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Conrad Lannon MP (1847 - 1908)

a.k.a.= Connrad Lennon, Conrad Leonnan note: The mother of Conrad, is listed as being born in France and Conrad`s father as having been born in England. Military service: American Civil War. Co...

Ada Buckland (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Adelbert H. Lannon MP (1880 - 1953)

Adelbert Lannon MP (deceased)

Agnes Lannon MP (c.1890 - c.1959)

Albert Lannon MP (deceased)

Alexander Lannon MP (deceased)

Alice Lannon (Meehan) MP (1858 - 1927)

Alice and John made their home at Richmond Hill, christened "Cold Spring Farm" by son James. In early days, the home had been an Inn. There were three fireplaces downstairs and two upstairs, with a bri...

Alice Josephine Wierzba (Lannon) MP (1917 - 2001)

Alice Lannon (Smith) MP (1895 - 1956)

Alva Lannon MP (1898 - d.)

Alverta C Lannon (Diehl) MP (1910 - 2009)

Ambrose Lannon MP (deceased)

Ambrose Anthony Lannon MP (1892 - 1988)

Amy Lannon (Fang) MP (deceased)

Anastasia Kennedy (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Andrew Lannon MP (c.1855 - d.)

Anna Higgins (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Anna Clifford MP (1908 - 1991)

Anna Lannon MP (1888 - 1968)

Anna E. LANNAN or LANNON MP (1893 - 1984)

Anne Lannon(Lennon) MP (deceased)

anne lannon MP (deceased)

Anne Catherine Herron Lannon MP (1878 - d.)

Annie Lannon (Welsh) MP (c.1891 - d.)

Annie Goslin (Lannon) MP (1886 - d.)

Annie Lannon MP (c.1873 - d.)

Arthur Carlton Lannon MP (deceased)

Barbara Lannon MP (deceased)

Barbara Carter (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Barbara Carter (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Beatrice I Ferry (Lannon) MP (c.1896 - d.)

Bernadine Lannon MP (deceased)

Bernard Lannon MP (deceased)

Bernice Lannon MP (1920 - 2004)

Bette Lannon MP (c.1920 - 2003)

Betty Lannon (Dice) MP (deceased)

betty jane lannon/cooper MP (deceased)

Blanche Lannon (Roddam) MP (deceased)

Blanche Hennessy Lannon MP (deceased)

Blanche Anna Lannon (Hastings) MP (deceased)

Blanche Lannon (Roddam) MP (deceased)

Brendan Joseph Lannon MP (1928 - 2014)

Bridget (Nugent) Lannon MP (1850 - 1918)

Bridget Hackett (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Bridget Lannon MP (deceased)

Bridget Fitzpatrick (Lannon) MP (b. - 1898)

Bridget Lannon (Fahey) MP (1887 - 1975)

Bridget Earl (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Bridget Lannon (Cooper) MP (c.1860 - d.)

Bridget Ann Kane (Lannon) MP (1873 - 1919)

Bridgette Lannon MP (deceased)

Brigid Darmody (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Brigid Burke (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Bruce Lannon MP (1941 - 2015)

Carl Thomas Lannon MP (1892 - 1956)

U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Name: Carl Thomas Lannon City: Indianapolis 1245 DeLoss St County: Marion State: Indiana Birthplace: Logansport Indiana,United States o...

Carolyn McFadden (Lannon) MP (c.1888 - d.)

Catherine Lannon(Lennon) (Jennett) MP (1815 - 1887)

Catherine McDonald MP (deceased)

Catherine Lannon MP (deceased)

In 1845, Catherine Lannon, a widow, came to Forest Lake, PA, from Limerick on the River Shannon, County Clare. She brought her 3 sons, Cornelius, James, and John.

Catherine Lannon MP (deceased)

Catherine Lannon (Kelley) MP (c.1820 - d.)

Catherine Lannon MP (c.1852 - d.)

Catherine J Lannon (Ellwood) MP (c.1863 - d.)

Catherine Harkins (Lannon) MP (1840 - d.)

Cecil R Lannon MP (1916 - 1992)

Charles (Bud) Anthony Lannon MP (1924 - 2006)

Charlotte Bloom (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Clarence J. Lannon MP (deceased)

Cornelius Lannon MP (deceased)

Cornelius was a wagon and auto painter and later worked for James Lannon at Fitzgerald General Store.

Cornelius Leo Lannon MP (1883 - 1961)

Cornelius Lannon MP (deceased)

In 1850, Cornelius moved to Richmond Hill, Silver Lake, PA, and married Jane Gorman. Their children were: Catherine Lannon McDonald, John, Thomas, Cornelius, Johanna, Brigid Agnes Burke, and Mary, who ...

Cornelius Lannon MP (deceased)

Cornelius J Lennon (Lannon) MP (1888 - 1920)

Curtis Lannon MP (deceased)

Daniel Lannon(Lennon) MP (1812 - 1887)

Dellia Ioda Printz (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Diane Lannon (Tousignant) MP (1932 - 1996)

Diane J. Mollison (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Don Lannon MP (deceased)

doreen lannon MP (deceased)

Doris M. McCafferty (Lannon) MP (1915 - 1976)

Dorthy Van Rossum (Van Lannon) MP (deceased)

Edith Mary Lannon MP (1912 - 1976)

Edmund Lannon MP (1888 - d.)

Edward Michael Lannon MP (1908 - 1962)

Edward Lannon MP (deceased)

Edward Lannon MP (1889 - 1967)

Edward Lannon MP (1860 - 1942)

Edward Patrick Lannon MP (1907 - 1985)

Elizabeth Theresa Mitchell (Lannon) MP (1899 - 1988)

Elizabeth A. (Lannon) Brown MP (1871 - 1959)

Elizabeth Hearne (Lannon) MP (1897 - d.)

Elizabeth Mackey (Lannon) MP (c.1839 - c.1897)

Elizabeth Meagher (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Tingley (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Lannon MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Egan (Lannon) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Hutchinson (Lannon) MP (1879 - 1961)

Ellen Brodrick Lannon MP (deceased)