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Catherine ''Katrijn'' le Fébre, b4 SM MP (c.1688 - c.1760)

French Huguenot Project: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Source: The First Fifty Years Project Catharina le Févre F, #6924, b. before 27 August 1688 ...

Daniel le Fébre MP (c.1646 - d.)

Elizabeth Bleu , geboren rond 1621, overleden te Fort de Lincq op 23 maart 1678 (56 of 57 jr). Vermeld als moeder 1676 van Daniel le Févre. | O: Elizabeth le Bleu, agée de 56 ou 57 ans,...

David le Febre MP (deceased)

David le Fébre and Isabeau Lebleu didn't come to South Africa. Both died in France. They were the parents of Marie, who came to the Cape with her first husband, Charles Prevost. David le F&#...

David le Fébre MP (c.1647 - d.)

Elisabeth Leleu (not Bleu) born ca 1621..Died 23/03/1678 Married x1 to David Lefebvre, who was a surgeon.... Children: Daniel born in Marcq, ca 1646..m: Elisabeth Fournier, on 01/11/1676, at th...

Guilliaume le Febre, b1 MP (c.1680 - c.1695)

In Boucher Arrivals at the Cape in 1683 were Pierre le Fevre , his wife Marie de Grave and their son Guillaume . It is possible that Pierre was also accompanied by his sister Barbe , born about the y...

Gysbert le Febre, SV/PROG3 MP (c.1680 - c.1744)

Marie le Fébre SM/PROG MP (c.1651 - c.1701)

David le Févre , overleden voor 1657. Zijn vrouw heeft dochter bij tweede man in 1657 | Vermeld als overleden bij huwelijk dochter Marie, 1673 | vermeld als overleden bij huwelijk zoon Daniel,...

Marie Catharina le Febre, b3 SM MP (1686 - 1782)

Sources and References eGGSA Transcriptions - October 13 dito (October) Eodem (13 October) [Anna] Maria Cathrina Pieter la Febre aen Stellenbosch SAF v 10 Page 80 - b4 - Maria...

Pierre le Fébre MP (c.1630 - c.1679)

Never Came to SA: Pierre le Fébre b Marq c 1630 x Rachel Vanplus : Isaac le Fevre b Guines c 1656 Pierre le Fèvre b Canterbury c 1657 x Marie Guignart

Adriaan le Febre (1898 - 1970)

Adriana Kaatje Elizabeth le Febre (1932 - 1932)

Akke Le Febre (deceased)

Anna Le Febre (1728 - d.)

Anthonia Louisa le Febre, SV3b2c7 (1755 - d.)

Anthonia Louisa le Febre, SV3b2c5 (1750 - c.1754)

Béatrix LE FEBRE (deceased)

Catharina Abigail le Febre, SV3b2c1 (1742 - 1823)

Catharina Elisabeth le Fébre, SV3b16c2 (1759 - d.)

Catharina Jacoba le Fébre, SV3b16c5 (1763 - d.)

Catharina Louisa SV3b8 Le Febre (Le Febre), SM/PROG (1725 - d.)

Christina Engela le Fébre, SV3b14 (1734 - d.)

Christina Johanna le Fébre, SV3b16c4 (1762 - d.)

Constance Sophie le Febre Ungerer (1905 - 1986)

Dirk Le Febre (deceased)

Elisabeth Jacoba le Febre, SV3b2c3 (c.1746 - d.)

Elizabeth Hemmy (le Febre), SV3b6 SM (1721 - d.)

Elizabeth Le Febre (deceased)

Elsabe le Fébre, SV3b7 (c.1723 - d.)

Elsabe Anthoinetta Jacomina le Fébre, SV3b16c6 (1766 - d.)

Fedde Le Fèbre (1851 - d.)

Beroep bij huwelijk: onderwijzer; wonende te Bolsward.

Felicité Jeanne Jeanne le Febre (b. - 1825)

Daughter of an Officer of the French Guard who died on the palace steps at Versailles during the French Revolution

Françoise Marguerite Nicole le Febre (deceased)

Geertje Le Febre (deceased)

Geertje Le Febre (deceased)

Gijsbert le Febre (deceased)

Reference no.: MOOC8/4.15 Testator(s): Ansla van Bengalen 18 Julij 1720 J: Cruse Staat en inventaris der goedere, nagelaten en met 'er dood ontruijmt, door Ansla van Bengalen wed:e Arnoldus W...

