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Aniceto Ledesma Lacson MP (1857 - 1931)

Aniceto Lacson was a sugar farmer, a revolutionary general and a businessman. More here:

Isaac Araneta Lacson MP (1889 - d.)

Isaac Araneta Lacson is a lawmaker and a governor from Negros Occidental. More here: .

Panfilo Lacson MP

Panfilo "Ping" Morena Lacson, Sr. (born June 1, 1948) is a Filipino politician who served in the Senate of the Philippines from 2001 to 2013. He was Director-General of the Philippine National Police...

"Idang" ??? Lacson (deceased)

? Jamora (Lacson) (deceased)

??? Lacson (deceased)

??? Lacson (deceased)

??? Lacson (deceased)

A. Lacson (deceased)

Adel Lacson (deceased)

Adoracion Lacson 1.131.110 (1879 - 1958)

Adriano Mansanilla Lacson (deceased)

Agustina Lacson (Suarez) (deceased)

Agustina Petronilla Lacson (deceased)

Agustina Suarez Lacson (deceased)

Albert Lacson (deceased)

Alberto Lacson Sasis (deceased)

Alberto Lising Lacson (deceased)

Alejandro Tayag Lacson (deceased)

Alfredo Malonzo Lacson (deceased)

alipio lacson (deceased)

Amado Lacson (deceased)

Amado Lacson (deceased)

Amancia Maliwat Lacson (deceased)

Ambrosio LACSON (deceased)

Amparo Sison Lacson (deceased)

Amparo G.Lacson 1.135.660 (deceased)

Amparo Lacson (deceased)

Amparo Lacson (deceased)

Anacleto Suarez Lacson (1843 - d.)

Anastacia Cadigal (Lacson) (deceased)

Anastacio Pamintuan Lacson (c.1880 - 1915)

Anatalia O. Lacson (deceased)

Andrea Mendoza Lacson (deceased)

Andrea de la Flor lacson (deceased)

Angela Lacson (deceased)

Angeles G.Lacson 1.135.650 (1911 - d.)

Aniceto Suarez Lacson (1841 - d.)

Anselma "Selma" David Lacson (deceased)

Anselmo Petronila Lacson (deceased)

Antonio Lacson (deceased)

Antonio Jocsing Lacson (deceased)

Antonio Lacson (deceased)

Antonio Lacson (1836 - 1849)

Antonio Lacson (deceased)

Anunciacion Lacson (deceased)

Apolinaria Rabago Lacson (deceased)

Apolonia Petronilla Lacson (1885 - c.1921)

Apong Daling Tuazon-Lacson (deceased)

Arcadio Rabago Lacson (deceased)

Arcenio Lacson (deceased)

Ariel Serafin Hilario Lacson (deceased)

Arsenia Topacio LACSON (deceased)

Arsenio Lacson (deceased)

Arsenio Sison Lacson (1911 - 1962)

Arsenio Lacson was a Filipino journalist and politician who gained widespread attention as Mayor of Manila from 1952 to 1962. More here:

arsenio butch lacson jr (deceased)

arsenio hilario Lacson (deceased)

Asterio Lacson (deceased)

Atanasia Pamintuan Lacson (deceased)

Augusto Lacson (deceased)

Aurea Lacson Cabardo (deceased)

Aurea Canlas Lacson (Canlas) (deceased)

Aurora LACSON (deceased)

Aurora D Lacson (deceased)

Balbina Lacson (deceased)

Baldomera Petronilla Lacson (deceased)

Barbara Bailon Lacson (deceased)

Bartolome Lacson (deceased)

Bartolome Miranda Lacson (1940 - 1970)

bautista golez lacson (1910 - 1995)

Bautista Lacson (deceased)

Bautista Ledesma Lacson (deceased)

Beatriz Ledesma Lacson (deceased)

Belen Lacson (deceased)

Ben Lacson (deceased)

Ben ??? Lacson (deceased)

Benedicta Lacson Araneta Garcia (Lacson) (deceased)

Benigna Lacson Lugtu (1889 - 1971)

Benita Lacson (deceased)

Benita L.Lacson 1.138.000 (deceased)

Benito Maria Lacson (deceased)

Benjamin lacson (deceased)

Benjamin Lacson (deceased)

Bienvenido Miranda Lacson (1949 - 1998)

Blanquita Lacson (deceased)

Buenaventura Lacson (c.1914 - 2008)

Butch Lacson (deceased)

Camarines de larraga (Lacson) (deceased)

Carlota Casal Garcia Lacson (Garcia) (deceased)

Carmelita Lacson (deceased)

Carmelo Arsenas Lacson (deceased)

Carmen Lacson Claparols (c.1890 - d.)

Carolina Laxamana Lacson (1912 - 2007)

Casimira Maria Lacson (deceased)

Castor Lacson (deceased)

Catalino Lacson (deceased)

Cecilio Lacson (deceased)

Celedonio Lacson (deceased)

Cenon Maliwat Lacson (deceased)

Cenon Lacson Lacson (deceased)