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Allen Lanier, Sr. MP (1790 - c.1853)

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Alphonso Lanier MP (c.1572 - 1613)

Andrea Lanier, Sr. MP (1582 - 1660)

In 1604 Andrea's father, Nicholas Lanier Sr., was named "Musician of the Flutes", and after his death about 1612, his son Andrea succeeded him "for life".

Angela Lanier (Clinton) MP (c.1804 - d.)

Ann Lanier MP (b. - 1793)

Ann Lanier / Blackman / Wilkinson (Jones) MP (deceased)

I'm having to deduce here, but Ann (last name unkown) was probably Benjamin Lanier's third wife. She was the widow or divorcee of Martin Wilkinson when she married Benjamin Lanier. So her maiden last n...

Anne Lanier MP (1565 - 1569)

Barbara Lanier MP (1557 - d.)

Benjamin Lanier, Sr. MP (1732 - 1817)

American Revolutionary War Service Description: 1) MAGISTRATE FOR ST MATTHEW PARISH, 1776; PURCHASER OF PROVISIONS FOR ARMY; 2) MEMBER OF THE ASSEMBLY. Benjamin Lanier was born in Brunswick County, V...

Benjamin Lanier MP (1786 - 1854)

Benjamin Lanier MP (1744 - c.1829)

"He was baptized May 31, 1744, Albermarle Parish, Surry Co., Virginia, d. in Jackson Co., Mississippi. Married first in Screven Co., Georgia to Ealiff ?? who died in MS about 1802; she was one of t...

Benjamin Bird Lanier, Sr. MP (1711 - 1796)

Benjamin Lanier moved to Brunswick County, Virginia which later became Mecklenburg County. Benjamin B. Lanier was a recorded patriot of the American Revolution. During the Revolutionary War he gave mon...

Benjamin Bird Lanier, Jr. MP (c.1747 - c.1816)

Bird Thomas Lanier, Sr. MP (1703 - 1788)

Bird Thomas Lanier, born about 1703, in Surry Co., VA.; there he married Mary (Madderson??) in 1726. See his Lanier page. The couple owned property and lived in Brunswick Co., VA (which became Lunenbur...

Burwell Lanier MP (1811 - 1868)

A warrant dated on the 1st day of September, 1834, which represented 200 acres of vacant land was presented to James West who later transferred this land to the possession of Burrell Lanier. Burrel...

Catherine Lanier (Rigdon) MP (1815 - d.)

Katherine Lanier MP (c.1650 - 1692)

Catherine was born about 1650, probably in Virginia Colony. She died 17 February 1691/92 in Norfolk County, Virginia Colony.[1] She married William Basse on 6 November 1671 in Norfolk County, Virgini...

Celia Lanier MP (1561 - 1561)

Clement Lanier MP (c.1590 - 1661)

from wikipedia Clement Lanier was an English musician and recorder player. He was the son of Nicholas Lanier, the Elder and Lucretia Bassano , and hence uncle of Nicholas Lanier, the artist-musicia...

Elizabeth Washington Lanier MP (1684 - 1773)

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Elizabeth Boyd Clarey / Lanier (Byrd) MP (1676 - 1740)

'On 04 Mar1728 Elizabeth sold land which she inheirited to Tabitha and Richard. However, this was just after her own husband's death, which could have placed Thomas' death somewhat before.

Elizabeth Fletcher (Lanier) MP (1784 - c.1870)

Elizabeth Lanier (Parker) MP (1755 - 1826)

Elizabeth Marriott / Lanier (Warren) MP (1712 - c.1775)

Elizabeth was the first wife of Benjamin Bird Lanier, Sr., dying 21 years before him.

Elizabeth Lanier (Bowen) MP (1840 - d.)

Elizabeth Frances Dunn (Lanier) MP (1822 - 1910)

dau. Of James F. D. Lanier he held 2/3 of the lakeshore property of Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, Marshall, Indiana it is unclear as to why he purchased so much property along the shores of the lake and ne...

Elizabeth Lanier (Studstill) MP (1786 - 1835)

Elizabeth Albritton (Lanier) MP (1715 - 1776)

Note: conflicting data on place of death: could be Beaufort, Cateret Co. NC. Source 1: Contact: Laurel Email: ======================= ID: I147 Name: Elizabeth Lanier 1 ...

Ellen Ferrabosco (Lanier) MP (1577 - 1638)

Emilia Lanier (Bassano) MP (1569 - 1645)

Learning about the events of Lanier's life has not always been an easy task for researchers. Very little is known about her. Scholars have had to piece together Lanier's biography by relying on the spa...

Frances Lanier (Galliardello) MP (1566 - 1616)

Lucretia and Frances both married royal musicians, respectively Henry Troches and John Lanier. Frances's son, Nicholas Lanier, became the first Master of the King's Music BURIAL : St Giles Churchya...

