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Alex "Mine Boy" Levinsky MP (1910 - 1990)

Alexander "Mine Boy" Levinsky (February 2, 1910 – September 1, 1990) was an American professional ice hockey Defenseman who played nine seasons in the National Hockey League for the Toronto Mapl...

(3 sons, 3 daughters) Levinsky (deceased)

Died in Holocaust

1st name unk Levinsky (deceased)

? Lowell (Levinsky) (deceased)

??? Levinsky (deceased)

Abe Levinsky (c.1882 - c.1969)

Abraham came from Russia; his future wife Ida was born in Vilna (now called Vilnius), Lithuania. They met and were married in the US. Abe and Ida's children received their childhood medical/dental care...

Abraham Levinsky (deceased)

Abraham Levinsky (1898 - d.)

Abraham Levinsky (deceased)

Abraham Levinsky (deceased)

Abraham Levin (Levinsky) (1873 - 1948)

Abraham Levinsky (1883 - 1964)

Abraham (Abie) Levinsky (1907 - 1977)

Abraham Josef Levinsky (deceased)

Abram Levinsky (Ladyszinski) (1905 - 1986)

Ada Hirsch (Levinsky) (1899 - 1977)

Agatha Levinsky (deceased)

Aharon Levinsky (deceased)

Aharon levinsky (deceased)

Aharon Zvi Levinsky (deceased)

Albert Levinsky (deceased)

Alexander Levinsky (deceased)

Alfred Levinsky (deceased)

Alice Levinsky (deceased)

Amelia Levinsky (deceased)

Amelia Shramko (Levinsky) (1922 - 1992)

Ami Levinsky (1949 - 2007)

Born 18/3/1949 or 17.10.1949

ana Levinsky (Alperovich), de (c.1888 - c.1974)

Andrea Levinsky (deceased)

Ann Rabb (Levinsky) (deceased)

Ann Tutenauer (Levinsky) (deceased)

Ann Levinsky (1910 - 1970)

Ann Levinsky (Kramer) (b. - c.1995)

Anna Rosenblatt Levinsky (deceased)

Anna Rabb (Levinsky) (1907 - 1984)

Anna Levinsky (deceased)

Anna Goldstein (Levinsky) (deceased)

Anna "Anita" Katz (Levinsky) (deceased)

Anne Brody (Levinsky) (1920 - 2005)

Anne Levinsky (deceased)

Annie Lubin (Levinsky) (deceased)

Annie Hershkowitz (Levinsky) (deceased)

Annie Winkleman (Levinsky) (c.1887 - 1966)

Annie Shapiro (Levinsky) (deceased)

Arkadiy Levinsky (deceased)

Aron Yudovich Levinsky (c.1915 - 1979)

Arthur Levinsky (deceased)

Auguste Wolff (Levinsky) (deceased)

Avraham Yoseph( Levinsky)Lewis (1870 - d.)

Avraham Moshe Levinsky (deceased)

Baila Krasnovsky (Levinsky) (1842 - 1927)

Baldana Bella Rohr (Levinsky) (c.1858 - 1926)

Barnett Levinsky (c.1862 - d.)

Barrett A. Levinsky (1917 - 1944)

barrett had a daughter by a previous wife to Francine and joining the military.The daughter's name is velma and the first wife was named yetta levinski. Barrett died as a bomber pilot not even a full y...

Beatrice Goldberg (Levinsky) (deceased)

Becky Levinsky (1860 - c.1957)

Bejla Zelda Levinsky (1881 - 1901)

Bella Morgenstern (Levinsky) (1792 - d.)

Benjamin Levinsky (deceased)

Benny Levinsky (deceased)

Benyamin Levinsky (1933 - 1943)

נספה בשואה בפולין יחד עם אימו &#x...

Benyamin Levinsky (deceased)

Berel Levinsky (deceased)

Bernie Levinsky (deceased)

Bertha Levinsky (deceased)

Bertha Grunauer (Lewinsky (Levinsky)) (1835 - 1853)

Bessie Greenman (Levinsky) (deceased)

Bessie Levinsky (Yanofsky) (1880 - 1962)

Bessie Levinsky (deceased)

Birdie Levinsky (1894 - d.)

Bluma Levinsky (1935 - 1943)

נספתה בשואה בפולין יחד עם אימ�...

Bodana Goelman (Levinsky) (b. - 1918)

Boris Levinsky (deceased)

Bunny (died in infancy) Levinsky (deceased)

Caroline Levinsky (Pomilia) (deceased)

Celia Rudack (Levinsky) (1901 - 1954)

Celia Seifter (Levinsky) (c.1899 - c.1985)

Chana Beila Levinsky (c.1865 - 1941)

Charley Levinsky (deceased)

Chasida Levinsky (c.1900 - d.)

Chawa Malka Levinsky (Bocian) (deceased)

Chaya Kaila Levinsky (c.1897 - 1963)

Chiam Velvel Levinsky (deceased)

Clara levinsky (Labovitz) (deceased)

Clara Levinsky (deceased)

Clara Levinsky (1860 - d.)

Dave Levinsky (deceased)

David Salomon Lewinski (Levinsky) (b. - c.1942)

David Levin (Levinsky) (1887 - 1949)

Devorah Levinsky (Edelstein) (deceased)

Devorah Levinsky (deceased)

Devorah and her husband Joseph lived in Russia, location unknown. They stayed in Russia; their children emigrated to the US, probably one by one, staying with each other as "boarders" until they each g...

Dina Levinsky (1964 - 2007)

Dora Levinsky (deceased)

Dora Walters (Levinsky) (deceased)

Dora LEVINSKY (Sniadowsky) (deceased)

Dora / Vera Levinsky (Sniadowski) (1898 - d.)

Dorothy Levinsky (1889 - 1965)

Duba Levinsky (1919 - 1943)

נספתה בשואה בפולין יחד עם בנה &#x...

Edith Reback (Levinsky) (deceased)

Edvard Levinsky (1924 - 1996)