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Dymitr Korybut, Prince of Novgorod-Seversky MP (c.1355 - aft.1404)

Butav - Dimitri Olgierdovich Gediminovichi - Olgierdovichi: Kaributas (Koribut, Korybut, baptized as Dmitry; born after 1350 – died after 1404) was a twelfth (12th) son of Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithu...

Sandler Family of Vabalninkis, Lithuania MP (deceased)

Father and Mother From Lithuania (Youskievicz) MP (deceased)

Anna Rob Endrulenas(Lithuania) (Rop) MP (deceased)

Dausprungas Kentauras (Lithuania) MP (deceased)

Dormundikundas / Dormuninundas of Lithuania MP (b. - c.1296)

Dormundikundas, born c.a. 1237 Eiragola, Medevial Duchy Samogitia (Lithuania). Marriage; 1257 Eiragola, Samogithia, Lithuania. Died 1295 Eiragola, Samogitia, Lithuania.

Dormuninundas Duke De Lithuania MP (1204 - d.)

Germuntas, Prince of Lithuania MP (c.1210 - 1275)

Giliginas Prince of Lithuania MP (c.1229 - 1278)

Hena (wife of Dayan of Dusetos, Lithuania) MP (deceased)

Israel Glass- Lithuania MP (deceased)

Jan Janowicz Babiański h. Dębno (moved to East Lithuania) MP (c.1720 - 1809)

John Albert of LITHUANIA MP (b. - 1501)

Josef (oupa) Endrulenas(Lithuania) MP (deceased)

Louis MP (deceased)

Lizdeyka of Lithuania MP (c.1280 - d.)

Louis(Lewis) Cohen (Cohn) (Lithuania) MP (deceased)

Maria Gediminaitė (of Lithuania), Princess of Tver MP (1305 - 1348)

Wife of Dmitry of Tver. She retired to a convent at Tver after her husband was killed by the Mongols in 1325.

Meyer Freedman (named changed when leaving Lithuania) MP (deceased)

Miss Princess Of Lithuania MP (deceased)

N1210 of Lithuania MP (c.1210 - d.)

Niece of Mindaugas She was 2nd wife of Daniel_of_Galicia ∞ bef. 1252 See:[ ;

Nachman (Notte) SMOOKLER (Inturke lithuania) MP (deceased)

Narimantas Grand-Duke of Veliki Novgorod. Lithuania MP (1277 - 1348)

Narimantas or Narymunt (baptized Gleb, born in 1277 or just before 1300 (according to Wasilewski 1992) – 2 February 1348) was the second eldest son of Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania. During various...

Ona Babarskas (Ona Kirkeliute 1918–1995 BIRTH 1918 • Lithuania DEATH 1995) MP (1918 - c.1995)

Sara(Laiza Veloel) Resnic(Lithuania) MP (deceased)

Solomon Gaskell / Haskell (Vilkaviskis Lithuania) MP (deceased)

Stanisław Polański (Kanuas Lithuania) MP (1876 - d.)

Stanisław Skwirynowicz (Lithuania) MP (1888 - d.)

Treniota Grand Duke of Lithuania MP (b. - 1264)

Treniota (Belarusian: Транята; Troniata; ca. 1210–1264) was the Grand Duke of Lithuania (1263–1264). Treniota was the nephew of Mindaugas, the first and only king of Lithuania. While Mindaugas had co...

Prince Virshpul of Lithuania MP (c.1310 - d.)

Woischund (D:1413) was baptized with his son in 1386.

Y Chromosome J2a4h (Shenzul / Senzel Family of Kelmė, Lithuania) MP (deceased)