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Andre Longtain (1789 - 1879)

Andre Longtain was a "French Mountain Man" who came to Oregon with Astor furtrapping group in 1811. He married an Okanogan indian woman and raised a large extensive family in Oregon. Parents supposed...

Andre Andrew Longtain (deceased)

Angelique Longtain (deceased)

Angélique Toupin (Longtain) (c.1830 - 1887)

François Toupin, born in 1824, married to Angélique Longtain, the 25 January 1847. Links

Annie Longtain (deceased)

Catherine Howard (Longtain) (c.1826 - 1858)

Eleanor Longtain (deceased)

Emil Patrick Longtain (deceased)

Emilia Philomena Longtain (deceased)

Genevieve Longtain (c.1840 - 1923)

Born in the Oregon Territory in 1840.

Helen Mae Longtain (deceased)

Henriette (Harriet) Moisan (Longtain) (c.1824 - 1914)

James Albert Longtain (deceased)

Jeanne Odile Longtain (1798 - 1840)

Joseph Longtain, Jr. (c.1859 - 1861)

Joseph Longtain (deceased)

Joseph Longtain (1838 - 1859)

Julienne Souvigny (Longtain) (deceased)

Julienne Longtain (Montour) (deceased)

Luce Longtain (c.1843 - d.)

Lucy Bourlier (Longtain) (deceased)

Mary Alice Longtain (deceased)

Mathilda Longtain (River) (deceased)

Mathilda Flora Longtain (deceased)

Sara Jane Longtain (deceased)

Stella Maurice (Longtain) (1816 - d.)

Theodore Longtain (deceased)

Thomas Longtain (c.1845 - 1881)