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Alex "Mine Boy" Levinsky MP (1910 - 1990)

Alexander "Mine Boy" Levinsky (February 2, 1910 – September 1, 1990) was an American professional ice hockey Defenseman who played nine seasons in the National Hockey League for the Toronto Mapl...

(3 sons, 3 daughters) Levinsky (deceased)

Died in Holocaust

1st name unk Levinsky (deceased)

? Lowell (Levinsky) (deceased)

??? Levinsky (deceased)

Abe Levinsky (c.1882 - c.1969)

Abraham came from Russia; his future wife Ida was born in Vilna (now called Vilnius), Lithuania. They met and were married in the US. Abe and Ida's children received their childhood medical/dental care...

Abraham Levinsky (deceased)

Abraham Levin (Levinsky) (1873 - 1948)

Abraham Levinsky (deceased)

Abraham Levinsky (deceased)

Abraham Levinsky (1883 - 1964)

Abraham Levinsky (1898 - d.)

Abraham (Abie) Levinsky (1907 - 1977)

Abraham Josef Levinsky (deceased)

Abram Levinsky (Ladyszinski) (1905 - 1986)

Ada Hirsch (Levinsky) (1899 - 1977)

Agatha Levinsky (deceased)

Aharon Levinsky (deceased)

Aharon levinsky (deceased)

Aharon Zvi Levinsky (deceased)

Albert Levinsky (deceased)

Alexander Levinsky (deceased)

Alfred Levinsky (deceased)

Alice Levinsky (deceased)

Amelia Shramko (Levinsky) (1922 - 1992)

Amelia Levinsky (deceased)

Ami Levinsky (1949 - 2007)

Born 18/3/1949 or 17.10.1949

ana Levinsky (Alperovich), de (c.1888 - c.1974)

Andrea Levinsky (deceased)

Ann Rabb (Levinsky) (deceased)

Ann Tutenauer (Levinsky) (deceased)

Ann Levinsky (1910 - 1970)

Ann Levinsky (Kramer) (b. - c.1995)

Anna Rosenblatt Levinsky (deceased)

Anna Levinsky (deceased)

Anna Goldstein (Levinsky) (deceased)

Anna "Anita" Katz (Levinsky) (deceased)

Anna Rabb (Levinsky) (1907 - 1984)

Anne Levinsky (deceased)

Anne Brody (Levinsky) (1920 - 2005)

Annie Shapiro (Levinsky) (deceased)

Annie Winkleman (Levinsky) (c.1887 - 1966)

Annie Lubin (Levinsky) (deceased)

Annie Hershkowitz (Levinsky) (deceased)

Arkadiy Levinsky (deceased)

Aron Yudovich Levinsky (c.1915 - 1979)

Arthur Levinsky (deceased)

Auguste Wolff (Levinsky) (deceased)

Avraham Yoseph( Levinsky)Lewis (1870 - d.)

Avraham Moshe Levinsky (deceased)

Baila Krasnovsky (Levinsky) (1842 - 1927)

Baldana Bella Rohr (Levinsky) (c.1858 - 1926)

Barnett Levinsky (c.1862 - d.)

Beatrice Goldberg (Levinsky) (deceased)

Becky Levinsky (1860 - c.1957)

Bella Morgenstern (Levinsky) (1792 - d.)

Benjamin Levinsky (deceased)

Benny Levinsky (deceased)

Benyamin Levinsky (deceased)

Benyamin Levinsky (1933 - 1943)

נספה בשואה בפולין יחד עם אימו &#x...

Berel Levinsky (deceased)

Bernie Levinsky (deceased)

Bertha Levinsky (deceased)

Bertha Grunauer (Lewinsky (Levinsky)) (1835 - 1853)

Bessie Greenman (Levinsky) (deceased)

Bessie Levinsky (Yanofsky) (1880 - 1962)

Bessie Levinsky (deceased)

Birdie Levinsky (1894 - d.)

Bluma Levinsky (1935 - 1943)

נספתה בשואה בפולין יחד עם אימ�...

Bodana Goelman (Levinsky) (b. - 1918)

Boris Levinsky (deceased)

Bunny (died in infancy) Levinsky (deceased)

Caroline Levinsky (Pomilia) (deceased)

Celia Rudack (Levinsky) (1901 - 1954)

Celia Seifter (Levinsky) (c.1899 - c.1985)

Chana Beila Levinsky (c.1865 - 1941)

Charley Levinsky (deceased)

Chasida Levinsky (c.1900 - d.)

Chaya Kaila Levinsky (c.1897 - 1963)

Chiam Velvel Levinsky (deceased)

Clara levinsky (Labovitz) (deceased)

Clara Levinsky (1860 - d.)

Clara Levinsky (deceased)

Dave Levinsky (deceased)

David Salomon Lewinski (Levinsky) (b. - c.1942)

Devorah Levinsky (deceased)

Devorah and her husband Joseph lived in Russia, location unknown. They stayed in Russia; their children emigrated to the US, probably one by one, staying with each other as "boarders" until they each g...

Devorah Levinsky (Edelstein) (deceased)

Dina Levinsky (1964 - 2007)

Dora LEVINSKY (Sniadowsky) (deceased)

Dora Walters (Levinsky) (deceased)

Dora Levinsky (deceased)

Dora / Vera Levinsky (Sniadowski) (1898 - d.)

Dorothy Levinsky (1889 - 1965)

Duba Levinsky (1919 - 1943)

נספתה בשואה בפולין יחד עם בנה &#x...

Edith Reback (Levinsky) (deceased)

Edvard Levinsky (1924 - 1996)

Edward Levinsky (deceased)

Ekatarryna (Katie) Levinsky (Lesyk) (1892 - 1983)

Elias Levinsky (deceased)

Elias Levinsky (c.1877 - 1964)