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L. Kinsella MP (1882 - 1912)

Mr L. Kinsella Age: 30 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: at 7 Canal Walk Southampton Hampshire England - Map Occupation: Fireman / Stoker Last Ship: Aragon Engine crew ...

Kinsella (deceased)

Kinsella (deceased)

(Sister) Kinsella (deceased)

(sister) Kinsella (deceased)

? Kinsella (deceased)

? Fardy (Kinsella) (deceased)

? Kinsella (deceased)

?? Kinsella (deceased)

??? (deceased)

Adam Kinsella (deceased)

Adrienne Kinsella (Maddock) (1944 - 1984)

Agnes Kinsella (deceased)

Agnes May Carter (Kinsella) (1888 - 1981)

Agnes Gillen (Kinsella) (deceased)

Albert Henry KINSELLA (1874 - 1954)

Alice Cody (Kinsella) (1837 - 1912)

Alice Kinsella, of Kilballyhugh (b. - 1793)

Alice Lyness (Kinsella) (1871 - d.)

Alice Kinsella (deceased)

Alice Kinsella (O' Neill) (1859 - 1951)

Alice Kinsella (Lewis) (1914 - d.)

Alice (Udil) Cullen (Kinsella (Kaplinski)), of Killbally (1741 - 1793)

A Polish Jewess whose family were Frankists. Her father Dan Kaplinski took the Irish surname of Kinsella when he came to Ireland.

Alicia Clara Kinsella (1854 - 1931)

Amelia Kinsella (c.1836 - c.1838)

Anastasia Kinsella (deceased)

Anastasia Kinsella (Breatherwhite) (deceased)

Daisy Kinsella (deceased)

Anastasia Carroll (Kinsella) (deceased)

Anastasia Byrne (Kinsella) (deceased)

Anastatia Toole (Kinsella) (deceased)

Anastatia Kinsella was the second wife of Patrick Toole. His first wife bore him two sons named Patrick, the first of whom is presumed to have died in his first year(1851) as the second Patrick was bap...

Anastatia O'Toole (Kinsella) (c.1861 - 1947)

Anastatia Alice O'Carroll (Kinsella) (c.1891 - 1963)

Married to Martin F O'Carroll, emigrated from Cobh with Martin and two daughters, Ann 6.5yrs and Margaret 4yrs. SS Celtic. Sailed 21st October 1920. Docked 29th October 1920. Lived at 514W 13th St. NY....

Anastsia Kehoe (Kinsella) (c.1868 - d.)

Andrew P Kinsella (deceased)

Andrew (Andy) Kinsella (deceased)

Andy Kinsella (deceased)

Andy Kinsella (deceased)

Andy Kinsella (deceased)

Angela Mary (1901 - 1997)

Angela Kinsella (deceased)

Ann Kinsella (1866 - 1944)

Ann Peterson Larzaretti (b. - 2004)

Ann Kinsella (Hatchell) (deceased)

Ann Amelia Smith (Kinsella) (1838 - 1917)

Ann (Connelly) Kinsella (Connelly) (1826 - d.)

Ann Cecilia Kinsella (Sweeney) (c.1895 - c.1968)

Ann Theresa Ogan (Kinsella) (1927 - c.1991)

Anna Agnes Ryan (Kinsella) (b. - 1937)

Anna Kinsella (McKee) (1946 - 1972)

Anna Emily Long (Kinsella) (1879 - 1947)

Anna Eliza Kinsella (1865 - d.)

Anna E. Rohlfing (Kinsella) (1913 - 1976)

Anna Lee Kinsella (deceased)

Mary Disnard (Kinsella) (1860 - d.)

Anne Kinsella (Cavenagh) (b. - 1891)

Anne Kinsella (McTaggart) (deceased)

Anne Kinsella (deceased)

Anne Kinsella (deceased)

Anne Nolan (Kinsella) (deceased)

Anne kinsella (deceased)

anne kinsella (deceased)

Anne Kinsella ((Kinsella)) (c.1852 - 1921)

Anne Kinsella (1836 - c.1902)

Baptism: 24 April 1836 St Patrick, Toxteth, Lancashire, England Anne Kinsella - Daughter of Timothy Kinsella & Jane (formerly Maers) Born: 13 Apr 1836 God Parents: John Kinsella; Anne French Baptised...

Anne Kinsella (1896 - 1897)

Annette Kinsella (Morrison) (deceased)

Annie Kinsella (McDonnell) (deceased)

Annie Wall (Kinsella) (c.1922 - 2009)

Ann Kinsella (1848 - 1919)

Annie KInsella (deceased)

Annie Elizabeth Kinsella (1889 - d.)

Annie (Nan) Kinsella (Dempsey) (1907 - d.)

Annn McDonough (Kinsella) (deceased)

Antoinette Kinsella (Uridel) (1905 - c.1954)

Araminta Kinsella / Jefferson (Vore) (1855 - 1933)

Arthur Kinsella (deceased)

Austin Kinsella (deceased)

Bartholomew Kinsella (deceased)

Ben Kinsella (deceased)

bernadette kinsella (deceased)

Bernadette Kinsella (deceased)

Bernard Kinsella (deceased)

Bernice Gertrude Spence (Kinsella) (deceased)

Bernice Burke (Kinsella) (1905 - 1964)

Bernie Kinsella (deceased)

Beryl Kinsella (Price) (1922 - d.)

Betty Kinsella (Pender) (deceased)

Betty Rose Kinsella (King) (1922 - 2003)

Betty Kinsella (deceased)

Bishop William Kinsella (Kaplinski) (1796 - d.)

Bob Kinsella (deceased)

Bob Kinsella (deceased)

Bobbye Kinsella (deceased)

Bodel Kinsella (deceased)

Bonnie Kinsella (Dirkes) (deceased)

Breda Kinsella (deceased)

brendan kinsella (deceased)

Brian Kinsella (deceased)

Brian John Kinsella (deceased)

Brian Kinsella (deceased)