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Cecilia Kohn-Zerkowitz (Kohn-Boschan (Kohn or Bosany)) MP (1794 - 1885)

Cecilia (Kohn-Boschan) Knopfelmacher Zerkowitz was born in Ilava, Trencin Co., Hungary in 1794, and died in Trencin on 9 February 1885, age 90 years. She was married first, about 1816, to David Knopfel...

Jacob Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1761 - c.1827)

As a young man, Jacob Kohn-Zerkowitz left Moravia and followed his brother Lazar over the border to Trencin, Hungary. He is said to have lived in Trencin for a few years during the early 1780s, then la...

Jonathan (Mayer Jonas) (Markus Jonas) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (1765 - 1821)

Mayer Jonas Kohn-Zerkowitz was the youngest son of Juda Löbl Kohn-Zerkowitz. At various times in his life, he is seen as "Mayer Jonas", "Markus", "Jonas", and "Jonathan" . He was born after his ...

Lazar (Eleazer) (Lazarus) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1756 - 1809)

The recent discovery of a set of notes made by a Zerkowitz descendant [Emil Zerk (1892-1988)] shows that the brothers Leopold and Nathan Kohn-Zerkowitz of Trencin City were not the sons of Simon Kohn-Z...

Leopold (Juda Löbl) (Jehuda Aryeh-Leib) (Löw) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (c.1720 - 1765)

Leopold had the Hebrew name of "Yehuda Aryeh Leib Kohn", meaning "Lion". As an adult, he was known as "Leib" or as "Leopold". His family was "kohane", meaning they were descendants of Aaron, the first ...

Michael Löbl Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (1748 - 1822)

Michael Kohn-Zerkowitz moved with his parents from Zverkovice to Mahr. Weisskirchen [now Hranice, Czech Republic] in the early 1760s. He was the only Zerkowitz son to remain in that area. Jewish record...

Nanetta (Netty) (Nany) (Anna) Tauber (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (1815 - 1900)

Nanetta (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Tauber, known alternately as "Anna", "Netty", and "Nany", was born in Trencin City in 1815 and was still alive in 1890. Her deathdate is unknown. It is believed that she left T...

Nathan Samuel (Nesanel) (Sándor) Kohn-Zerkowitz MP (1783 - 1847)

Nathan Samuel (Nesanel) (Sandor) Kohn-Zerkowitz was b. in Trencin, Hungary in 1783, and remained there his entire life. Upon his father's murder (prior to 1809), rights to his father's residence in Tre...

Salomon Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) MP (c.1743 - 1809)

Salomon Kohn-Zerkowitz was the eldest son of Juda Lobl Kohn-Zerkowitz. As a young adult, he moved to Prague where he was to remain for the rest of his life. Records show that he was a wealthy merchant ...

(daughter) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1797 - d.)

(son) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1799 - d.)

It is possible, but not yet proven, that he was identical with David Kohn (b. Trencin, 1799, d. Trencin, 16 June 1867). Research is ongoing to confirm this.

(unidentified son) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1745 - d.)

He was likely Nathan (or Nesanel), but proof of this is still lacking. By tradition, he is said to have remained in or near his town of birth, and used the surname KOHN -- never "Zerkowitz" or "Kohn-Ze...

Abraham (Lazar-Abraham) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1817 - 1840)

Lazar-Abraham Kohn-Zerkowitz was known throughout his life as "Abraham Kohn". He died in Trencin City on 23 May 1840, age 23.

Anna Sontag (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1758 - d.)

Anna Kohn-Zerkowitz moved with her parents to Mahr. Weisskirchenm (Hranice), Moravia in the early 1760s. When she married Leopold Sontag in October 1793, her age was given as 35.

Anna Fränkel (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1822 - d.)

Anna Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1835 - 1837)

Babeth (Betti) Kohn-Zerkowitz (Hoffman) (1786 - c.1871)

Babeth Zerkowitz (Hoffman) was born in Turzovka, Trencin Co., Hungary in 1786. She was deceased by 1871.

