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R' Aryey Judah Lieb Lipschutz, Parnas & Manhig of Karlin MP (1766 - 1800)

R' Chaim Asher Lipschutz MP (deceased)

Eliyahu Lipschutz MP (deceased)

Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien by dr. Bernhard Wachstein- I Teil -page 83

Issachar Ber Avrohom Sholom Lipschutz (Halberstam) MP

Menachem Munish Lipschutz MP (b. - c.1798)

Moyzes Lipschutz MP (1817 - 1821)

Moyzes Wolf Lipschutz MP (1821 - d.)

R' Israel Lipschutz, A.B.D. Ostrog, Cracow and Neuwied MP (1700 - 1748)

Was responsible for originally signing the famous get (Divorce Bill) in Cleves in August 1766.

lipschutz (deceased)

"Dorika" Devorah Lipschutz (deceased)

"Mama" Shaindy Berkowitz (Lipschutz) (deceased)

(Tauby) Mundla Prager (Lipschutz) (1819 - d.)

? Lipschütz (c.1760 - d.)

I listed six sons of this father. There is presently no data to support this tree. The individuals were all listed in Luft's book but no relationships are presently developed. Errors will be corrected ...

? Lipschutz (deceased)

? Lipschutz (deceased)

?? Lipschutz (deceased)

R' Aaron Lipschutz, Rabbi of Loponow (b. - 1942)

R' Aaron Lipschutz (deceased)

Aaron Lipschutz (deceased)

Aaron Zvi Lipschutz of Krakow (deceased)

R' Aaron Lipschutz (deceased)

Abby Lipschutz (deceased)

Abraham Lipschutz (1879 - d.)

Abraham Abba Lipschutz (deceased)

Abraham Lipschutz (1853 - 1889)

born in Cracow, Galicia

Abraham Abba of Lipschutz (Bialystok) (1866 - d.)

Abraham Codek Cudek Lipschütz Lipschulz (1856 - d.)

Name: Sara Lauber Spouse: Abraham Cudek Lipschütz Marriage: 1896 Civil: Krakow ?

Abraham Izrael Lipschutz (1852 - d.)

Abraham Abba LIPSCHUTZ (1866 - d.)

Abraham Lipschutz (1907 - 1992)

February 1931 moved from The Hague to Palestine.

Abraham Lipschutz (deceased)

Sources: 1. The 1784 Slutsk Census And Its' Rabbinical families: ISSERLEIN, LANDAU, GUNZBURG,& LIPSCHUTZ BY NEIL ROSENSTEIN & DOV WEBER, 2007 2. The Unbroken Chain by Neil Rosenstein

Abraham "Al" Lewis (Lipschutz) (1914 - 1998)

Ada Solomon (Lipschutz) (1897 - 1985)

Adela Lipschutz (1906 - d.)

Adela Lipschutz (1913 - d.)

Adele Lipschutz (1900 - d.)

R' Aaron Zelig Lipschutz, A.B.D. Vishnitza (b. - 1878)

הרה״צ ר׳ אהרן זצ״ל (הנקרא ר׳ אר&#...

Ahron Lipschutz (deceased)

Ajan Lipschutz (deceased)

Al Lipschutz (deceased)

Al (Teeny's twin) Lipschutz (deceased)

Alain Lipschutz (deceased)

Albert Lipschütz (1862 - d.)

Albert Lipschutz (1907 - 1994)

Albert Lipschutz (1914 - 1983)

Alexander Sender Lipschutz (deceased)

Alexander Lipschutz (deceased)

Alexander Lipschutz (deceased)

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Alfred Lipschutz (deceased)

Alfred Lipschütz (deceased)

Alice Lipschutz (Neuman) (1898 - 1988)

Alma Lipschutz (Diamond) (1918 - 1995)

Alter Abbe Lipschutz (1875 - 1880)

R' Alter Shlomo Zalman Lipschutz (1858 - 1892)

Ana Lipschutz (deceased)

Ann Lipschutz (Liebowitz) (deceased)

Anna Lipschutz (deceased)

Anna Vos (Lipschutz) (deceased)

ANNA Lipschutz (deceased)

Anna Mayer (Lipschutz) (deceased)

Anna Lipschutz (1882 - d.)

Anna Gomberg (Lipschutz) (1904 - 1979)

Annie Osherowitz (Lipschutz) (1889 - 1968)

Arie Juda Leib LIPSCHUTZ (1887 - d.)

Armand Lipschutz (1912 - 1927)

Arnold Lipschutz (1911 - d.)

Aron Lipschutz (1850 - 1908)

Aron Yehuda Lipschutz (1880 - d.)

Arthur Lipschutz (deceased)

Arthur Lipschutz (deceased)

Arthur Lipschutz (deceased)

Arthur Lipschutz (deceased)

Aryeh Judah Leib LIPSCHUTZ (1766 - 1800)

Aryeh Zvi / Hirsch Lipschutz (deceased)

Hersch Lipschutz (deceased)

Aryeh Leib Lipschutz (b. - c.1848)

R' Aryey Leib Lipschutz, A.B.D. Kresznow, Vishnitsa and Brzesko (Brigel) (1767 - 1846)

aryeh leibish lipschutz (deceased)

Aryeh Leibush Lipschutz (deceased)

Arie Lipschitz was born to David and Ester. He was a child. Prior to WWII he lived in Ungvar, Czechoslovakia. During the war he was in Ungvar, Czechoslovakia. Arie was murdered in the Shoah at the age ...

Aryeh Tzvi Lipschutz (deceased)

R' Aryey Leib Lipschutz of Apt (deceased)

Aryey Leibish Krieger (Lipschutz) (deceased)

R' Aryey Leibish Lipschutz (deceased)

Aryey Judah Leib Lipschutz (1887 - d.)

R' Aryey Lieb Lipschutz, Admur Apt (b. - 1929)

ר' ארי' לייבוש מאפטא חתן ר' חיים מ...

Avraham Zev Wolf Lipschutz (deceased)

Baruch Lipschutz (1884 - 1885)

R' Baruch Avraham Lipschutz, Admur Rotsfurt (deceased)

Rabbi Isidor (Baruch Isaac) Lipschütz (c.1812 - 1877)

Batya Lipschutz (deceased)

Bayla / Beila Lipschutz (Gerstel) (deceased)

Bayle Lipschutz (Kirschenbaum) (1828 - d.)

Beatrice Lipschutz (1933 - 2010)

Beila Debora Lipschutz (Schmalzbach) (1882 - d.)

Beila Lipschutz (Halberstam) (deceased)

Bela Lipschutz Ashkenasi (Lipschutz) (deceased)

Belle Cohen Kaminsky (Lipschutz) (1896 - 1989)

Belle Lipschutz (Kanner) (1883 - 1940)

Beni Lipschutz (deceased)

Benjamin Jacob LIPSCHUTZ (1833 - 1911)