Guillaume le Febre (c.1654 - d.)

Guillaume le Febre (c.1688 - d.)

Gysbert le Fébre, SV3b9 (1727 - d.)

Gysbert le Fébre, SV3b2c2 (1743 - d.)

Gysbert le Fébre, SV3b16c8 (1769 - d.)

Helena le Fébre, SV3b13 (1732 - d.)

Hendrik le Febre, SV3b2c4 (1748 - d.)

Hendrik le Fébre, SV3b1 (c.1713 - d.)

Hendrik le Fébre, SV3b16c11 (1775 - d.)

Hendrik le Fébre, SV3b3 (1716 - 1716)

Henk Le Fèbre (deceased)

Isaac le Febre, b2c2 (1704 - d.)

Issac Le Febre (deceased)

Izaak le Febre (c.1687 - d.)

Jacob le Febre, b2c1 (1702 - d.)

Jacob Hendrik le Febre, SV3b2c6 (1753 - d.)

Jacobus Alexander le Febre, SV3b16 (c.1738 - d.)

Cape Town Baptisms 1738 Written by transcribed by Corney Keller. page 115 Den 14 September Alexander, de ouders Gijsbert la Febre, en Catharina van der Sande, de getuijge Alexander Coel en ...

Jacobus Alexander le Fébre, SV3b16c10 (1773 - d.)

Jacomina le Fébre, SV3b11 (1730 - d.)

Jan Le Febre (deceased)

Jan Adriaan le Fébre, SV3b10 (1728 - d.)

Janiel Lefebre (Le Febre) (1619 - 1705)

Janiel Le Febre (c.1619 - d.)

Jean Le Febre (b. - c.1667)

Jeanne Janelle LeFebre (Le Febre) (1645 - c.1740)

Children 1. Aimee De ST. JULIEN b: 7 MAR 1666/67 in Vitre, Brittany, France 2. Charlotte De ST. JULIEN b: 15 MAY 1668 in Vitre, Brittany, France 3. Pierre Rene De ST. JULIEN b: 4 JUL 1669 in Vitr...

Johan Andries Le Febre (1892 - d.)

Johanna Blankenberg (le Febre), SV3b4 (1718 - d.)

Johanna Jacoba le Fébre, SV3b16c7 (1767 - d.)

Johanna Jacoba le Febre (deceased)

Johannes le Fébre, SV3b5 (1720 - d.)

Johannes Carolus LE FEBRE (le Fébre), SV3b16c9 (1771 - d.)

Louis Willem Alexander le Febre (1858 - 1925)

Magdalena le Febre, SV3b16c3 (1761 - d.)

Margrieta le Febre (deceased)

Maria Catharina Le Roux (le Febre) (deceased)

Maria Alida le Fébre, SV3b12 (1731 - d.)

Maria Magdalena le Fébre, SV3b16c1 (1758 - d.)

Marie le Febre (de Grave) (deceased)

Marta Pienaar (Le Febre) (deceased)

Martha Terblanche (le Febre), b2 SM (c.1684 - 1738)

Alternative death date: 1752. Stamvader Terreblanche, Terblance, De Blanche She was the first child of Hugenots parents born @ the Cape. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to Jacques P...

Martha le Febre (1684 - 1752)

Michiel le Fébre, SV3b15 (1736 - d.)

Ne. Pitot de la Beaujardiere (Le febre du Faux) (deceased)

NN le Febré (deceased)

Reinier le Febre, SV3b2 (1714 - 1756)

Simon Le Febre (1622 - d.)

Simon Dirk Le Fèbre (1882 - 1931)

Beroep bij huwelijk: hoofd ener school; wonende te Boornbergum. Ten tijde van overlijden: leeraar Rijkskweekschool, wonende te Heerenveen.

Susanne Uytenbogaart (Le Febre) (1729 - 1768)

Suzanne Claudine Le Febre (Granier) (deceased)

Unknown Le Febre (deceased)