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Bhagyanathan Komarath MP (c.1916 - c.1999)

“As a professor, he influenced many minds As a magician, he entertained millions As a husband, fifty years of marital bliss As a father, full of love and affection He stood tall and proud and a...

Dr.Chandrasekaran Komarath MP (c.1920 - c.2012)

Gurudas Komarath MP (c.1934 - c.2008)

Kousalya Komarath MP (deceased)

Krishnan Komarath MP (deceased)

Ramadas P Komarath MP (c.1932 - c.1938)

Sarojini Komarath MP (c.1922 - c.2000)

Satyabala Pallisseri Theke Komarath MP (c.1911 - c.1991)

Sivaram MP (c.1924 - c.2005)

Swarnakumari Pallisseri Thekke Komarath MP (c.1917 - d.)