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Ana López Olguin MP (c.1665 - c.1705)

Ana López Olguin MP (1610 - c.1687)

Anna Maria Lopez Olguin MP (deceased)

Capitán Juan López Olguin MP (1559 - 1626)

In March 1599 don Juan de Onate wrote the viceroy of Neuva Espana and requested additional soldier and families to help strengthen the colony that had been established. With approval, the recruitment...

María López Olguin MP (1663 - d.)

Salvador Abendaño López Olguin MP (1637 - 1695)

Salvador was able, along with his wife and nine children, to escape the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. He was forty-four in 1681, when he was described as a native of New México, married, vare dary and ...

Antonio López Olguin (1684 - d.)

Carlos López Olguín (deceased)

Cristóbal López Olguin (1637 - d.)

Juan López Olguin (1655 - 1690)

Juana López Olguin (1659 - d.)

Ysabel López Olguin (1648 - d.)