Frances Foxe (Lanier) MP (1591 - 1633)

Frederick Lewis Lanier MP (1780 - 1845)

Hannah Lanier (Mills) MP (1776 - 1865)

Hannah Swetman (Lanier) MP (bef.1629 - 1663)

Hannah Rebecca Lanier (Collett) MP (c.1605 - 1653)

I hope everyone, who is interested, has seen the “Hannah Collett Lanier and her Parents” article, by Cameron Allen, FASG, in the “The American Genealogist” of October 2002. The article documents, f...

Hester Lanier MP (1653 - 1700)

This branch is from England.

Innocent Lanier MP (1573 - 1625)

English musician, sackbut player, son of Nicholas Lanier, the Elder, hence uncle of Nicholas Lanier, the artist-musician. Jerome Lanier was appointed in 1599 musician to court of Elizabeth I as Musicia...

James Lanier MP (1798 - 1858)

MAY be the same James Lanier: Historic Markers Across Florida Lanier Bridge Marker ID: Location: On Withlacoochee Blvd just east of Auton Rd., Dade City, FL County: Pasco Coordinates: N 28° 20.9...

James Henry Lanier, Sr. MP (1724 - 1786)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A069084 He was the first of his family to leave Virginia (in 1761) for North Carolina, where he acquired a great deal of land a...

Jane Joan Lanier (Bennett) MP (aft.1505 - 1561)

Jeanne Lanier MP (1590 - 1660)

Jerome Lanier MP (c.1589 - 1659)

Jesse Lanier MP (c.1749 - 1790)

Joane Taliferro (Lanier) MP (1562 - 1617)

Joane Lane married Bartholomew Taliaferro on 1 JAN 1583 at St. Michaels, Cornhill, London, England. She was married to Thomas GRAYE on 15 May 1602. In her husband's Will she is referred to as Jone....

John Lewis Lanier MP (1774 - 1814)

John Lanier, Jr. MP (c.1525 - 1572)

Married Katherine Copely in 1561, in London, England Moved to England from France to escape being killed by the Catholics as he was Protestant. He was a Huguenot.

John Lanier, Sr. MP (1738 - c.1809)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for GEORGIA. DAR Ancestor # A069086 John Lanier was baptized on October 28, 1738 in Albemarle Parish, Surry County, Virginia. He died in Bulloch County, Georgia...

John Lanier, Jr MP (1655 - 1719)

John Lanier, Jr. was born in 1655 in England and brought to Virginia by his parent sin 1656. He married in Charles City County in 1677, He lived all his life in what is now Prince George County and die...

John Lanier, III MP (1680 - 1728)

John Lanier was born in 1680 in Charles City County, Virginia. He married about 1703. He was known to be living in 1720 but his wife, Elizabeth, without his signature sold some property March 4, 1728. ...

John Lanier, "the Emigrant" MP (c.1631 - d.)

John Lanier was born about October, 1631 in Lewisham. He married Lucreece (BASSANO) (SIC: name of wife unknown) before leaving England for Virginia where they are mentioned in Charles City records in 1...

John Lanier MP (c.1778 - 1855)

John Lanier MP (1565 - 1616)

JOHN LANIER, first son of Nicholas Lanier, was born by 1565. He was a flutist. On October 17, 1585 at the Holy Minories, London, England he married Frances Galliardello. She was baptized November 4, 15...

John Lanier MP (1738 - 1816)

John Robert Lanier MP (bef.1738 - c.1809)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Georgia. DAR Ancestor # A069086 for Georgia . Patriotic Service Research needed, no known connection: 1832 Cherokee C.ounty Georgia Land Lottery 15th District...

John Andrew Lanier MP (1827 - d.)

Civil War Service Records Record Name: John Lanier, Bryan County, GA Company: A Unit: 25 Georgia Infantry. Rank - Induction: Private Rank - Discharge: Private Allegiance: Confederate 1880...

Joyce Lanier (Perry) MP (deceased)

Katherine Elizabeth Lanier MP (1665 - 1665)

strangled in her bed “on a hot May day” as an infant Katherine Elizabeth Lanier Managers of Katherine Elizabeth Bass (and Curator of John Lanier), Hello cousins-- I am contacting you about this p...

Katherine Ellinor Lanier (Sampson) MP (1665 - 1685)

Alternate Data, omitted during merge of 12/16/09: Middle Name: Ellinor Birth Date(s): c. 1665 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ID: I25347 Name:...

Lavinia "Vinea" Lanier (Gay) MP (c.1800 - aft.1850)

SEE " Timeline " for chronological order of life events including any photos and documents as available; SEE " Media " for any documents and photos included from "Timeline" as available. MEMORIAL: ...

Lemuel L. Lanier, Jr. MP (bef.1741 - aft.1793)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for GEORGIA with the rank of CAPTAIN. DAR Ancestor # A203551 In June 1771, Lemuel petitioned for 200 acres of land in St. George Parish, saying that "he had lon...

