made excuses for him." Philippine was pitied as a battered wife. Hei...

Sophie von Keseberg (deceased)

Widekind von Keseberg (deceased)