Barbara (Babeth) Diamand (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1778 - 1854)

Listed as witnesses on her marriage record (20 July 1797) are Barbara's father, "Simon Zerkovitz" [Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz, c1754-1817], and her uncle, "Jonas Zerkovitz" [Markus Jonas Kohn-Zerkowitz, 1765...

Barbara (Elisabetha) (Babeti) Kohn-Zerkowitz (Graner) (1768 - 1836)

Barbara is listed in the 1828 census of Obuda, Hungary as "Barb. Czerkowitz".

Bela Kohn-Zerkowitz (1804 - d.)

Bernard (Baruch) Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1821 - 1883)

In 1870, "Bernhard Zerkowitz, goldabeiter" [Geldarbeiter?], was living at 2, Praterstr. 65 in Vienna.

Bernard (Dov-Ber) (Bernát) Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (c.1824 - 1894)

Bernard Kohn-Zerkowitz was named in honor of his great-grandfather, Bernard Pick (c1740-c1822), who died in Trencin City a couple of years prior to his birth. In the 1848 Jewish census of Trencin, Be...

Cecilia (Zily) (Zwiele) (Cvile) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1802 - 1819)

Chaja Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1813 - 1830)

Chaja Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1809 - 1818)

She was named in honor of her paternal grandmother, Chaja (Pick) Kohn-Zerkowitz (b. c1763) of Trencin.

Chaja Kohn-Zerkowitz (Pick) (c.1763 - 1787)

The 1781 Jewish census of Trencin shows that Chaja was living in her parents' household, along with her newlywed husband, "Lazarus Konn". She was deceased by 1795 when her husband, Lazar Kohn-Zerkowitz...

David Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1784 - 1846)

As a young man, David Zerkowitz continued to reside in Mahr. Weisskirchen even after his parents moved to Leipnik. David's name appears on a list of Familianten in Mahr. Weisskirchen, 6 May 1805, when ...

Eleonora (Veronika) (Rivka Elke) (Elisabeth) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1775 - 1849)

In 1826, Eleonora Kohn-Zerkowitz, widow of Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz of Trebitsch [Trebic], was able to secure for her only son, Jacob Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz, the rights to Familiant #76. Jacob Samuel, as hi...

Emil Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1856 - d.)

Emilie Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1861 - d.)

Ernestina (Ester) Rosenberger (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1795 - 1848)

In June 1847, Ester was referred to as "Ester Rosenberger, daughter of Simon KOHN". In all other entries, however, she is seen as Ester (Zerkowitz) Rosenberger. She died in Trebitsch, Moravia (househol...

Ester Kohn-Zerkowitz (Bredscheimer) (1770 - 1793)

Listed on her 1787 marriage record is "Vatter" [father] Selligman Bredscheimer. Ester died in Novy Bydzov in 1793.

Eva (Chawa) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1813 - 1816)

Eva (Chawa) Zerkowitz was born while her parents were living in the home of a "Christian family" in Leipnik.

Fanni (Fradl) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1817 - 1818)

Fradl Kohn-Zerkowitz (1726 - 1809)

Fradl, widow of Juda Lobl Zerkowitz, spent her remaining years in the home of her second son, Michael, in Mahr. Weisskirchen, Moravia [now Hranice, Czech Republic]. She died in household #113 in Mahr. ...

Franciska ("Fany") (Fradl) Triescher (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1829 - 1896)

Guttl Kohn-Zerkowitz (Deutsch) (1753 - 1839)

At the time of her death, Gutl (Deutsch) Zerkowitz was residing in household #4 in Leipnik's Jewish quarter. Her death record refers to her as Gutl Zerkowitz, age 86, widow.

Henrietta (Judith) (Jetta) (Jetty) (Jitl) Kohn-Zerkowitz (Bachrach) (1800 - 1868)

Herman Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1828 - d.)

