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? LANITIS (deceased)

? Lanitis (deceased)

Aegli Lanitis zachariades (deceased)

Angeliki LANITIS (KIZAS) (deceased)

Anne Lanitis (Mortimer) (1927 - d.)

Antigone SEVERIS (LANITIS) (deceased)

Antigone MAVROPOULOS (LANITIS) (deceased)

Athenais Lanitis (Christofakis) (1885 - 1973)

Sister of Eleni Bemmer and Evterpi Papadopoulou. Granddaughter of Christofakis Gabrielides and first cousin of Markos Gabrielides and Menelaos Markides. She was born in Nicosia to Antonios Christofak...

Athina Lanitis (Kolomvou) (deceased)

Avgi LANITIS (NICOLAIDES) (1869 - 1931)

Byron Lanitis (1889 - 1925)

He was born in Limassol. Studied law in Aix-en-Provence. Had to abandon studied due to irregularities with his nationality status. During WWI he was a French teacher at the Limassol Gymnasium (1914-191...

Christopher Lanitis (1897 - 1974)

See biography section about Christopher lanitis, my father

Chrystalla Markos Lanitis (Peristianis) (1874 - 1939)

Costas Lanitis (1875 - 1959)

Costas LANITIS (deceased)

Despina LANITIS (LOFITOU) (1806 - 1899)

Domna LANITIS (ROSSIDES) (1844 - 1917)

Domniki Lanitis (1908 - 1970)

Egli Lanitis (deceased)

Helen Ioannides (1898 - 1983)

Elengo ? (LANITIS) (deceased)

Elengo Laniti Potoudi (LANITIS) (deceased)

Elengo SOLOMONIDOU(LANITOU) (deceased)

Eleni Lanitis (Ioannides) (1900 - d.)

Evagoras Lanitis (b. - 1992)

George LANITIS (1827 - 1892)

George LANITIS (deceased)

Georgios Lanitis (1857 - 1929)

Herodotos LANITIS (1830 - 1900)

Ismini POLITIS (LANITIS) (deceased)

John George Lanitis (1920 - d.)

Kallisto NICOLAIDES (LANITIS) (1860 - 1954)

Kay Bardsley (Lanitis) (1921 - 2011)

Here is a post I wrote about my mom after she died, it tells a small part of her incredible life story:

Kleanthis LANITIS (1833 - 1899)

Kleio Eliades (Lanitis) (deceased)

Kleio Lanitis (Hadjipavlou) (deceased)

Lerou Irini Emmanuel Lanitis (Varka) (deceased)

Matrona LANITIS (FRANGOUDIS) (1802 - 1825)

Melissa Lanitis Gregory (1961 - 2009)

Nicholas D Lanitis (1842 - 1896)

Son of Demetris Lanitis Nicolaides and nephew of Alexander Kyverllides. Studied phylology at School of Philosophy at Athens University. Teacher in Rhodes for one year and then in Larnaca (1880-1896). C...

Nicholas LANITIS (deceased)

Nicolaos Lanitis, O.B.E. (1872 - 1952)

Educated at Limassol Junior School. Established in 1896 the firm N. P. Lanitis & Co carrying out import, export and manfrs' representatives, and manager of the firm from 1940. Chairman of the Cyprus Wi...

Nicolaos Lanitis (1872 - 1958)

Established in 1896 the firm N. P. Lanitis & Co carrying out import, export and manfrs' representatives, and Manager of N. P. Lanitis & Co Ltd since Oct 1940. Chairman of the Cyprus Wines Co Ltd since ...

Nicolas Lanitis (deceased)

Nicos Lanitis (1917 - 2005)

Nephew of N. P. Lanitis. Born in Limassol and studies at Trinity College Cambridge politics & economics (MA). Returned to Cyprus in 1939. Member of the Boards of several companies. Founded the first ma...

Nicos Lanitis (deceased)

Nikolaos Lanitis (1851 - 1851)

Olga Stephanie Lanitis (Pilavachi) (deceased)

Olympia Frangoudis (Lanitis) (deceased)

Panayis Lanitis (Sikas) (deceased)

Panos LANITIS (deceased)

Panos LANITIS (deceased)

Philip C. Lanitis (1922 - 2006)

Poly (Polyxeni) Kavvadias (Lanitis) (1908 - 1982)

Studied violin at the Vienna National Music Academy (1932). On return to Limassol she worked as a music teacher and performed violin concerts in Limassol and Paphos. She moved to Athens after getting m...

Sapfo Lanitis (Kolakkides) (1880 - 1928)

Teresa Nicolaides Lanitis (deceased)

Thekla Demetris Lanitis (Pierides) (1855 - 1923)

Trudy Lanitis (Lettese) (1922 - 2001)

SCHOOLS: BA Fine Arts, Brooklyn College, NYC MA Fine Arts, Cooper Union, NYC Pratt Institute, NYC Arts Students League, NYC Greenwich House Pottery, NYC WORK: Ass't Prof. Design & Illustratio...

Vanda Laina Lanitis (deceased)

Vassiliki LANITIS (CONSTANTINIDES) (deceased)

Vrasidas LANITIS (MBE) (1866 - 1940)

Yiangos Lanitis (1874 - 1953)

Born in Limassol. Worked as a teacher in Patmos. He was a jornalist and satirical poet. He was the senior commentator for the satirical publication, Mikroula, which was disributed in Limassol by the pu...

Zenon Lanitis (1882 - 1963)