Lemuel Lanier, Sr. MP (1729 - 1770)

Death location from: Screven County, GA Sources: 1.Author: Mamie Chambers (Mrs L.H.) Sawyer; 111 West Cypress St, Elizabeth City, N.C. Title: Book: LANIER FAMILY of FRANCE, ENGLAND, VIRGINIA, and...

Lemuel Lanier MP (c.1720 - bef.1786)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A069092 Will dtd 29Jan1785 Property 1772 Pittsylvania (later part of Henry County)

Lewis Lanier, Sr., RS MP (c.1753 - 1794)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA with the rank of CORNET. DAR Ancestor # A069093

Lou Anna Lanier (Shaw) MP (1879 - d.)

Lovin Madison Lanier MP (1841 - 1915)

Lovin M. Lanier served in the 25th Infantry Regiment. It was organized at Savannah, Georgia, in September, 1861. The men were raised in the counties of Bryan, Screven, Liberty, Telfair, Henry, and ...

Lucreece Lanier (NN) MP (c.1633 - aft.1687)

"John Lanier and Lucreece lived in Charles City County, Virginia, on the south side of the James River; most of the records of the county have been lost, but a few fragments remain. They are mentioned ...

Lucreece Lanier (Bassano) MP (1633 - 1665)

Lucretia Lanier MP (c.1595 - c.1600)

Lucretia / Lucreece Lanier (Bassano) MP (1553 - 1634)

The name of Lanier's first wife is unknown (he married her some time before 1565), but following the custom that at court, marriages were arranged or at least approved by the Queen, Nicholas Lanier was...

Lucy Lanier / Pennington (NN), widow MP (b. - c.1781)

I believe that Lucy was the widow or divorcee of Moses Pennington when she became Benamin Lanier's second wife. Her maiden name is unkown to me.

Margaret Lanier (Waters) MP (c.1760 - 1792)

Mark Anthony Lanier MP (1586 - 1587)

Martha "Patsy" Lanier (Malone) MP (1771 - 1795)

Mary Lanier (Madison) MP (c.1704 - 1732)

Mary Hagood (Lanier) MP (c.1710 - d.)

Mary Lanier (Whatley) MP (1713 - d.)

Mary Lanier MP (1559 - d.)

Mary Lanier (Shepard) MP (1695 - 1776)

Mary Lanier MP (1576 - 1676)

Mary Lanier (Stuart) MP (deceased)

Mary Ann Elizabeth Lanier (Shuman) MP (1834 - d.)

N.N. Hanks (Lanier) MP (1751 - d.)

Nancy L. Lanier (NN) MP (deceased)

Nancy Lanier (Fitzpatrick) MP (1795 - c.1850)

Nicholas "The Younger" Lanier MP (c.1588 - c.1666)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( portrait of Nicholas Lanier by Anthony van Dyck in Kunsthistorisches Museum ) Nicholas Lanier , sometimes Laniere ( baptised at Greenwich 10 September 1588 –...

Nicholas Lanier MP (1479 - 1565)

Nicholas Lanier MP (1690 - 1779)

DAR Patriot # A069107 for VA. Patriotic Service

Nicholas Lanier MP (1760 - 1839)

Nicholas and second wife, Sarah, moved to Williamson County Tennessee in 1811.

Nicholas "The Elder" Lanier, Sr. MP (c.1544 - 1611)

Lanier Family Page BIO: In 1561 the Earl of Hertford was visiting Paris and met there young Nicholas Laniere, who had been in the Court of the late King Henri II; he was recommended as a good flute p...

NN Lanier (Herring) MP (deceased)

NN Lanier (NN) MP (b. - 1569)

As noted, Nicholas Lanier's first wife's name is unknown, however, they did have two, or possibly three children, of whom one was John Lanier, father of the artist-musician Nicholas Lanier, the most ...

Phrisdiswith / Friswith Lanier (Grafton) MP (b. - 1626)

Priscilla Washington Lanier MP (c.1699 - 1764)

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Rebecca Lanier (NN) MP (c.1639 - d.)

Robert Lanier MP (1678 - 1756)

About Robert Lanier THE LANIER HOME PAGE 
Compiled by Wayne D. Lanier 
 Robert Lanier 
1678 - 1743/44 5 Robert Lanier 1678 - 1743/44 
+Pricilla Washington 
Robert Lanier, named first in the will ...

Robert Lanier, Sr. MP (1642 - 1744)

Sampson Lanier, Jr. MP (c.1712 - bef.1759)

Birth: unknown Death: 1759 Brunswick County Virginia, USA Sampson Lanier Jr. was the son of Sampson Lanier Sr. and Elizabeth Washington. He was the grandson of John Lanier, and Richard Washington &...

Sarah Lanier (Hardy) MP (1730 - 1775)

Sarah Lanier (Edmunds) MP (1658 - 1716)

John Lanier, Jr Birth: 1655 London Greater London, England Death: 1719 Charles City Charles City County Virginia, USA John Lanier Jr. 1655 - 1719 John Lanier Jr. was born 1655 in London, Englan...