Isaac Wilhelm (Isac) (Isaias Wolf) Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1816 - 1888)

Isaac (Isaias) Wolf Zerkowitz, son of Lobl Zerkowitz, familiant of Leipnik, left Leipnik as a young man, and moved to Boskovice, Moravia. He is seen living there as early as 1849. At age 31, he and Ama...

Jacob Kohn-Zerkowitz (1787 - 1789)

Jacob Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz (1808 - d.)

Jacob Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz was born in Brtnice on 20 February 1808, the son of Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz and his second wife, Eleonora (also known as Veronika). He was a twin to his sister, Karolina. In 18...

Joachim Kohn-Zerkowitz (1790 - c.1790)

Johanna (Handl) (Hanny) Berliner (Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz)) (1806 - 1873)

Johanna Zerkowitz was born in household #29 in Leipnik's Jewish quarter. Her birth record lists her as "Hendl". It is also significant that it refers to her as "Hendl KOHN", daughter of "Lobl ZERKOWITZ...

Juda Löbl Kohn-Zerkowitz (1796 - 1808)

Julianna (Julie) (Judith) Spitzer (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1834 - 1913)

She was named in honor of her great-grandmother, Judith Pick (b. c1742) of Trencin City.

Julie Pick Fuchs (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1857 - d.)

Wedding record 364 - 18.9.1881

Karolina (Clara) (Gelle) (Ganine) Furcht (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1808 - 1885)

Karolina (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Furcht was a twin to her brother Jacob Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz. Although Familianten records of Brtnice state they were born in "March 1808", their actual date of birth was 20 F...

Katharina Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1827 - 1832)

Katharina ("Katty") Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1842 - d.)

Leopold (Juda Löbl) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1774 - 1833)

Juda Löbl Zerkowitz was also known as "Leopold Zerkowitz", and was the eldest son of Michael Lobl Kohn-Zerkowitz. He moved to Leipnik as a young man and resided there in household #94. Later, he...

Leopold (Lebel) Kohn (Jehuda Aryeh Leib Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1782 - 1852)

Leopold Kohn-Zerkowitz had the Hebrew name of "Jehuda Aryeh Leib" -- named in honor of his paternal grandfather, meaning "Lion". He was born in Trencin in early 1782, and was known throughout his life ...

Maria (Malka) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1763 - d.)

Jewish records for Mahr. Weisskirchen, Moravia [now Hranice, Czech Republic] show that Malka, daughter of Löbl, was born in 1763. In the margin next to this entry, it indicates that she was also...

Marie Grosz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1813 - 1883)

Marie (Zerkowitz) Grosz's age is given as 35 in the 1848 census, and as 69 years, 10 months, when she died in June 1883.

Marie Waldner (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (c.1819 - 1862)

Even though Marie (Zerkowitz) Waldner's age is given as 45 when she died on 24 February 1862, she appears to have actually been 43 at the time. Although she and her family were residents of Trencin meg...

Marie Turcsan (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (c.1786 - d.)

Markus (Meir) Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1793 - 1859)

Markus Zerkowitz moved to Leipnik with his parents between 1809 and 1816. Following the death of his father in 1822, he and his family occupied the Zerkowitz residence (household #29 in Leipnik's Jewis...

Mina (Minna) (Mirel) Soudek (Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz)) (1815 - 1891)

The obituary of Minna (Zerkowitz) Soudek (April 1891) indicates that she was survived by her son, Ludwig Soudek, by two daughters, Auguste Ziffer and Sidonie Ehrlich, by a daughter-in-law, Melanie Soud...

Miriam ("Mirly") Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1839 - 1840)

Moses Abraham Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1811 - 1878)

Moses Abraham Kohn-Zerkowitz lived in Turzovka, Trencin megye, Hungary, a town to the north of his birthplace of Bittse. He remained a member of the Bittse synagogue and is listed in the Bittse Jewish ...

Nanetta ("Netti") ("Nany") Ascher (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1830 - d.)

Paulina (Pessel) (Josephina) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1760 - 1786)

Pessel [aka Josephina, Paulina], first wife of Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz, was likely born in Trebitsch, Moravia about 1760. However, she may have been related to Abraham Trenschiner of Trebic, and possibly ...

Philip (Feisch) Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1830 - 1908)

United States immigration records show that Philip Zerkowitz, age 35, from Vienna, arrived in New York City, 17 September 1866, on the ship "Palmyra". He likely stayed for only a short period of time, ...

Rachel Schweinburg (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1785 - d.)

Rachel Kohn-Zerkowitz was born in household #10 in Trebitsch (Trebic). Her birth record calls her Rachel, daughter of "Simon Lobl Kohn" and wife "Pessel", and Abraham Trenschiner of Trebitsch -- possib...

Rebeka Kohn-Zerkowitz (1770 - 1836)

Rebeka Tüchler (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (c.1781 - 1817)

Familianten records of Gross Meseritch, Moravia [now Velke Mezirici, Czech Republic] refer to her as Rebeka Tüchler geb. Kohn. However, when her daughter Katharina was married in Trebic, Moravia...

Regina (Reizl) (Veronica) Beer (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1805 - 1866)

Brtnice Familianten Records: Isak Beer; wife Regina; son Simon b. 23 Aug 1824; son David b. 4 Nov 1825

Rosa Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1865 - d.)

Rosalia Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1834 - d.)

Rosalia (Rachel) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1790 - c.1822)

Rachel, first wife of Nathan Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz, died in Trencin about 1822. She was also known as "Rosalia."

Rosy Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1831 - 1832)

Rozalia (Rozsal) Frommer (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (c.1751 - d.)

Rosalia Zerkowitz moved with her parents to Mahr. Weisskirchen, Moravia in the early 1760s. Her first husband was a Sontag, but his first name has not yet been discovered. Her second husband was the mu...

Sali Kohn-Zerkowitz (1765 - 1850)

She was the second wife of Lazar Kohn-Zerkowitz, and was married to him about 1796. She was the mother of a daughter born about 1797, and is said to have also had a second child, a son born about 1799....

Salomon Kohn-Zerkowitz (1786 - 1788)

Sámuel (Nesanel) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1851 - 1851)

Sara (Rosalia) (Sali) Jassowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (c.1799 - 1865)

Rosalia [Sara] Kohn-Zerkowitz, known as "Sali", was born in Brtnice, Moravia about 1799. However, in 1850, her age was overstated as 54 and, at death in 1865, it was again overstated as 72. Proof that ...

Sara (Zartl) Kohn-Zerkowitz (Herlitschek) (c.1777 - c.1821)

In the birth record of daughter Bela in 1804, Sara's maiden name is given as GUTMANN. However, in the birth records of all of her other children, she is Sara (or Zartl) HERLITSCHEK. She died shortly af...

Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1822 - c.1831)

Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz was named in honor of his grandfather's brother, the wealthy Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz (c1754-1817) of Trebic, Moravia.

Simon Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1838 - 1900)

Simon Zerkowitz was a merchant. As a young man, he left Trencin City and joined his older brother, Philip, in Vienna. He later went to Budapest and then Bachau, where he worked, doing business in Turke...

Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1827 - c.1827)

Simon Kohn (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1837 - 1908)

Simon Löbl Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1754 - 1817)

Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz was born in Zerkowitz, South Moravia [now Zverkovice, Czech Republic] and moved with his parents to Mahr. Weisskirchen in the early 1760s. As a young man, he settled in Trebitsch [...

Unnamed Son Kohn-Zerkowitz (1791 - 1791)

Veronica ("Veroni") Hirsch (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1777 - 1849)

When she died in Holesov, Moravia on 29 November 1849, her death record refers to her as "Veroni Hirsch, widow of Weisskirchen familianten Jakob Hirsch, age 71". She was actually 72 at the time of her ...